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Bindu Saras Lake In Hinduism

Bindu Saras is a holy lake in Hinduism and is mentioned in Puranas. It is situated on the northern side of Mount Kailash, the abode of Shiva. Legend has it that Bindu Saras was created from the tears of Vishnu which fell on the spot when Srihari Vishnu was moved by the intense Tapas and austerities performed by Kardama Prajapati.

Bhagiratha did Tapa (penance) here in order to bring Mother Ganges into Earth
Indra performed 100 Yagyas here.

Lord Shiva also performed Yaga here. Shiva who captured Ganga on his hair released the River into Bindu Saras.

Sri Krishna did great Tapa here and attained great merits.

Maya, the asura, offered DevaDatta and Vrishaparvav's mace (Gada) to Arjuna and Bhima respectively at this place.

Please note that there is also a lake named Bindu Saras in Bhubaneswar city in Orissa. Numerous temples are located on its banks. Legend has it that Shiva created this lake to quench the thirst of Goddess Parvati.