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Use of Clove – लौंग – in Hanuman Puja in Hinduism

Clove (लौंग) is offered to Hanuman during puja for desire fulfillment. It is also offered for early cure of serious diseases.

Eleven numbers of clove is offered to Hanuman by those have trouble in having a good night sleep.

For wealth and money related problems – light lamp before Hanuman using mustard oil. Put two cloves in the oil.

For serious ailments, devotees should meditate on Hanuman in the early morning by looking at the rising sun. After meditation, offer some cloves.

Take some clove and offer it to Hanuman before leaving home for any important work.

Why is Clove Used in Hanuman Puja?

Each spice is associated with a particular deity in Hinduism. Clove is associated with Shiva. Hanuman is the Rudra Avatar of Shiva.

Clove is also offered in havan puja in Hinduism.