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Eating Apt Food to Overcome Mangal Grah Difficulties in Horoscope

There is a belief in Hindu astrology that eating a particular type of food can help in overcoming Mangal Grah Dosha difficulties in the horoscope (Janam Kundli).

Those who eat spicy food and masala rich food will be attracting Mangal Graha. Mangal or Mars is the fiery planet in Hindu astrology. Angarak or red color is associated with this planet.

Those people who are developing a taste for Katthal sabji (jackfruit sabji) and Sarsom ka sag (mustard greens) then it means you are attracting Mangal grah.

Eating spicy and masala rich food will help in avoiding all kinds of Mangal grah problems.

There will be progress and problems associated with a weak Mangal will be solved by eating Sarsomka sag and jackfruit sabji.

This will help in achieving progress and new energy. There will be positive thoughts.

But the above said food should be avoided if Mangal is located in the sixth, eight and 12th house. If Mangal is under the influence of bad grahas then also the above said food should be avoided.