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Khas Khas Grass Benefits - Vetti Veru – Ramacham Plant Benefits

Khas Khas is dried root of grass and is native India in particular grows in south India. Here is a look at the various benefits of Vetti Veru or Ramacham plant.

As it grow abundantly near water banks it is referred as Jalavasa, as it is fully fragrant it is referred Gandhdya, as its roots suppressant of heat it is referred as Seethamulaka, as it is differently fragrant it is referred as Sungandhamula, as it reduced body heat and irritation in stomach it is referred Dahaharana.

Khas Khas grass is known as
  • Madivalada gida or beru,  Lavancha, mudi hullu in Kannada
  • Khas Khas Bena in Hindi;
  • Useera in Sanskrit
  • Vetti Veru, Metti-vellu, Vatti Veru in Telugu
  • Vetiver, Virkel, Viyal in Tamil;
  • Ramacham in Malayalam
  • Scientific name of this is Chrysopogon zizanioidesis and it belongs to perennial bunchgrass of the Poaceae family of plants.

Different Usage Of Khas Khas Grass In Daily Life

  • Baskets are made with the roots
  • Mats, curtains and hand fans are widely made
  • The roots are used in making cool drinks, skin cosmetic products and soaps.
  • These roots contain fragrant oils, calcium, different minerals, Vatti venal, Vatti veral,
  • Vatti onne chemical compounds.
  • In summer, curtains made with these roots are hanged to doors and windows and made wet frequently to avoid heat.
  • Presently, in air coolers the powder of these roots is added to get a good fragrance.
  • One to two teaspoons of powder of these roots in a small bucket of water kept in a room gives good aromatic smell.
  • Smash a bunch of these roots put it into a bucket of water for a while and taking bath with this water will be pleasant for the body. This may be continued in summer to avoid prickly heat and body heat.

Health Benefits Of Khas Khas Grass

Stomach Irritation: 
Equal quantities of power of the roots, candy sugar powder mixed and stored can be used twice day half a teaspoon full with 50 ml water. This medication also relieves irritation, pain while urination and improves free flow of urination and thus avoids urination related problems.

Bleeding nose, mouth and anus:
Powder of sandalwood and sugar in equal quantities mixed, stored and used twice a day half a teaspoon with 50 to 100 ml of rice wash water will stop the bleeding from nose, mouth and anus.

To protect from summer heat wave: 
Powder of Khas Khas roots, sugandhi palu, thungamasthalu, kachoralu 25 grams of each added to 100 grams of sugar mixed, stored and used in the morning and evening half a tea spoon with 50 ml water will be a good protection against summer heat wave.

To reduce Blood pressure:
Power of Khas Khas roots, Sugandhi Palu, Thungamasthalu, sandalwood powder Athimadhuram powder and powder of dried dates, powder of dried grapes in equal quantities mixed, stored and used once - twice a day half a teaspoon with 50 ml of water.

This medication not only regulates blood pressure but also relieves from headache, pain, excess anger, anxiety and depression.

Bleeding piles: 
Power of Khas Khas roots, Sugandhi Paluin equal quantities mixed, stored and used half a teaspoon powder in 200 ml of water boiled on a low flame and reduced to 100 ml cooled filtered consumed with one teaspoon of candy sugar will relieve from bleeding piles.

Pains due to summer heat:
The powder of Khas Khas, dried ginger in equal quantities mixed, stored and used as one gram powder with 50 ml of water or one teaspoon of honey with work against the heat of summer. This medication can also be used for pain in muscles, legs, headaches and body pains.

To use as a body wash powder: 
Power of Khas Khas roots, Sugandhi Palu, powder of sandal wood, turmeric, mangestia, amla 100 grams of each added to 250 grams of soap nut powder, whole green gram dal powder mixed well and stored. This medication applied at the time of bath will relieve from itchy skin, rashes, irritating skin and body odor, improves the skin texture, tone and skin glow.

In Ayurveda, medical practices preparations to reduce heat and thirst is called as Shadanga Paneeyam, preparation for free flow of urination is called Virechaniya kvadha Churna, preparations to improve milk in lactating mothers is called Sthnya Vardhaka Kvadha Churna, preparations for indigestions is called Ushiravasavam. In all these, Khas Khas is the main ingredient. 

The powder of Khas Khas roots in water applied on the entire body will relieve excess sweating avoids prickly and body heat.

Source - Article written Saptagiri published by TTD in June 28 by Dr C Madhusudana Sarma