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Watch What You Watch

In the beginning it was theaters, and then came television, then computer, then laptop, then mobiles, then tabs…We are now able to watch anything wherever we want at our convenience. It is a positive change. But are we watching what we watch?

Are we aware that we are mentally being prepared through visuals to become addict to a particular product? It is not just products but ideas and thoughts. Quite often we are being made vulnerable. Fear and insecurity is being directly and indirectly injected into our minds. Our minds are slowly poisoned against people and nations. We are made to believe that we are superior to a particular group of people. All these are done daily through what we watch.

To not to become a slave of media just don’t be satisfied with just one point of view. Take a look at what other people are saying on the subject.

The generation that came after the media revolution is finding it difficult to relate on an intimate level to the opposite sex – the reason is constant exposure to pornography and sexual content on films and television. Many young men and women are blindly copying what they see on television and other media forms. They are objectifying themselves. The act of pure and intimate lovemaking is being replaced with gore and self gratification without any respect for the partner.

Those graphics, images and movies that are meant only for sense gratification will become obsolete as soon as you discover something new. You will never be satisfied. Try to grow out of sense gratification.

This does not mean you should stop watching what you like. Always watch what you like but while watching do not put your intelligence in a freezer. Make use of it. Always keep alive the independent thinking.