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Bhagavad Gita Quotes On Leadership

Here are few quotes and teachings on leadership from the Bhagavad Gita.

It is not wise for an intelligent being to lament at the time of crisis. You should not be weak at the time of adversity; you should fight the adversities with a brave heart. (Chapter 2 verse 2 and 3)

A true leader should have no attachment to family and friends. The prime concern of a leader should be Dharma - the welfare of all living beings. You should not grieve for those who are not worthy to be grieved for. The wise griever neither for the living nor for the dead. (Chapter 2 verse 11)

A leader should not become meek at the time of conflict. For a leader, nothing is more dignified than a war against evil. A leader should be pleased when confronted with a conflict, for it comes as an opportunity to create a legacy. (Chapter 2 - 32-33)

A leader should never be swayed by emotions like anger. Anger gives rise to delusion. Delusion corrupts the mind, a corrupt mind destroys the power of reason properly. Defeat is imminent when the power of reasoning is lost (2:63)

A true leader shares whatever rewards he gets out actions. (The righteous one who accepts and shares the rewards of his actions is free from sins, while he who works for self-interests incur sin. (3:13)

Whatever a great man does, the same is done by others as well. Whatever standard he sets, the world follows.

Work done in the spirit of common good, is free of attachment.

Learn that (knowledge) by humble reverence, by inquiry and by service, the men of wisdom who have seen the truth will instruct thee in knowledge.

Perform thou action, remaining united with Me at heart.

A great leader should break away from the selfish ego of I, me and mine.

A great leader should never be swayed by pain and pleasure.

Bhagavad Gita