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World around Me is Changing Quickly – Should I Follow the Changes?

There is no doubt that the world around us is changing quickly both technologically and morally. The changes in technology and its influence on our culture are happening at a very fast rate that we are not even aware of it. But should I follow the changes.

Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) is not a closed book. It is a living religion. It accepts all positive changes. If you are a Hindu, then your religion gives the permission to adapt, change and assimilate positive changes.

But are these changes positive? Has the change made you a better human being? Are you happy due to all the technological developments? Is it helping you in self realization?

A decade ago a teenager was happy if he had a cycle. But today he is unhappy even if he has a bike and the best smartphone. Why? Because each day a new bike is appearing in the market. Every hour there is a new smartphone. So what is in possession of him is obsolete within a day or an hour. So he is never happy. It this a positive change?

Today your body is an object. It is controlled by stylists, fashion designers, film personalities, cosmetologists, cosmetic industry,…and a dozen other product makers. You no longer are in possession of your body… it is tv advertisements and paid articles that decide how your body should be. Is this a positive change?

All changes that make you a slave of materialism is not a positive change.

Technological changes are always welcome. But it is you who should be the master and not technology.

You should always keep your body neat and clean but you should not be obsessed with physical appearance. Have you ever given a thought why there are only products to beautify your body and not your mind? Because if you have a beautiful your mind there will be no business for beauty products.

Let the world change quickly. You should always keep your mind clean. Perform your actions without fear. Be determined and dedicated. Above all have single-minded focus to your duty. Learn to respect and nurture nature. Learn not to crush another living being for your selfishness.

Abhilash Rajendran