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The True Goal Of Prayers - Pujas - Rituals

Swami Sivananda answers the real and true goal of all prayers, pujas and rituals.

The true goal of prayers, pujas, rituals, chanting, sacrifice, fasting are:

  • Purify the mind and the heart.
  • Conquer the cravings and passions.
  • Control the senses.
  • Discipline the thoughts and the sentiments.
  • Cultivate noble qualities.
  • Fill yourself with lofty divine virtues – a the Daivi-Sampatti.
  • Be truthful, pure, compassionate, honest and contented.
  • Live a life of unblemished spotless character, simplicity, austerity, devotion, piety and worshipfulness.
  • Rejoice in the happiness of others.
  • Get rid of envy, jealousy, petty-mindedness and rivalry.
  • See god in all beings.
  • Feel His divine presence everywhere.
  • Remember Him constantly.
  • Repeat His name always, and in all conditions.
  • Do good acts constantly.
  • Lead a life of goodness.
This is the essence of all Sadhanas and Religions - Swami Sivananda

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