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Sakshi Gopal – Story Of Sakshi Gopala Manifestation Of Sri Krishna

Sakshi Gopal Temple is dedicated to Sri Krishna and is located about 16 km from Puri. Sakshi means ‘witness’; and in the story of the Sakshi Gopala manifestation, Sri Krishna is the witness. Legend has it that a rich old man was on a pilgrimage with his young caretaker. While on the pilgrimage, the old man promised the young man that he will give his daughter in marriage to him.

After the successful completion of the pilgrimage, the old man did not keep his promise.

The young man complained to the village council. The council asked him to produce his witness.

The old man had made the promise at the Gopala Krishna Temple at Vrindavan.

So the young man went again to Vrindavan and prayed to Sri Krishna to be his witness.

Sri Krishna agreed to be his witness but on one condition. He will follow the young man as Gopala Krishna to his village but the young man should not turn back to see whether He is following him or not.

However when the young man reached the village of Phulalasi, near Puri, he could not hear the sound of the anklets of Sri Krishna. The young man was worried and turned back. Suddenly he found Gopalakrishna standing still.

The young man went to his village and narrated the incident. The villagers reached the place and were happy to see the murti of Sri Krishna. They ordered the old man to get his daughter married to the young man.

This Sri Krishna murti came to be known as Sakshi Gopal.