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Why Meditation Is Important And Necessary Today?

Why meditation is important and necessary today? - Swami Anand Arun answers.

In the past, meditation was only for the seekers. People used to follow their family lineage profession and their limited knowledge was passed from generation to generation. 

Nowadays people are exposed to so much information and knowledge that it is said that a single edition of The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal newspaper contains more information than a person living in the 19th century could acquire in his lifetime.

Now people have to know and update themselves with so many things that their mind is constantly overloaded. And there is no place for intelligence and intuition to play the role in their life. Those who are successful don't have time to enjoy their success; they are full of stress and are restless. Those who are not successful are depressed and frustrated. Both have miserable life. Meditation is an art of balancing our emotions and giving some rest to overtaxed mind.

Without meditation there is only one alternative that is medication. Unknowingly people are choosing the latter. People need alcohol and drugs to sleep, nicotine and caffeine to wake up and drugs like 'ecstasy' and 'red bull' to dance. In metropolitan cities, people are more often visiting psychologists and therapists. Psychologists say that ¾ of the urban population is getting psychologically sick and 80% of the physical diseases are also rooted in mind. So we need to change the way we are living.

Humanity has not found better tool than meditation to manage our mind. Meditation is an inner management. There is not much of help howsoever to improve upon the outer periphery until we manage the center i.e. ourselves. To address this center meditation is the best tool.

To embark on an inner journey is no more a luxury or a choice, now it is becoming a necessity. We are short-sighted and often our decisions are colored by liking and disliking, not by the inner wisdom. Once you start the inner journey, you become relaxed and calm. With that serenity your decisions become more objective as you are guided by wisdom and intuition. Even to enjoy the outer world, one who is going to enjoy should be healthy and balanced. A perturbed mind cannot enjoy even if he has all the luxuries of the world at his disposal. Only a meditative mind can enjoy everything – even death.

Swami Anand Arun
(Source: Excerpts from an interview)
Swami Anand Arun is the director of Osho Tapoban at Nagarjuna hills, Kathmandu