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Nishkraman Sanskar – Nishkramana Samskara Of A Newborn Baby

Nishkraman Sanskar is an important Vedic Sanskara associated with a new born baby. In the Nishkramana Samskara, the child is taken out of the house for the first time. The parents of the child invoke the panchabhoota – earth, water, space, air and fire. Worship is also offered to the Surya (Sun God) and Chandra (moon god). The child is then shown the sun and later at night the moon for the first time.

Nishkraman Sanskar is one among the 16 Sanskars or sacraments in Hinduism. It is strictly followed by many Hindu communities.

The importance of Nishkraman Sanskar is mentioned in the Atharva Veda.

Nishkraman Sanskar is performed at two months if the child is healthy. Some people wait for 3 months or 4 months.