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Why Hindus Should Not Cut Trees On Amavasya? - Reason For No Carpentry Work on Amavasya

Amavasya is the no moon day (some call it as new moon) in a traditional Hindu lunar calendar. There is a belief among many Hindu communities that trees should not be cut on Amavasya day – especially if the wood is meant for any type of construction or for carving Murti (deity to be worshipped in Temple) or for sculptures. Here is the reason why Hindus do not cut trees or do carpentry work on Amavasya.

Reason For No Carpentry Work on Amavasya

The popular belief is that on the Amavasya day, the moon resides in water and on trees on earth. Therefore cutting trees on the day is a great mistake – one has to take many births to overcome the effects of this mistake.

Elders say that furniture and other items made from those trees that are cut on Amavasya are known to be more infested with microbes. Over a period of time such furniture is bound to have more attack from pests. They also crumble easily.

The strength of the wood cut on Amavasya deteriorates fast.

Many carpenters do not work on Amavasya in many regions in India.