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2012 in Hinduism – How Hindu religion and astrology is reacting to 2012

Lot of predictions and discussions are going on around the world regarding the year 2012. Primarily, the calendar of the Mayans (Ancient Maya Civilization of South America) ends on December 21, 2012). People are also now trying to find a connection between Kali Yuga and 2012. Some astrologers are predicting that Kali Yuga will end in 2012 and Satya Yuga will begin from December 21, 2012.

Recently an astrologer and modern day guru Dattatreya Siva Baba while addressing public in Chennai said this about 2012: The world is changing for the good now, he says. Joining the increasing numbers who are making predictions about 2012 A.D. he says from the December of that year, the world will move into a golden age, marking the beginning of Satya Yuga. This is not a smooth process though. There will be natural calamities, financial problems, wars and global warming. This is also the time when Mayans end their calendar. ‘But our old ways of thinking, including our biology will change as the Sun, Eart…

Book – When I Saw Tirupati Balaji – Naham Kartha

New book, When I Saw Tirupati Balaji – Naham Kartha written by P V R K Prasad, a former Executive Officer of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD), narrates the experiences he had while serving Lord Balaji at his abode in Tirupati Tirumala. The author strongly believes Naham Karta, Harih Karta – I am not the doer, Sri Hari is. He tries to find answer to some of the questions that arise in the mind of Venkateswara devotees and non-believers about Srihari or Tirupati Balaji. The book is published by Gyan Publishing House. P V R K Prasad’s memoirs in a Telugu Weekly was highly appreciated by Telugu readers. About the book from the words of the author.Regardless of what I did in the interests of devotees or TTD, I believe that all my actions stemmed from my innate belief: ‘Naham Karta, Harih Karta’ (I am not the doer, Sri Hari is). I merely recorded the events as they took place, with out imposing my views on readers. My experiences – some wonderful, some strange and incredible – trigger c…

Book – Sarasvati – Vedic River and Hindu Civilization

River Saraswati, or Sarasvati, played an important part in the Vedic civilization. The roots of Hindu culture was nourished by River Sarasvati, which went underground thousands of years ago. Modern day research has proved the existence of River Saraswati and the civilization that existed around the basin. The book Sarasvati – VedicRiver and Hindu Civilization by Dr. S .Kalyanraman talks in detail about the past, present and future of River Saraswati.An international conference on ‘Vedic River Sarasvati and the Hindu Civilization’ was held in New Delhi from 24th to 26th October 2008, sponsored by AIM for Seva and organized by Saraswati research and Educational trust. The book was released in this function.The book is published by AIM for Seva, which is an NGO in special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.Sarasvati – VedicRiver and Hindu Civilization
Dr. S .Kalyanraman
AIM for Seva
2nd Floor, Sri Nidhi Apartments 32/4,
Sir Desika Road, Mylapore,

Patent for Tirupati Laddoo

To stop hawkers from selling fake Tirupati Laddoos, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD), a trust that manages the temple, plans to get a geographical indication (GI) tag. If patent is granted to Tirupati Laddoo by the Registrar of Geographical Indications as per the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999 then it could be the first HinduTemple offering to be recognized as an intellectual property (IP). C R Sukumar writes in Hawkers in Tirupati have been selling fake laddus and after several futile attempts to curb this practice, including repeated raids by its security and vigilance wings, TTD finally decided to seek legal protection for its laddu. The GI Act imposes a penalty of Rs50,000 along with six months of imprisonment for people infringing a GI.Claiming that its laddu is unique in quality and reputation, TTD submitted details to the GI registrar. But already there are differences of opinion in granting geographical indication (GI…

Book – The Complete Kritis of Sri Thyagaraja with English Translation

The Complete Kritis of Sri Thyagaraja with English Translation, transliteration and meaning of Thyagaraja’s compositions is compiled Maddali Venkata Subbaya. The book contains a Short History of Sri Tyagaraja, Kritis of Sri Thyagaraja in English script and the original Telugu with the full meaning in English. Sri Tyagarja (1767 – 1847) was the greatest saint composer of Carnatic music and it is believed that he was an incarnation of Sage Valmiki, composer of the great epic Ramayana. The main of the book, which is written in simple English and always to the point, is to help appreciate the Kritis of Sri Thyagaraja who are alien or only have limited knowledge of the language used in Kritis. The Complete Kritis of Sri Thyagaraja is published by The ICFAI University Press. It consists of 717 compositions. The Complete Kritis of Sri Thyagaraja
By Maddali Venkata Subbaya
Published by The ICFAI University Press
Price: Rupees 625 Those who wish to buy the book can get it online at the ICFAI Un…

Sabarimala Mandala Kalam – Pilgrim season November – December at Ayyappa Temple

Lord Ayyappa gives continues darshan to his devotees for 41-days at SabarimalaTemple during the Mandala Kalam (November – December). For 2017 - 2018 - Sabarimala Temples opens on November 15, 2017 evening and closes on December 26, 2017 after Mandala Puja. The Temple then opens December 30, 2017 for Makaravilakku Puja.

The Sabarimala Ayyappa temple remains closed for the major part of a year. So Mandala Kalam is the period chosen by most pilgrims to visit the shrine. The 41-day pilgrim season, also known as Mandala Pooja, attracts millions of devotees to this hill shrine dedicated to Sastha.

The pilgrim season begins on the first day of Malayalam month Vrischikam (Mid November) and continues for 41 days. The Mandala Kalam ends during the fag end of December, in the Malayalam month Dhanu. The temple is then closed for a day and reopens for the Makaravilaku season, which ends on January 14 or 15.

The temple then opens and conducts pujas only on the first of every Malayalam month and dur…

Coral Rocks sold as Ram Sethu Bridge Rock at Rameshwaram

Ram Sethu, or Ramar Sethu, is the bridge built by the Vanara Sena (Monkey Army) for Lord Ram to crossover to Sri Lanka to rescue Sita from Ravana. The popular belief is that the stones used to build the bridge floats in water. Now scrupulous businessmen are selling coral rocks to devotees claiming that the rocks are a part of the holy RamSethuBridge.Coral rocks tend to float naturally and this makes the pilgrims believe that the rocks are the ones used by Lord Rama's army and buy it at prices ranging from 500 rupees to 1000 rupees.Press Trust of India reportsDespite a ban on the trade of coral rocks under the Wild Life and Marine Life Protection Acts, they are being sold at five places – Seetha Theertham, Ram Theertham, Lakshman Theertham, Kandhamadhanaparvam and at an ashram – in the island.Gopinathan, a tourist guide, said they get a nominal commission for each stone sold through them. The stones were even presented to VIPs visiting the island, stating that it was auspicious to …

Madan Mohan Malaviya Quotes on the Bhagavad Gita

I believe that in all the living languages of the world, there is no book so full of true knowledge, and yet so handy as the Bhagawad Geeta… It brings to men the highest knowledge, the purest love and the most luminous action. It teaches self-control, the three-fold austerity, non-violence, truth, compassion, obedience to the call of duty for the sake of duty, and putting up a fight against unrighteousness (Adharma)… To my knowledge, there is no book in the whole range of the world’s literature so high above all as the Bhagavad Gita, which is a treasure-house of Dharma not only for Hindus but for all mankind.Madan Mohan Malaviya

New Book: Bhaja Govindam – Follow Your Heart

Bhaja Govindam the immortal classic of Adi Shankaracharya holds the gist of all his Vedantic works. This new book based on the classic titled Bhaja Govindam: Follow Your Heart by Chandrika is a translation along with an explanation elaborating the relevance and adaptability of each verse in Bhaja Govindam to the present day world.Adi Shankaracharya’s Bhaja Govindam, also known as Moha Mudgara or The End of Illusion, is a collection of thirty-one verses in Sanskrit. It looks at the eternal question of man's quest for happiness in a world that is transient and filled with delusions. Bhaja Govindam speaks of man's weaknesses – lust, anger, greed and attachment – and the steps needed to overcome them.Apart from the translation and explanation, the book contains an exhaustive biography of Adi Sankara, his contribution to Hinduism and a chapter on the relevance of Bhaja Govindam today. The translation and commentary is by Chandrika, who has a background in academics and teaching for…

Economic Recession creates high demand for Financial and Vedic Astrologers

Thanks to the current economic recession, astrologers and astrology websites are having a great time as more and more people are taking to astrology to know about the dips and surges in stock markets. This might surely sound a joke and bizarre for a large section of people. But majority of large and small investors in India believe that astrology can predict the future or at least give an idea of what is going to happen. Interestingly, there is a great interest in astrology courses and those joining the courses include bank employees, chartered accountants, engineers and people related to finance. The salary package for a financial astrologer ranges from half a million rupees to two million rupees per annum.And if you thought the craze for astrology was limited to Indians then its time to update. Financial astrology is in great demand in United States, Britain and other European nations. It is considered as a lucrative profession.Nikhila Henry writes in Times of IndiaThe 2008-09 batch…

Mantra to end Sabarimala Vratham and remove the Ayyappa Mudra Mala

After the darshan of the Lord Ayyappa at the SabarimalaHillTemple, the next important ceremony is the removal of the Ayyappa Mudra Mala (the special rudraksha or Tulsi chain and Ayyappa pendant worn by devotees). The Mudra Mala should only be removed after reaching home. Sabarimala Vratham can be continued for 41 days even after an early visit.
Swami Sharanam should be chanted before entering the home.The Irumudi should be placed in the Puja room or the Pandal in which the Kettu Murukku (or the tying of the Irumudi was done).
The mantra to be recited while removing the Mudra mala is:ApoorvamachalaaroohaDivya darshana karanaShastra Mudrathavaka DevaDehimee Vratha mochanam

Phone Booking at Tirupati Balaji Temple – Book and Know status of Sevas and Darshan at Tirumala Tirupati Temple through Phone

The Tirumala Tirupati Dewasthanam's( TTD) have developed a Pilgrim Information Centre ( PIC) with the support ofHCL to keep the devotees informed about the sevas, darshan, travel and other amenities available at Tirumala and Tirupati Temple on a 24x7 basis through phone. You can get all the information you need to have a darshan of Tirupati Venkateswara by just dialing the phone number from the comfort of your home.You can also book tickets for Sevas three days in advance. Information on all services including donations, accommodation, Sevas, travel and also tenders called for by the TTD is offered through the new phone system. Information of money send through DD can also be got through the PIC.The HCL has developed the technology and is also maintaining it free of cost for the TTD. Twenty eight executives including 18 women and four supervisors are trained to receive calls from all over the world and speak in English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Hindi.Through this new syst…

Quotes from Jnaneshwari of Sant Dnyaneshwar

May the Self of the universe be pleased with this sacrifice of words and bestow His grace on me.May the sinners no longer commit evil deeds,
may their desire to do good increase,
and may all beings live in harmony with one another.May the darkness of sin disappear, may the world
see the rising of the sun of righteousness,
and may the desires of all creatures be satisfied.May everyone keep the company of saints devoted to God,
who will shower their blessings on them.Saints are walking gardens filled with wish-fulfilling trees,
and they are living villages of wish-fulfilling gems.
Their words are like oceans of nectar.They are moons without blemish and suns without heat.
May these saints be the friends of all people.May all beings in all the worlds be filled with joy,
and may they worship God forever.May all those for whom this book is their very life be blessed with success in this world and the next.Then Nivrittinath, the great Master said that this blessing will be granted. This brought great…

Yudhisthira and Yaksha – Questions and Answers from the Mahabharata

One day during the exile, the Pandavas became extremely thirsty and asked Nakula, the youngest of Pandavas, to get some water from a nearby pond. When Nakula did not return one by one the Pandavas went looking for the other and finally Yudhisthira, the eldest, discovers the four brothers lying dead nearby a pond. Suddenly, Yudhisthira hears the voice of Yaksha who warns him not to drink the water from the pond before he has answered his questions; otherwise, he would also be dead. Yudhisthira agrees to answer the question of Yaksha.
Here are famous answers given by Yudhistira to the question of Yaksha which revived all the four brothers.
What makes the sun shine daily? – The power of Brahman (Absolute).
What does a person need to rescue him from danger? – Courage.
Which science should man study to become wise? – A man does not acquire wisdom just by studying the Shastras (sciences), but by associating with wise men.
Is there anything that sustains more nobly than the earth? – The m…

Teachings on Mind In Upanishads

The mind is said to be twofold; pure and impure. The impure mind is driven by desire and volition; the pure mind is devoid of desire.
The mind alone is the cause of bondage and liberation to humans. Attached to objects, it leads to bondage; freed from objects, it leads to emancipation.
The mind should always be made devoid of objects by the seeker of liberation, since the liberation of the mind devoid of objects is desirable.
When the mind, freed from contact with objects and confined in the heart, reaches nonbeing, then that is the SupremeState.
The mind should be checked until it meets with destruction in the heart. This is gnosis, this is meditation. The rest is diffuse speculation.
Amrita Bindu Upanishad (1-5) Source: The Yoga Tradition; Its History, Literature, Philosophy and Practice by Georg Feuerstein, PhD

Karthigai Somavaram – Kartika Somavara Vratam

Karthigai Somavaram, or Karthika Somavara Ubayam, is the Mondays in the Tamil Month Karthigai which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. In 2019, Karthigai Masam is from November 17 to December 15. Karthika Somavara Vratam is observed by Shiva devotees in the month and special pujas and rituals are held in Shiva temples in maintained by Tamil community. Fasting from sunrise to sunset is undertaken by many devotees. 
Note - In neighboring Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh also Kartik Month of importance and Mondays are dedicated to Shiva. 
Karthigai Somavaram Vratham is observed because it is in this month Shiva destroyed the three cities of Tripuri built by demon Tripurasura. Legend has it that a powerful demon named Tripuri or Tripurasura built three impregnable cities of gold, silver and iron with the blessing of Lord Shiva. The demon became so powerful and his inflated ego knew no bounds and started attacking and tormenting humans and demigods (devas). Brahma and Vishnu failed to contain Tripur…

Kanakadasa Thoughts and Quotes

Bathing in the holy river without conquering internal pride, envy and wrath is meaningless.

Exhibiting hyperbolic devotion is like an actress exhibiting her illusory beauty.

Does fragrance lie in the flower? Or the flower in fragrance?
Or do both the flower and fragrance lie in the nostrils?
I cannot say, O Lord Adikeshava of Kaginele,
O! peerless one, are all things within you alone?

It is better to quarrel with the wise than to be with the ignorant; it is better to beg in a populous city than to starve in a royal palace; it is better to live in a deserted temple than to live in the company of the jealous.

According to Kanakadasa untouchable is one – ‘who preaches virtue but does not practice it; who serves the king and yet wishes him ill; who lusts after a whore; who poisons the patient through medicine.’

Teachings from the Poems of Kanakadasa

I am a humble non-entity and you are the donor of the entire world. I am without any wisdom and you are the all influential Lord, granting s…

Kalpathy Ratholsavam 2019 dates – Palakkad Kalpathy Chariot Festival in 2019

Kalpathy Car Festival, or Chariot festival, which is held during the last week of Tamil month Aippasi (October – November) at Kaplathy near Palakkad in Kerala reminds one of the world famous Puri Rath Yatra festival. In 2019, the Kalpathy car festival is scheduled to be held from November 14 to 16.

The Rathasangamom will be held before the Sree Viswanatha Swamy Temple in Kalpathy on the evening of November 15. Kalpathy and its 18 Agraharams is an early Tamil Brahmin settlement and is known as the ‘Varanasi of the South.’ The 10-day Kalpathy Ratholsavam is the most important festival of the year here.

The epicenter of the Kalpathy Car Festival is the SreeViswanatha SwamyTemple in Kalpathy. Temples in New Kalpathy, Old Kalpathy and Chathapuram joins in on simultaneous days for the celebrations. The most important days during the 10-day festival are the last three days. And on the final day there is the Rathasangamom at SriViswanatha SwamyTemple, which happens on the last day of Aippasi…

Sant Dnyaneshwar Punyatithi - Death Anniversary of Sant Jnaneshwar at Alandi

Sant Dnyaneshwar Punyatithi is the death anniversary of Sant Dnyaneshwar, or Jnaneshwar, who revolutionized the bhakti cult in Maharashtra. In 2019, the date of Sant Dnyaneshwar Punyatithi is November 24. At the age of sixteen Sant Dnyaneshwar wrote Jnaneswari – the first and the most popular Marathi commentary on the Bhagavad Gita. Jnaneswari continues to be read and discussed in Maharashtrian homes and its translation into various languages continues to inspire millions of people around the world.

During the time of Sant Dnyaneshwar, the unparalleled teachings of Sanatana Dharma were considered to be the prerogative of certain castes and sects. Dnyaneshwar unleashed a silent revolution against the religious monopoly and orthodoxy of the narrow-minded priestly class.

Sant Dnyaneshwar was amongst the first to use the local language of Marathi to spread and demystify the message of the Hindu scriptures like Bhagavad Gita. He popularized the teachings of Sanatana Dharma and took it to t…

The Kid who adorns the role of Child Krishna in Jai Shri Krishna Serial

‘Jai Shri Krishna’ serial on Colors Viacom 18 Television Channel is attracting lot of attraction due to the mesmerizing performance of the kid who adorns the role of Child Krishna. The childhood adventures of Lord Krishna have enthralled devotees from time immemorial and will continue to do so. There is a popular demand from television viewing public for photos, pictures and wallpapers of the little child Krishna but Colors has only released a single wallpaper of the kid.Interestingly, the role of Natkhat Makhanchor is adorned by Dhriti Bhatia, who is just going to be three years old. Yes, the popular role of Child Krishna in Jai Shri Krishna is played by a little girl. She is also nominated for the 8th IDEA-ITA Awards – Jai Shri Krishna Best Child Artiste Dhriti Bhatia (role of Krishna).Here is a wallpaper of child Krishna in Jai Shri Krishna Serial. Image from Colors Channel website:

K M Munshi Quotes on the Mahabharata

The Mahabharata is not a mere epic; it is a romance, telling the tale of heroic men and women and of some who were divine; it is a whole literature in itself, containing a code of life, a philosophy of social and ethical relations, and speculative thought on human problems that is hard to rival; but, above all, it has for its core the Gita, which is, as the world is beginning to find out, the noblest of scriptures and the grandest of sagas the climax of which is reached in the wondrous Apocalypse in the Eleventh Canto. Through such books alone, the harmonies underlying true culture, I am convinced, will one day reconcile the disorders of modern life. K M MunshiKulapati K. M. Munshi is the founder of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

Vrindavan Mathura Parikrama – Braj Vrindavan Mathura Parikrama in Kartik Month

Vrindavan Mathura Parikrama is the walking of on bare foot around Vrindavan and Mathura, the places associated with Lord Krishna. In 2019, the date of Vrindavan Mathura Parikrama on Akshaya Navami is November 5. Parikramas are done out of intense devotion (Bhakti) and also as penance for sins committed. Another day when Vishnu devotees perform the Parikrama is during the Dev Prabodhini Ekadasi on November 8, 2019.

Braj Vrindavan Mathura Parikrama is major spiritual journey undertaken during the Kartik Month (October – November) by Lord Krishna devotees. Vrindavan Mathura Parikrama on Akshaya Navami is considered highly auspicious and attracts thousands of devotees.

Another auspicious day to undertake Vrindavan Mathura Parikrama in Kartik month is during Utthana or Devotan Ekadasi day. In 2019, the date of Utthana Ekadasi is November 23.

Braj Vrindavan Mathura Parikrama is performed in clockwise walking to all the temples, forests and sacred places associated with Lord Krishna.


Book: Translation of Narayaneeyam in English

Narayaneeyam, a Sanskrit classic dedicated Lord Guruvayoorappan (Lord Krishna), is composed by Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri. Narayaneeyam is a condensation of the Bhagavad Purana in 1036 shlokas (stanzas). The unparalleled spiritual work is noted for its literary merit and bhakti (devotion) and is a classic in its own right. The core theme of Narayaneeyam is Vishnu Bhakti. T. Unnikrishnan has translated this famous Sanskrit work into English. Narayaneeyam is associated with the famous LordKrishnaTemple in Guruvayoor. It is believed that Narayaneeyam was submitted by Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri as an offering to Lord Guruvayoorappan to get his chronic rheumatic disease cured during the 16th century. He had completed the literary work in 100 days by submitting one canto of 10 verses before Lord Krishna on each day. Narayaneeyam
By Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri in Sanskrit.
Translation into English by T. Unnikrishnan
Published by Vishvam Publications
38, Beach Homes Avenue,
Besant …