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Why I want To Be a Hindu? – Always – In All Births I Want To Be Born into the Cradle of Hinduism

Without an iota of doubt, in all my births I want to be born into Hinduism. Why I want to be a Hindu? It is a celebration of the freedom to know the unknown. The complete freedom it gives me to search, know and find God. Hindu religion is not forced into a few hundred pages of a book. It is an open book filled with the experience of God Seekers and the beauty of the book is that it is never-ending. Each minute a true seeker is adding his/her experience into the book. I am proud to be part of the living religion – Hinduism.

A Hindu is totally free until and unless a Hindu wants to be deliberately chained in the name of religion, tradition, lifestyle, eating habits etc. Hinduism does not put restriction on any aspect of life including food and sex. 

The beauty of Hindu religion is that it is personal. No two Hindu is the same in their belief. It is true that there is a common thread connecting all Hindus – the intense thirst of self-realization. But how each Hindu reaches his/her goal is different. It can be through devotion, rituals, prayers, worship, pujas, fasting, knowledge, satsang….and even through negating the complete idea of God.

Bhagavan Krishna will be happy to sit and discuss atheism with a true atheist who is honestly and truly an atheist. This is the beauty of Hinduism where God is ready to discuss with a devotee about godlessness.

There is no sin and blasphemy in Hinduism.

No one can force a Hindu to go to a temple. There is no penalty if you do not visit a temple daily or once in a week. There is no beating or public shaming if you do not know how to read a holy book.

A Hindu goes to a temple because he/she wants to go to the temple. A Hindu reads a scripture only when he/she has an intense desire for it.

A Hindu does nothing out of fear or coercion.

Everything in Hinduism is completely voluntary.

For a true Hindu, everything is organic.

The beauty of Hinduism is captured in the physical appearance of Lord Shiva – He roams in the graveyard smearing ashes from the funeral pyre – He remains aloof – He negates the world – He then becomes a family man – the same man who roamed in the graveyard wearing tiger skin is now the most handsome man in the world.

Hinduism does not apply any limits. There is no full stop. Hinduism never says this is it.

A true Hindu will never define truth (God). Silence will be the answer to the question what is god. But that silence is an answer. Know it for yourself.

Every quest to know God by a Hindu starts and ends with him. All quests are nothing but returning to the primordial source.

For a Hindu, the temple is his mind. He/she keeps a personal deity there and worships it. Worship, puja, quest, answers, questions…everything is personal.

A true Hindu expands his/her truth daily. A Hindu cannot confine to few pages of a book. No laws can limit him.

Thank you Hinduism that am not part of a herd, but a lonely wanderer who is always in direct communion with the Supreme Truth.

Krishna is playing with me; Shiva is imparting lessons in immortality; Ganesha has come calling – Mother Goddess Durga is worried am late for my food…