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Story Of The Birth Of Narakasura

The story of the birth of Narakasura is associated with the exploits of Hiranyaksha, the demon who pulled Mother earth into the Patala or Netherworld and Vishnu appeared as Varaha Avatar or the boar incarnation to retrieve Mother Earth.

Narakasura was a demon who overpowered the Devas and captured the three worlds. He had defeated Indra, stolen Aditi’s earrings and imprisoned 16,000 women. Narakasura became very powerful as a result of his accidental birth and subsequent boons from Vishnu.

Legend has it that  Hiranyaksha  took the form of a wild pig to pull Bhu Devi (Mother Earth) to Patala. During this act the horns of  Hiranyaksha came into contact with Bhu Devi. From this spark appeared the demon Narakasura.

Bhu Devi took the child to Vishnu and asked him to protect him. Vishnu blessed the child with Narayanastra and also gave him the boon that he will not be killed when the Narayanastra is with him.

Later Narakasura did intense penance and propitiated Brahma and gained the boon that He will only be killed by his Mother.

Demon Narakasura was finally killed by Sri Krishna and Satyabhama, an incarnation of Bhu Devi.

Deepavali in South India is based on this legend and is also known as Narak Chaturdashi.