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Vishnu Ghat – Haridwar

Vishnu Ghat, Haridwar is an important bathing spot at Haridwar on the banks of Ganga River . Legend has it that God Vishnu mediated here. Another legend has Srihari Vishnu took holy dip at this Ghat. The bathing Ghat is around 500 meter from the famous Har Ki Pauri. It is also near the Ramghat. Hundreds of people take holy dip at Vishnu Ghat. Bathing here is highly meritorious and is believed to help in attaining Moksha. Vishnu Ghat is located in the heart of Haridwar city and there are numerous hotels nearby. The place is also famous for its unique markets.

Panchabootha Lingam - Shiva Worshipped as Five Elements

Panchabootha Lingam is the combined name referring to the Shivlings in five ancient temples in  India  where Hindu God Shiva is represented in the form of five elements – earth, water, fire, air and ether (akasha or sky or space). In these five temples, linga or lingam which symbolically represents Shiva is in the form of elements. Panchabootha Lingam is five important Shiva Temples in South India . Earth  –  Ekambaranathar   Temple  or  Ekambareswarar   Temple  in Kanchipuram – Shiva Lingam here is the element earth. The Shiva Lingam here is believed to have been created by Goddess Parvati from sand or earth. Water  –  Jambukeshwar   Temple  or  Thiruvanaikaval   Shiva   Temple  in Srirangam – Jambukeshwara represents the element water. The deity is found under a Jambu tree over a small river. The small stream engulfs the idol during the rainy season. Fire  –  Arunachaleswara   Temple  or  Annamalaiyar   Temple  at Thiruvannamalai – Arunachaleswarar or Shiva repre

Original Spot Where Goddess Sati Self Immolated – Daksha Yajnashala at Kankhal, Haridwar

The spot where Daksha conducted the famous yajna, in which Sati self Immolated and Shiva created havoc, mentioned in the Puranas happened at the present Daksha Mahadev Temple at Kankhal near Haridwar. The original spot where Sati gave up her life on hearing the insults showered on Shiva can still be found in the temple. It is the same spot where Veerabhadra cut off the head of Daksha, it is also the spot where Shiva Ganas created havoc, it is also the place where Shiva repented and replaced the head of Daksha with that of a goat. There is a sculpture of Shiva carrying the body of Sati in the temple. Another highlight is a huge Banyan tree – this is a wish fulfilling tree and people tie red threads on the roots that hang down. Near the famous Yajnashala or the original spot where Goddess Sati gave her life, there are numerous sculptors and pictures of the episode. Daksha Mahadev Temple is dedicated to Shiva. The temple was reconstructed in 1962. 

Parad or Mercury Shivling in Haridwar – Paradeshwar Mahadev at Harihar Ashram in Kankhal

Parad Shivling is a unique Shivling worshipped at Harihar Ashram in Kankhal near Haridwar. This holy Shivling is made from 151 kg of pure Mercury. This is a one of kind Shivling in the world. As per Holy Scriptures, Parad Shivling is a Mahalinga. Solidification of mercury is a difficult process and this makes the Shivling unique. Thousands of devotees visit the Harihar Ashram to offer prayers to the Parad Shivling and is known as Paradeshwar Mahadev. The Shivling was offered first prayer during the Kumbh Mela in 1986 at Haridwar.

Toys of Little Known Characters in Hindu Scriptures

Little Known Heroes is a project by a team of three designers – Soujanyaa Boruah, Manjari Sheel, Chris Dame – supported by two Delhi based design studios. They worked with local painters and carvers in India to bring to life the characters and back stories of six of the little known heroes from Hindu scriptures. The six characters are Bali , Sharabha, Jambavan, Garuda, Vasuki and Jatayu. Jatayu The collectable toys are made from local, sustainable materials by skilled craftsmen – it is an amalgamation of modern illustration styles and traditional crafting techniques. A single piece toy is priced at 900/-. It is currently available at the online store afday. You can also view a short video on the project here. Related Ramayana and Mahabharata Board Games For Children Parama Pada Sopanam – Buy Traditional Version of Snake and Ladders  

Maya Devi Temple, Haridwar

Maya Devi Temple is an important Shakti Shrine in Haridwar. The temple is dedicated to Mother Goddess Shakti. The temple is located to the east of Har ki Pauri and Navratri during Chaitra and Ashwin attracts thousands of devotees. The 11 th century temple has murtis of Goddess Maya, Goddess Kali and Goddess Kamakhya. Importance of Maya Devi Temple to Haridwar The popular belief is that worship at the temple helps in fulfillment of desires. Haridwar was earlier known as Mayapuri and the deity at the temple is the Adhisthatri God of Haridwar. Legend of the Temple Another legend associated with temple states that the navel of Goddess Sati fell here (some believe it is the heart) when She was carried around the earth by Shiva after Her death. At the Daksha Yajna, Sati jumped into the fire and self immolated as she could not listen to the insults hurled at her husband, Shiva, by her father Daksha. An angry Shiva roamed around the universe with the body of Goddess Sat

Suraj Kund Temple in Haryana Dedicated to Surya

Suraj Kund Temple in Yamunanagar District in Haryana is dedicated to Surya, the sun god in Hinduism. This important temple is part of the Kapal Mochan Tirth . A highlight of the place is that women come here to pray to get healthy children. Suraj Kund Temple is around 4 km from Jagadhri Town . An ancient temple dedicated to Surya is the main attraction here. A pond (kund) located here is sacred. An important fair is held here August/September in Bhadrapad month. It is also believed that the water in the Suraj Kund has curative properties. Other nearby holy places includes Shri Kapal Mochan, Shri Badri Narain, Shri Mantra Devi, Shri Kedar Nath, Shri Rin Mochan, and Shri Saraswati Udgam Sthal.

Goddess Priti

Goddess Priti is the consort of Kamadeva – the Hindu God of Love. Goddess Priti is personification of affection/joy/delight. Kamadev or Manmatha has two consorts Rati and Priti. The most popular consort of Kamadeva is Rati and most literature associated with the exploits of the God of Love does not mention Priti. Legend has it that Goddess Priti and Rati helped Goddess Parvati in her attempts to win Shiva as Her husband. Shiva who was deep in meditation after Goddess Sati’s death showed no interest in Goddess Parvati. Goddess Parvati used clean the cave in which Shiva was meditating. She used bring fresh flowers and fruits hoping that Shiva will be pleased. But all her attempts failed. Goddess Parvati then takes the help of Goddess Priti who converts the cave into a paradise filled with flowers, butterflies, bees and birds.

Padmasana Ganesha Murti Porcelain figurine from Lladro – Latest Hindu God Ganesh Idol from Lladro

Lladro  is a world famous Spanish Company noted for high quality porcelain figurines. Lladro during the past couple of years had released four idols (murtis) of Hindu God Ganesha in various forms – Veena Ganesha, Dancing Ganesha, Bansuri Ganesha and Mridangam Ganesha. Now as part of the Lladro 2012 collections, Padmasana Ganesha has been released. Padmasana Ganesha is priced at $810 in the online store. Lladro figurines are note for its beauty, detailing and no compromise in materials used. Lladro signature stores are there in New Delhi , Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad , Kolkata and  Bangalore . Most the Hindu murtis by Lladro are limited edition. Related Veena Ganesha, Dancing Ganesha, Bansuri Ganesha andMridangam Ganesha from Lladro

Ulsoor Subramanya Temple in Bangalore

Sri Subramanya Swami Temple at Ulsoor in Bangalore is a popular shrine in Karnataka dedicated to Hindu God Muruga. The popular belief is that the murti of Subrahmanya worshipped in the Ulsoor temple is the exact replica of the murti at Tirutthani, one of the holiest abodes of Muruga in Tamil Nadu. Another highlight is that the temple has separate sanctums for Valli and Devasena, the consorts of Muruga. The main Sanctum Sanctorum of Ulsoor Subramanya Temple has a murti of Sri Subramanya Swami along with a Shatchakra. The temple also has small shrines dedicated to Ganesha, Ardhanarishvara, Durga, Chandi Keshvara, Surya Narayana, Agasthya Rishi and Kalabhairava. Opening and Closing time: Morning 6:00 AM to 12:30 PM Evening 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM Location The temple is located about 8 km from the Bangalore city center (Kempe Gowda Main Bus Stand). Lido theatre bus stop and Adarsha theatre bus stops are the BMTC bus stops nearest to the temple. The most important p

Eating Beef to Hurt Religious Sentiments of Hindus – And We Hindus Fall For It

A Beef festival conducted by a group of people at Osmania University with the intention to hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus has become international news. The intention of the beef festival was to provoke Hindus and we Hindus fell for the trap. Secular scholars have started writing articles on beef – quoting elaborately from Hindu texts. Digital version of Vedas and other Hindu scriptures are searched for cow, beef and ox meat – to prove that beef was eaten in ancient India or at least cows were killed . They have made it into a caste issue. Beef Festival is the latest symbol of secularism . Eating beef to show rebellion is suddenly a fashion among intellectuals. Hope these intellectuals are aware of the health risks involved in eating beef. Especially Indian beef – the meat of bull and cow fed on unnaturally rich diets to fatten, growth-promoting hormones and antibiotics. Also our cows and bulls eat plastic to anything found on streets. Intellectuals from Kerala will hel

Daily 2,900 Million Liters of Sewage Is Discharged Into Ganga River

Prime minister of India said on April 17, 2012 that every day 2,900 million liters of sewage was being discharged into the Ganga . Holy River Ganga is sacred to Hindus – only sacred in prayers. It is we Hindus who are responsible for the present state of Ganga River . Seeking Her blessings and shamelessly polluting Her with all possible waste go side by side. We forget that She who can Bless also can Curse. Ganga provides water to over 40% of India 's population in 11 states. The existing infrastructure has a capacity to treat only 1,100 million liters of sewage per day. Most of the waste water comes from tanneries, distilleries, paper mills and sugar mills along the banks of the Ganga . Human waste, plastics etc cannot be kept track of. Prim Minister as usual has talked in detail about the problems and solutions. This talk has been going on for several years with no concrete result on the ground. If you like to read about the problems and solutions you

Somanath Temple near Mangalore in Karnataka

Somanatha Temple , located near Mangalore in Karnataka, is a very ancient temple and is also popular as one of the 12 sacred Shiva Kshetras. Dedicated to Hindu God Shiva, the temple is also known Rudrapada Kshetra, and is also an important temple for perform Shradh and Tarpan rituals dedicated to the dead. The temple is around 13 km south of Mangalore. Legend has it that the temple was built by a relative of demon King Ravana, named Kharasura. Thus the temple exists from the Ramayana period. Pandavas is believed to have visited the temple. A lake near the temple was created by Bhimasena, the second of the Pandava brothers. Scenic beauty   Somanatha Temple is situated on the banks of Arabian Sea and is built on an elevated spot and some parts of the temple are in the form of a fort. Another highlight is the beautiful view of the sunset from the temple. Opening and Closing time of the temple: 5:00 AM to 1:00 PM 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM To Reach Someshw

Ravaneshwaram Village in Kerala – Cave Dedicated to Ravana and Shiva Temple Where Ravan Performed Puja

Ravaneshwaram Village located near Kanjangad in Kasargod District in Kerala is unique as it boasts of a temple and cave where Ravana is believed to have performed puja. Asura King Ravana of Ramayana was an ardent devotee of Shiva and there are numerous temples in India that is related to Ravana. Deccan Herald writes  There is a cave where Ravana performed penance, a pond where he took bath and the Shivalinga which had the aura by Ravana’s poojas. These might be the reasons why the denizens here love Ravana, and they named the village ‘Ravaneshwaram’. Sri Permthrikkovalappan Shiva Temple in the village is the centre of attraction of the village and the legend of the temple reveals the connection of Ravana and the village. The main diety of the temple is Ravana’s favorite god Shiva. Ganapathi’s prathishta is also there. Hundres of devotees, mainly women come to this temple to worship Shiva. According to the legend, during Ravana’s voyage back to Lanka from Gokarna, he

Pipal Mela 2023 Kullu - Pipal Jatra or Vasantotsav at Kullu in April 2023

Pipal Jatra or Vasantotsav is an important spring festival at Kullu in Himachal Pradesh. Pipal Jatra or Vasantotsav 2023 date in Kullu is from April 28 to April 30, 2023. The highlight of the festival observed at Dhalpur Ground in Kullu is the participation of local deities. Today, the festival is more popular for its cultural programs. Artists from various states in India and abroad participate in the festival. Earlier 16 village deities used to assemble at the Dhalpur Ground. The Raja of Kullu used to sit under a Pipal Tree and witness the fair. The fair is also noted for a temporary market that comes during the period. It is annually held on the same date.

Karpur Linga

Karpur Linga is instantaneously prepared using Camphor by a devotee to worship Shiva . It is prepared when devotee does not have access to a stone lingam for worship. It must be noted that in some regions deep pure white colored lingas are also known as Karpur Lingas. A devotee uses camphor to give shape to the linga for worship. The devotee then offers prayers to this form that he/she has created. After prayers the camphor is removed and used for puja purposes. Such freedom of worship helps a devotee in performing prayers in any region and in any situation.   Apart from camphor, mud, clay and flowers are also used to prepare instant Lingas for Shiva worship. Related Tallest Shivling in India - Naturally Formed

Swami Avdheshananda Thoughts

When you develop a craving to know the Truth, the mountains and caves start attracting you. Meditation gives energy, bliss, peace and vitality. When you close your eyes and sit in a proper posture, energy will grow and flow at a very rapid speed. Just close your eyes and observe it. There is nothing more powerful than dhyana. Dhyana gives birth to you, it introduces you to your own Self. Material world cannot provide the inner peace that one seeks, as there is no end to one’s desires. This is where spirituality comes into play. By adopting moderation in everything that we desire, positive changes can be effected for the benefit of mankind.

Poila Baisakh Recipes

Shubho Nobo Borsho – It’s Bengali New Year. And Poila Baisakh is incomplete without traditional Bengali Nobo Borsho recipes. Food is an essential part of all festivals in India . Here is a collection of few Poila Baisakh Recipes and it includes Bhektkir Dhakai Paturi, Aloo Jhinga Posto, Potoler Dorma, Henshel Thakurer Kosha Mangsho, Chhaana Mochar Tikki, and Mymensingh Murghi Bhaja.   You can find the following recipes – Bhektkir Dhakai Paturi, Aloo Jhinga Posto, Potoler Dorma, Henshel Thakurer Kosha Mangsho - in Telegraph India How to prepare Chhaana Mochar Tikki, and Mymensingh Murghi Bhaja can be found here at Telegraph India .

Ear Piercing of Male Child in Hinduism

Ear lobe piercing, known as Karnvedh Sanskar , is considered an important ceremony for male child in many Hindu traditions. But today most boys do not perform this ceremony. Earlier the ritual was strictly performed on the male child in many Hindu communities. Many communities even now continue this tradition. For male child the first ear pierced is the right ear. Some Hindu men are now taking up this tradition. It is believed that ear piercing helps in getting rid of hysteria and other diseases. The earrings are believed to help in maintaining the flow of electric current in a human body. It is also believed that ear piercing helps in increase of brainpower. It has also been proved that ear piercing improves immunity. The ritual is performed on odd years after the birth of the child – 3rd or 5th year. Ear piercing in some regions is performed by the Goldsmith and he uses gold needle to pierce the earlobe. Gold never rusts and this is the reason for using gold needles.

Rameshwaram Temple Darshan Timings

Rameshwaram Temple in Tamil Nadu is open daily for darshan from 5 AM in the morning to 1:00 PM in the afternoon and from 3:00 PM in the afternoon to 9:00 PM in the night. There will be change in timings once or twice a year during important festivals. The temple will be open for longer hours. Rameshwaram Temple Daily Puja Timings is given below:  Details of Puja Timings in Rameshwaram Temple : 5:00 AM – Early morning Deeparadhana known as Palliyarai Deeparathana 5.10 AM – Early morning second Deeparadhana known as Spadigalinga Deeparathana 5.45 AM – Thiruvananthal Deeparathana 7:00 AM – Vila Puja 10:00 AM – Kalasanthi Puja 12:00 PM – Noon Puja - Uchikala Puja 6.00 PM – Sayaratcha Puja 8.30 PM – Arthajama Puja 8.45 PM – Palliyarai Puja The numerous Teerthas and subsidiary temples are also open from 5 AM in the morning to 1:00 PM in the afternoon and from 3:00 PM in the afternoon to 9:00 PM in the night.

Banashankari Temple, Bangalore Darshan Timings

Shree Banashankari Devi Temple located at Banashankari in Kanakapura Main Road in Bangalore is a popular Shakti Shrine in the city. Detail darshan timings of the temple is given below. Special darshan timings on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Banashankari Devi Temple Darshan Timings: Pooja Timing – Tuesday – Friday – Sunday Tuesday 6.00 AM to 1.00 PM and 3.00 PM to 9.00 PM Friday 6.00 AM to 1.00 PM and 4.30 PM to 9.30 PM Sunday 6.00 AM to 1.00 PM and 4.30 PM to 9.30 PM Darshan Timing on Monday – Wednesday – Thursday - Saturday 6.00 AM to 1.00 PM 4.30 PM to 8.00 PM Daily Abhisheka Timing: Morning: 6:30 AM to 8:30 AM Pooja Timing Change During Rahu Kala: Sunday 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM Tuesday 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM Friday 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM

Manuscripts from the Archives of Bharat Ithihaas Samshodak Mandal Digitized

More that 40, 000 manuscripts from the archives of Bharat Ithihaas Samshodak Mandal, including those dating back to the 14th century AD, have been digitized and will be digitally available at national libraries for academic research. Rare documents in Persian, Kannada, Tamil, Marathi and Sanskrit are part of the archives of Bharat Ithihaas Samshodak Mandal. Bharat Itihas Sanshodhak Mandal, popularly known as Itihas Sanshodhak Mandal or just ‘Mandal’, is an Indian institute providing resources and training for historical researchers. It is located at Pune in  Maharashtra . Indian Express reports A team from the NMM worked at the Mandal for the past few months to ensure that these bundles are preserved for posterity. Each bundle contains 10-1,000 documents.  The manuscripts contribute significantly towards research for scriptures and literature in the country. The documents contain texts from the Mahabharata, Ramayana, Puranas and Rig Veda along with the stotras and yagnas the

A man of perfection is one who does not identify himself with his mental or emotional estimation of things – Swami Chinmayananda

Self-realization is not a melancholy parade, crawling to a pre-destined tomb, but it is a joyous ride to the Palace of Truth , from which man has wandered away in his own ignorance and confusion. A Perfect Man is one who has lifted himself from the world of his mind—intellect and has awakened to his inner Spiritual Nature. A Man of Perfection is one whose beloved object, the Self can never be apart from him. And he has no sense of attachment with any other object. Having attained the Self, the inhabitant of his heart, he has such a complete sense of fulfillment that he has no desire for attaining anything. The Self being the All, he has at once attained everything. A Man of Perfection is one who does not identify himself with his mental or emotional estimation of things. Also to one who has won over joy and grief, and who has gained a certain amount of detachment from external objects, desire for obtaining the pleasant or the unpleasant is no emotion at all. Where there

Padmanabhaswamy Temple Timings – Trivandrum Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple Opening and Closing Time

Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple located at Trivandrum in Kerala is dedicated to Hindu God Vishnu. The temple darshan timings are from early morning hours to evening. Detail timing both morning and evening is given below. The temple is open only to Hindus and only those wearing traditional dress are allowed inside – Sari for women, Pattu Pavada for girls – For men and boys, Mundu only. Padmanabhaswamy Temple Darshan Timings: Morning Hours 3:30 AM to 5:15 AM 6:15 AM to 7:15 AM 8:15 AM to 11:15 AM 12:00 PM to 12:15 PM Padmanabhaswamy   Temple  Evening Hours Darshan Timings 5:15 PM to 6:15 PM From Deeparadhana to 7:15 PM.

Kuteti Devi Temple Mela in Uttar Kashi

Kuteti Devi Temple , dedicated to Goddess Durga, is located atop Hari Parbat in Uttarkashi. Kuteti Devi is a deity closely associated with the Maharaja of Kota in Rajasthan. Kuteti Devi Temple Mela 2023 date is April 13. The Mela is annually held on the Vaishakh Krishna Paksha Ashtami as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in North India . Legend has it that the daughter of a Maharaja of Kota was married to a boy in the village in Uttarkashi. The princess was unhappy as she was not able to worship Goddess Kuteti. The young couple prayed to the Goddess. She once appeared in the dream of them and said that she will be ever present in Uttarkashi. As her symbol, She told them that She will find three murtis of her in a field nearby. The current temple is located at the exact spot where the murtis were found. The annual fair attracts Goddess Shakti devotees from the region. Kuteti Devi Temple is located about 2 km from Uttarkashi town center.

Muslim Practicing Yoga – Please Don’t Raise the Eyebrow

Muslim practicing yoga is news because yoga is a sin against Islam. It is blasphemous. The bigger picture is often ignored. When Yoga was first practiced there was no religion in the world. Educated modern people have forcefully thrust the idea of religion into Yoga. Yoga does not teach religion. Yoga is for the welfare of all living beings. Yoga only helps in maintaining a healthy body and healthy mind. Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) is not sectarian. All it says is that Truth is one and there are several paths to realize Truth. Teachings of Santana Dharma focus on individual’s efforts to have a peaceful and happy coexistence with nature. Yoga is a path just a path.  Shutting out Yoga just because the great minds that discovered Yoga and propagated them in modern day is associated with a particular religion is narrow mindedness. Yoga is not going to gain or lose anything if Muslims practice Yoga. But people lose a lot of good things in life by ignoring Yoga. New York Times r

Radha Chalisa Lyrics in English

Radha Chalisa is a popular prayer dedicated to Radha, the divine consort of Sri Krishna. Chalisa is a prayer in 40 verses. Radha is a manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi. This lyrics of this prayer is in English and you can download it for free. There is no direct download. You need to copy or write down the Radha Chalisa. Link - Radha Chalisa Lyrics in English Related Story of the Birth of Radha as a Blind Child – consort ofSri Krishna

Books on Hanuman – Top Five Good Books on Hindu God Hanuman

Hindu God Hanuman is the embodiment of devotion, strength, wisdom and humility. He gives hope and confidence to devotees to aim for Moksha. There are thousands of books on Hanuman. Here is a collection of five good books on Hanuman that is a must read for students and devotees of Hanuman. Valmiki Ramayan  Ramayana needs not introduction and remains the authentic source for information on Hanuman. Available online for free.  Hanuman An Introduction – Devdutt Pattanaik   An ideal choice for common man to understand the important aspects of Hanuman. Lot of illustrations. Good for children and adults. Hanuman – art, mythology and folklore – K. C. Aryan and Subhashini Aryan An exclusive study that covers the important aspects of Hanuman. Hanuman's Tale: The Messages of a Divine Monkey - Philip Lutgendorf Exhaustive study but certain chapters are scholarly in nature and is critical in nature. Good for students and researchers. Hanuman in art cultur

Online Live Darshan of Hanuman Temple – Live Streaming from Salangpur Hanuman Temple

Salangpur Hanuman Temple at Ahmedabad in Gujarat is a popular Hanuman Temple . The temple is offering online live darshan during puja period. To watch the live darshan you will need windows media player installed. In the temple the murti of Hanuman is shown as trampling on Panvati – a form that symbolically represents all the bad astrological influences. The belief is that darshan of Salangpur Hanuman helps in solving astrology related problems. Note – The live darshan seems to be available only on Internet Explorer . There was difficulty with firefox, chrome and opera. Link - Online Live Darshan from Salangpur Hanuman Temple Related Live Darshan from Mahavir Hanuman Mandir in Patna in Bihar

Tirupati VIP Darshan Tickets Cancelled But Will It Help Devotees

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) Board has decided to do away with VIP Darshan Tickets at the famous Tirumala Tirupati Balaji Temple . Currently VIP Darshan tickets are categorized into top priority, priority and general VIPs. Scrapping of VIP darshan tickets mean thousands of common people will enjoy darshan without waiting for long hours in queue. But will this be a reality in a temple where corruption is rampant? The Hindu writes   Senior management officials feel that the board has not only has succumbed to political pressure but has also opened the floodgates for black marketers through its hasty decision.   The scrapping of the categorization of VIP tickets, officials fear, will see a spurt in the black marketing of darshan tickets and recommendation letters will be openly sold at all major hotels and tourist cabs in the district.   Hindu Blog View Corruption cannot be rooted out from Tirupati. Wealth is the problem here. Who provides money to the temple? The d

Eight Ganesha Temples in Maharashtra

Eight Swayambhu (self made or naturally formed) forms of Hindu God Ganesha on earth is known as Ashtavinayak Temples – the eight Ganesh Temples are in Maharashtra . The Ashtavinayak temples are located in eight places mostly near Pune in  Maharashtra ,  India . The murti of Ganesha in these temples is formed on a single large stone. The eight Ganesha temples are located in Morgaon, Theur, Ranjangaon, Siddhatek, Ozhar, Lenyadri, Pali and Mahad.  Mayureshwar or  Moreshwar   Temple : Morgaon Located along the banks of  Karha   River  in Morgaon village in Pune District, Lord Ganesh is known as Mayureshwar or Moreshwar. Ganesha is here depicted as riding a peacock. It is believed that Lord Ganesha appeared in this form to destroy a demon named Sindhu.  Morgaon village is located in Baramati Taluk and is around 55 km southeast of Pune city. Chintamani   Vinayak   Temple : Theur Chintamani   Ganesh   Temple  is located in Theur in Pune District. It is believed that

Gaurishankar Mahadev Temple, Haridwar

Gaurishankar Mahadev temple, Haridwar is dedicated to Shiva and Goddess Parvati and is located near the famous Haridwar Chandi Devi temple. The ropeway to the Chandi Temple begins at the Gauri Shankar Temple . It is believed that numerous devotees had their wishes fulfilled after offering prayers at the Gaurishankar. The temple is small in size and attracts devotees on Pradosham, Shiv Chaturdasi days and also during Shivratri. The main offerings in the temple are flowers and coconuts.

Paper on Chemistry and Technology in Hindu Scriptures

Paper titled ‘The glimpses of chemistry and technology in Vedic literature’ was presented by K.V. Murali Krishna at national conference on emerging trends in nuclear and chemical technology, at Gitam University in Hyderabad . The paper explores the knowledge of nuclear science, chemistry and technology in the Vedas, Puranas, Mahabharata and Ramayana. K.V. Murali Krishna is a chemistry lecturer at Silver Jubilee Government College , Kurnool and he has been studying and collecting valuable scientific knowledge in Hindu scriptures for more than two decades. Deccan Chronicle reports  The Mahabharata and the Ramayana recount many examples that indicate our ancestors had knowledge of nuclear energy thousands of years ago. Hindu Scriptures, especially the Vedas, Smritis and Puranas, are storehouses of valuable technological and ethical knowledge offering breathtaking insights hidden in Sanskrit verse, says Mr Krishna’s paper.  “Though it is evident that a knowledge in nucl

How To Reach Jwalamukhi Temple in Himachal Pradesh?

One of the prominent Shakti Temples, Jwalamukhi Temple is located in Kangra District in Himachal Pradesh. To reach the temple the ideal option is road. There are buses from important towns in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir and Delhi to Jwalamukhi. Jwalamukhi is located on National Highway 88 (Shimla to Kangra). The temple is around ½ km walk from the Bus Station. From Shimla take the Highway to Kangra. Jwalamukhi Temple is around 205 KM from Shimla. Distances from other important places: Delhi  475 Km.  Chandigarh  200 Km.  Manali 200 Km.  Pathankot  120 Km.  Dharamshala  60 Km.  Hoshiarpur 85 Km.  Jammu 300 Km.  Nearest airport is Gaggal Airport and is around 50 km from the temple. Nearest Railway Station is Pathankot Railway Station.

Sage Parasara Jayanti

Sage Parashara, father of Sage Veda Vyasa, is a Vedic Rishi. Parasara Jayanti observed on the Vaishakh Shukla Paksha Pratipada is believed to be the day when Sage Parasara was born. Sage Parasara Jayanti 2023 date is April 21. Parashara was a wandering Sanyasi and was the grandson of Sage Vashishta and the son of Shakti Maharishi. Several verses in the Rig Veda is believed to have been authored by the Sage. A code of laws for Kali Yuga known as Parasara Smriti is authored by Him. The main speaker in the Vishnu Purana is also Sage Parashara.

Listen to Shiv Puran online in Hindi in mp3 Audio format

Shiv Puran is one of the most popular Puranas in Hindu Tradition and narrates the important incidents associated with Hindu God Shiva. Now you can listen to Shiv Puran in Hindi online for free. The audio is in mp3 format. Each chapter is in a separate audio file. There is no download option. Link –  Listento Shiv Puran online in Hindi in mp3 format

Kottarakkara Ganapathy Temple Festival 2023

Kottarakkara Sree Mahaganapathi Temple located in Kerala is a famous Ganesh Temple. The main deity in the temple is Shiva but the temple is popular as a Ganapathy Temple. Kottarakkara Ganapathy Temple Festival 2023 date is April 15 to April 25. The 11-day annual festival begins on the Avittam nakshatra and ends on Thiruvathira nakshatra Medam month. The most important day is the final day known as Thiruvarattu. It falls on the Thiruvathira Nakshatra day in the Medam month. The day is also noted for Kettukazhcha. Thousands of people attend this annual festival. The temple is so unique that it has murtis of Shiva, Parvati, Ganga, Ganesha, Muruga, Ayyappa, and Nagaraja.

Mahakala Linga

Mahakala Linga is a very rare form of Shivling. Mahakala Linga is bright and corpulent in shape, elongated and slightly red colored. It is bright and attractive. The description about the linga is only found in a text credited to Hemadri, a 13th century who wrote books related to murtis, temple architecture and construction. It is believed that worshipping the Mahakala Linga helps in attaining all forms of prosperity. Mahakala Linga is mentioned in the Skanda Purana and Shiva Purana. Chapter 18 of the Shiva Purana indicates that a cowherd boy worshipped Mahakala Linga and attained Shiva Loka. It is said that the piety of the boy was so great that Hanuman predicted that Vishnu will incarnate in the cowherd race. Mahakala Linga is part of the Bana Lingas and is naturally formed.