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Don’t Preach What We Can’t Practice

Quite often we tend to preach but never practice what we preach. It is like a smoker teaching his children the bad aspects of smoking while smoking. If you are preaching then be the example. Do not make mistakes and then try to justify it and then again continue preaching. Your words won’t have any effect. For other people to value you and your word you should first walk the talk.

The older generation is always preaching but they forget that they are stuck with their pasts. They are unable to keep pace with the times. Thus they end up unnecessarily criticizing the younger generation. Also forgetting what they had done in their younger days. The older generation should preach universal values and follow them in their life. Times change and we should learn to respect and encourage the goodness in the present.

Universal values that make an individual a good living being should be passed on to our children. We should carefully watch our own behaviour.

Talking ill of others, unruly behaviour, treating other people badly, uncontrollable temper, jumping the queue, littering in public, spitting in public, breaking traffic rules…the list is endless. If you do all this and then try to teach your children values do you think your teaching will have any impact?

Abhilash Rajendran