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Goddess Deepalakshmi

Deepalakshmi is today famous as a sculpture with a woman holding a lamp or plate. Goddess Deepalakshmi is associated with knowledge wealth – the lamp which removes darkness and ushers in knowledge.

The image of deepalakshmi is not simply a depiction of a woman holding a lamp, but the symbolic representation of a lamp as an auspicious woman.

In Hinduism Goddess Deepalakshmi represents the lighting of Sandhya Deepam (evening lamp) and is of great importance in millions of home daily.

Goddess Deepalakshmi Prayer

Deepajyotihi parabrahma deepa sarvatamopaha |
Deepena saadhyate sarvam sandhyaadeepa namosthuthe
Oh Goddess Deepalakshmi! I do my humble pranams! You are the Parabrahma. You are the destroyer of all Sins. You are the remover of darkness united with Agnana and provide Gnana(Knowledge). Because of you only all Lokas are shining.