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How To Kill The I Thought?

The first thought to appear is the I thought. It rises in the Heart and, in a split second, travels to the brain, identifies with the body and the senses, and then sees the world around it as a real world. So, how to kill the I thought.

Follow the quest 'Who am I?' Follow the I back to its source. When the I goes back to its source and identifies with the Self instead of with the senses, there is eternal peace and bliss. To do this you have to get rid of all thoughts. The first of all thoughts is the I -thought. Give up all other thoughts and catch hold of the I thought. The Self will then embrace that I and devour it.

Effort and grace are both necessary in order to follow the quest successfully, but without vichara there is no grace, and without grace there is no vichara.

You can hold on to the I-thought by your own effort; more than that you cannot do. If the candle comes near the sun, what will happen? It will melt away. The same thing will happen to the mind if you hold onto the I-thought. When it goes back to its source in the Heart, the Self will consume it until only the Self remains.

In the Self there is no I-thought, there is no mind, and there are no thoughts.