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Hanuman With Hands Tied – Bedi Anjaneya Swamy Temple, Tirumala

Bedi Anjaneya Swamy Temple is a unique temple in Tirumala Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh, India. Hanuman is found here with hands tied

We are familiar with the form of Anjaneya holding a mighty mace in one hand and lifting a huge mountain on another. We are also aware of Hanuman with folded arms (anjali mudra) standing or in sitting posture.

But, at Tirumala, we can see a peculiar Anjaneya whose arms have been tied with handcuffs (Bedi).

It is a rare phenomenon, even as per Shilpa Shastra, to see such a murti (Idol) of Anjaneya.

Story Hanuman With Handcuffs

There are a couple of stories associated with this form of Anjaneya of which one is being narrated here.

Once, Anjana Devi chided her naughty son Hanuman who was always bubbling with enthusiasm for doing mischievous acts.

She was worried about the boy as he was often leaving the home to do adventures in faraway places. In order to control him from going out, she chained him and asked him to stay there till she returns from her work.

After doing this, the legend goes on to say, Anjana left for Himalayas and never returned to Tirumala. Anjaneya with his hands chained remained so to honour the word given to the mother. Thus, even today we can see Hanuman with handcuffs tied to him.

The morale of this legend is that one must obey the wise words told by parents and must be abided by them at all times.