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The True Goal Of Prayers - Pujas - Rituals

Swami Sivananda answers the real and true goal of all prayers, pujas and rituals. Desire fulfillment, materialistic gains, victory over another are not the true goal of prayers.

The true goal of prayers, pujas, rituals, chanting, sacrifice, fasting are:
  • Purify the mind and the heart.
  • Conquer the cravings and passions.
  • Control the senses.
  • Discipline the thoughts and the sentiments.
  • Cultivate noble qualities.
  • Fill yourself with lofty divine virtues – a the Daivi-Sampatti.
  • Be truthful, pure, compassionate, honest and contented.
  • Live a life of unblemished spotless character, simplicity, austerity, devotion, piety and worshipfulness.
  • Rejoice in the happiness of others.
  • Get rid of envy, jealousy, petty-mindedness and rivalry.
  • See god in all beings.
  • Feel His divine presence everywhere.
  • Remember Him constantly.
  • Repeat His name always, and in all conditions.
  • Do good acts constantly.
  • Lead a life of goodness.
This is the essence of all Sadhanas and Religions - Swami Sivananda