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Simple Wheat Flour Totke in Hinduism to Solve Business Problems

Wheat Flour Totke to solve business problems is widely used by certain Hindu communities in North India. Such totke are not part of Hinduism but such small rituals are followed by people from time immemorial. There must be some success with the process for people to follow it for such long period of time.

The process is done by people who are facing constant failure in business.

The process should be done only during the waxing phase of moon (Shukla Paksha) - the 15 days starting from Amavasya.

Take some wheat flour and place it on the outside and inside of window of your shop or factory.
Make sure that nobody notices you while doing this.

Wear green color dress performing this totke.

If possible, feed a cow on the day with roti, banana and jaggery.