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Temple Tours and Wedding Puja for Early Marriage

Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation is organizing temple tours to 11 temples in Tamil Nadu where prayers and pujas are offered for early marriage. It is believed that those people are facing problems and delay in marriage will benefit from offering pujas and prayers in these temples. The temple tours will be organized by Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation during weekends starting from June 1, 2012. Deccan Chronicle reports “This specially designed package tour for unmarried will not only showcase the ancient pilgrim spots in the state known for long as centers for performing wedding poojas but also offer an opportunity for the unmarried to perform the poojas,” a senior TTDC official said.  The corporation has made arrangements with the temple administration for conducting poojas.  The service leaving on Friday evening from here will cover the temples: Mudichur, Tiruvidanthai, Tirumanamcheri, Tiruveelimazhalai, Nallur Kalyana Sundareshwarar, Nathchiar Koil,

Verses from Isha Upanishad Chanted in Hindu Funerals

Verses 15 to 18 are chanted at the time of death. They are also chanted by Hindus in the funeral rites. The face of truth is covered with a golden disc. Unveil it, O Sun, so that I who love the truth may see it. (Isha Upanishad – 15) O Sun, the sole seer, O controller, O Sun, offspring of Prajapati, spread forth your rays and gather up your radiant light that I may behold you of loveliest form. Whosoever is that person that also am I. (Isha Upanishad – 16) May this life enter into the immortal breath; then many this body end in ashes. O Intelligence, remember, remember what has been done. Remember, O intelligence, what has been done. (Isha Upanishad – 17) O Agni, lead us, along the auspicious path to prosperity, O God, who knowest all our deeds. Take away from us deceitful sins. We shall offer many prayers unto thee. (Isha Upanishad – 18)

On Entry into Sanctum Sanctorum of Kalighat Temple in Kolkata

Calcutta High Court had banned the entry of devotees into the famous Sanctum Sanctorum of Kalighat Temple in Kolkata in April 2012. The temple committee has now attained a four week stay on the order from the Supreme Court. Hindustan Times reports     A bench of Justice Deepak Verma and Justice SJ Mukhopadhyay, while staying the high court order, directed the West Bengal Government, the Centre and the temple committee to file their responses within four weeks.    The apex court, however, clarified that certain restrictions imposed by the high court on preserving the cleanliness and hygiene in and around the temple shall continue to be in force.    The apex court had on May 15 issued notices to the Centre and the West Bengal government on a plea for permitting devotees to enter the sanctum sanctorum of the Kolkata Kalighat temple to pay obeisance to its deity.    The Calcutta high court on April 20 had restricted the entry into the Kali temple and had ordered that no visi

Live Darshan From Sri Krishna Temple in Vrindavan

The ISKCON Temple at Vrindavan in Mathura in India is offering live darshan of murtis worshipped in the temple for free. The main murti in the temple is that of Sri Krishna and Radha. You can also watch live satsang and other devotional programs in the temple conducted in the temple. Link – Live Darshan From Sri Krishna Temple

Bhagavad Gita - Chapter 13 Teachings on the Values Necessary to Know Truth

Absence of conceit and pretence, refusal to hurt, glad acceptance, rectitude, service to the teacher, inner and outer purity, perseverance, mastery over mind. Dispassionate towards sense objects, absence of self importance, knowledge of the limitation of birth, death, old age, illness and pain. Absence of sense of ownership, absence of obsession towards son, wife, house and the others, persistent equanimity towards all pleasant and unpleasant events. Constant devotion to Me (Sri Krishna), characterized by non-separation from Me; preference for a solitary place and absence of inclination towards socialization. Accepting the importance of Self realization, and the philosophical search for the absolute Truth – these are declared to be knowledge, whatever else there many be besides that is ignorance.

Baba Jai Gurudev Quotes and Thoughts – Teachings of Param Sant Baba Jaigurudevji Maharaj

Param Sant Baba Jaigurudevji Maharaj passed away on May 18, 2012. Here are few thoughts and quotes of the great teacher. Ideal way to show respect to a great soul is by following his teachings. Param Sant Baba Jaigurudev Ji Maharaj attributes the present state of humanity to the five-fold inner weaknesses of man: i.e. lust, anger, greed, attachment and egoism. We have attained the human form after passing millions of ages in the lower species of life. We should therefore utilize this human body to the fullest extent and for the very purpose for which it is extended.  The main objective of getting this valuable gift – the human body – is to know ourselves and our creator and return to our original Home, the ocean of eternal peace and bliss, free from all pain and miseries. God has kept a treasure in human body. Only the true spiritual master knows the place. It is with his grace that the inner door of the treasure is revealed and opened.  The human body is a rented

Baba Jai Gurudev Dies – Param Sant Baba Jaigurudev ji Maharaj Mahaprayan

Param Sant Baba Jaigurudev ji Maharaj left his physical body and merged with the supreme truth. National newspapers report that Baba Jai Gurudev was 116 years old at the time of his death. He is well known for his simple teachings, social service and simplicity. Param Sant Baba Jaigurudev ji Maharaj’s mahaprayan happened at 10:30 pm on 18 May 2012 (IST). He had millions of followers in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and nearby states. Naam yog Sadhna Mandir on Delhi – Agra bypass road is dedicated to Baba Jai Gurudev and his teaching are engraved on the beautiful mandir. He promoted vegetarianism and non-alcoholism among people. His important teaching is that lust, anger, greed, attachment and egoism are the five-fold inner weaknesses of man and every human being should strive to overcome it. Recording of a Satsang of Baba Jai Gurudev: Related   Teachings of Baba Jai Gurudev

Purity of life is the highest and truest art – Mahatma Gandhi

If I preach against the modern artificial life of sensual enjoyment, and ask men and women to go back to the simple life epitomized in the charkha, I do so because I know that without an intelligent return to simplicity, there is no escape from our descent to a state lower than brutality. This is the unmistakable teaching of the Gita. He who gives up action falls. He who gives up only the reward rises. But renunciation of fruit in no way means indifference to the result. In regard to every action one must know the result that is expected to follow the means thereto, and the capacity for it. He, who, being thus equipped, is without desire for the result, and is yet wholly engrossed in the due fulfillment of the task before him, is said to have renounced the fruits of his action. Purity of life is the highest and truest art Related Thoughts on Hindu Religion by Mahatma Gandhi

Mylapore Kapaleeswarar Temple Timings – opening and closing time of Kapaleeswarar Temple

Kapaleeswarar Temple at Chennai in Tamil Nadu is a famous temple dedicated to Hindu God Shiva. The opening and closing timings of the temple is given in detail below. Festival time in the temple is from mid march to mid April during the Tamil month Panguni. Temple Time opening time  – Morning – Darshan is from 5:00 AM to 1:00 PM Evening – Darshan is from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Parthasarathy Temple at Triplicane Timings – Opening and Closing Time of Chennai Parthasarathy Temple

Parthasarathy Temple located at Triplicane at Chennai in Tamil Nadu is dedicated to Hindu God Sri Krishna. Temple opening and Morning puja is from 5:30 AM. Temple closing and Evening puja is at 9:00 AM.  Detail puja timings of Parthasarathy Temple at Triplicane is given below: Morning – Deity darshan is from 6:00 PM to 12:00 PM Evening – Deity darshan is from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM Thirumanja Kudam – Bringing of holy water to bathe the murti – 5:30 AM Suprabhatham – 5:55 AM First Darshan of Lord – Vishwaroopa Darshan – 6:00 AM Offerings – 6:15 AM Kala Sandhi Theertham – 8:00 AM Noon puja – 11:00 AM Closing in the noon – 12:00 PM Evening prayers – 4:00 PM Daily evening prayer – 6:00 PM Offerings – 7:30 PM Closing prayers – 9:00 PM There will be change in schedule time during festivals and other occasions. 

Havis Meaning in Hindu Religion

Havis in Hindu tradition is the term used to refer to the materials that are offered during a Homa or Yajna. Havis materials are tossed into specifically created fire. This offering is accompanied by chanting of mantras. Agni Dev or Fire God is the one that carries the Havis to the different gods. The usual offerings include ghee or butter. Coconut is offered during pujas dedicated to Ganesha.  Havis is offered in simple homas performed in home. It is also offered during all important Vedic yajnas. The sacrificial offerings are meant to please the gods and goddesses.  

Bahulara Temple near Bishnupur in Bankura District in West Bengal

Siddheshwara Temple, locally known as Behula Temple, is a 11 th century temple dedicated to Shiva. It is located at Bahulara near Bishnupur in Bankura District, West Bengal. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) protects the temple as it is considered as a classic example of terracotta style of temples. It is also a rare surviving terracotta temple that was built before the invasion of the region by Muslim rulers. The temple is located on the western bank of Darakeshwar River and has murtis of Ganesha, Durga and Shiva. A highlight of the temple is the huge bells that hang from the roof. Shivratri is the most popular festival here. Another important date is the Bengali New Year. Bahulara is around 25 km from Bishnupur Town.

Goddess Nanda Devi

Goddess Nanda Devi is an incarnation of Mother Goddess Shakti. Nanda Devi means the Goddess of Bliss. She resides in the Nanda Devi Mountain in the Himalayas. She is the source of life and She nourishes and replenishes the earth. There are numerous temples dedicated to Goddess Nanda Devi in Uttarakhand. The most famous temple is located at Almora. Another important temple is the Naina Devi Temple at Nainital. In certain temples, She is worshipped along with Goddess Sunanda. Goddess Nanda is a kind, compassionate and caring for of Goddess Shakti. But the people in the region believe that she can take the fierce form of Durga to protect Dharma. A popular legend has that Saptarishis or seven sages reside on the Nanda Devi Mountain praying to the Goddess. Nanda Devi Fair held at Ranikhet is a popular mela in this region.

Book – The Upanishads – Sushila Krishnamurthi

The book titled – The Upanishads deciphering their goal, purpose and content by Sushila Krishnamurthi attempts to interpret the teachings in the Upanishads in light of present day situations and problems. The book is not another translation of the Upanishads instead the book discusses the key topics and verses in 12 main Upanishads. You can get more details about the book, the author and read short essay on the topic of freedom, ego, self and knowledge here at the website of the book – Upanishads the Book.

Palani Temple Timing – Darshan – Visiting Time at Palani Murugan Temple in Tamil Nadu

Palani Temple located in Tamil Nadu is one of the most popular temples dedicated to Lord Muruga. Thousands of people visit the temple daily to have the darshan of the Murti of Muruga who alleviates all difficulties. Detail Palani Temple Timing is given below. Visiting time through free entrance is from 5:30 AM in the morning to 7:30 PM. On special day, the temple is open from 4:00 AM to midnight. Daily Darshan Timings First Darshan – 5:40 AM – Vishwaroopa Darshan Vila Puja – 6:50 AM Sirukala Shanti Puja – 8:00 AM Kala Shanti Puja – 9:00 AM Noon puja – 12:00 PM Evening Puja – 5:30 PM Night Puja – 8:00 PM The puja timings are as provided by the Government endowment board.

Daksha Mahadev Temple – Haridwar

Daksha Mahadev Temple , Haridwar is located at south Kankhal in Haridwar. The temple is located around 4 km from the center of Haridwar town. Legend has it that Daksha Prajapati, father of Sati Devi performed yagya at this place. Daksha Prajapati did not invite Shiva and Sati went to ask for the reason and was insulted. Sati self immolated in the Yagya Kund. Shiva Ganas created havoc at the spot and Daksha was killed. Shiva later brought Daksha to life by placing a head of goat. The spot attracts thousands of Shiva devotees daily. The temple is also an important gathering spot during Shivratri. The present temple was built by Queen Dhankaur in 1810 AD and rebuilt in 1962. There is a beautiful sculpture of Shiva carrying Sati’s body in the compound. Another important sacred spot is a peepal tree. Other nearby important spots includes Dasa Mahavidya Temple , Ganga Temple , Daksha Ghat and Nileshwar Mahadev Temple .

Tiruttani Temple Timing – Darshan – Visiting Time at Tiruttani Muruga Temple in Tamil Nadu

Tiruttani Temple located in Tamil Nadu is one of famous temples dedicated to Lord Muruga. Detail Tiruttani Temple Timing is given below. Thousands of people visit the temple daily to have the darshan of the murti of Muruga who alleviates all difficulties. Visiting time is from 5:45 AM in the morning to 9:00 PM. On special day, the temple is open till midnight. Daily Darshan Timings First Darshan – 6:00 AM – Vishwaroopa Darshan Kala Shanti Puja – 8:00 AM Noon puja – 12:00 PM Evening Puja – 5:00 PM Arthajama Puja – 8:00 PM Last Puja (palliyari puja) – 9:00 PM The puja timings are as provided by the Government endowment board.

Om – Lithophane Votive Light from Lladro

Om lithophane is a molded artwork in thin very translucent porcelain that can only be seen clearly when back lit with a light source. It is ideal for offering prayers in puja rooms and for meditation. Lladro, a Spanish firm noted for high quality porcelain figurines – Hindu religion related figurines include various forms of Ganesha , Nataraja Shiva , Sri Ram, Mata Sita and more. Om – lithophane votive light from Lladro is priced at around $70.  Lladro signature stores are there in  New Delhi , Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai,  Hyderabad , Kolkata and  Bangalore . It is also available in famous jewelry shops and boutiques.  ॐ is the most important symbol in Hindu tradition .  OM comprises of three sounds. The first sound ‘A’ represents the state of being awake and conscious. The second sound ‘U’ represents being in a higher state – a dream sleep state. The third sound ‘M’ represents a desireless state but still there is the awareness. Finally, there is a state of non

Vishnu’s Footprint Darshan at Haridwar

Vishnu’s footprint darshan takes place at Har Ki Paudi in Haridwar. The footprint of Hindu God Vishnu is located near Brahmakund, the most popular spot for taking holy bath in the River Ganga in Haridwar. The holy footprints are also known as Hari Ka Charan or Hari Ki Pairi or Charan Paduka. Holy Ganga washes the feet constantly at the ghat. The footprint is found on a stone wall here. The spot is considered holy because Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva made their appearance here. 

Chaubis Avatar – Vishnu Temple in Haridwar

Chaubis Avatar Temple is a unique shrine in Haridwar as it houses the murtis of 24 incarnation of Hindu God Vishnu. Chaubis Avatar temple is located near the Bhimgoda. It is around 300 m from Har Ki Paudi. Apart from the 10 main avatars, Vishnu has also taken numerous minor Avatars. The murtis in this temple include the 10 main avatars another 14 minor avatars. Some of minor incarnations include Mohini, Hayagriva, Dhanvantari, Dattatreya, Sage Kapila etc. Related Lesser Known Incarnations of Lord Vishnu

Books on Goddess Lakshmi – Top Five Good Books on Hindu Goddess Mahalakshmi

Exclusive books dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi are rare. But there couple of good books that provide all the essential information on Goddess Lakshmi , the Hindu Goddess of wealth, fortune, auspiciousness, fortune, power, luxury, beauty and fertility. Here are the top five books to know and learn more about Goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi – The Goddess of Wealth and Fortune – An introduction – Devdutt Pattanaik The best option for children and adults. Full of illustrations and all important aspects of Goddess Lakshmi are explained in simple sentences. The Book of Lakshmi – by R. Mahalakshmi Takes the reader through the mythical and historical development of the Goddess Lakshmi. Apart from telling the stories, facts and rituals associated with Goddess Lakshmi, the book also delves into the gender bias in the worship of the Hindu Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity. Goddess Lakshmi: origin and development - Upendra Nath Dhal In depth analysis of Goddess Lak

Hindu God Brahma – Facts

Hindu God Brahma is one of the Trimurtis – Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh (Shiva) – in Hindu tradition. He discharges the function of creation and therefore is known as the creator. Brahma was the first to appear from the Supreme Truth. Symbolically this is represented by Him appearing from the navel of Vishnu. Brahma appeared from a lotus stem emerging from the navel of Vishnu. He was then assigned the task of creation. Brahma had self doubt. He found himself not capable to this gigantic task. The Supreme Truth instilled confidence in Brahma by asking Him to practice austerities. He then achieved the confidence and skill for creation. Brahma has four faces and is seated on a lotus with the Vedas and a rosary in His hands. His vehicle is the Swan. The most popular Brahma Temple is located at Pushkar in Rajasthan. Related Why there are Very Few Brahma Temples? Lotus from Vishnu's Navel and Brahma on it – the origin and story Symbolism in the Image of Lord B

Satyanarayan Temple, Haridwar

Satyanarayan Temple dedicated to the Satyanarayana form of Hindu God Vishnu. The temple is located in Rishikesh area. It is around 10 km from Haridwar. Satyanarayana is a highly compassionate form of Vishnu. There is pond here which is famous for taking holy dip. The holy bath is considered highly meritorious. The temple is located around 5 km from Saptadhara. Devotees going to Rishikesh from Haridwar stop at this temple. It is not crowded during weekdays. 

Kali Temple, Haridwar

Kali Temple at Haridwar is dedicated to worship of Mother Goddess Shakti in the form of Goddess Kali. The temple is located on the way from Neeladhara to Chandi Devi Temple . The worship here is conducted as per Koula tradition. In Koula tradition the symbolic image of Bindu representing Mother Goddess Shakti in the most potential form is worshipped daily. This Bindu is depicted by a dot put in Trikona (triangle). This is a small temple. Devotees on the way to Chandi Devi Temple offer prayers here.

Neeleshwar Mahadev Temple, Haridwar

Neeleshwar Temple , dedicated to Hindu God Shiva, is a small but very old temple in Haridwar. The temple is located atop a hill. The spot is located near the Kushavarta Ghat. A source stream of Ganga flows down near the temple and it is known as Neeldhara. People visit the shrine after taking bath in the stream Neel, an ardent devotee of Shiva, established the Shivling that is worshipped at the Neeleshwar Mahadev Temple . The name of the temple is derived from the devotee. The temple is located 500 meters of Har Ki Paudi.

Story Of Rishyasringa Rishi

Sage Rishyasringa was the famous Rishi who performed the Putrakameshti Yagna for Dasharath in the Ramayana. Sri Ram, Bharat, Lakshmana and Shatrughna were born to Dasharath after this yajna. Legend has it that Rishyasringa was born with a pair of horns like deer. Rishyasringa was the son of Saint Vibhandaka. Legend has it that Sage Vibhandaka was seduced by celestial damsel Urvashi. Semen from Vibhandaka fell into a river and this went into the stomach of a Doe that was drinking water. Rishyasringa was given birth by the Doe (female deer). After the incident, Sage Vibhandaka had this guilt that he failed control his desire. The visit of Urvashi also disturbed his Brahmacharya and Tapas. Vibhandaka did not want the same fate for his son. So he brought him up without giving knowledge about females. Rishyasringa had never seen a female. During this period the kingdom of Anga was reeling under severe drought. A Sage predicted that only a yajna conducted Rishyasringa will p

Carnatic Music Online on Radioweb – Listen to Classical Music – Interviews with Artists

Radioweb provides carnatic music online with curated shows every day by media professionals who have an understanding and deep passion for Carnatic music. Radioweb aims to provide a complete musical experience with not just playing the classical music but providing all vital information including interviews with Artists. Some of the interesting sections in the website include Artiste highlight, composer showcase, Bhakti manjari, etc The Service is not free. There is a 7-day free trial with unlimited access. Link – Radioweb - Carnatic Music Online