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Sri Krishna One Face Five Bodies – Harihareshwar Temple Kudal – Maharashtra

A wonderful sculpture of Sri Krishna is found on the ceiling of Harihareshwar. Sri Krishna has only one face but five bodies in different positions. When we look at each body we will feel that the face is of that particular body. Harihareshwar Temple at Kudal is about 40km South of Solapur, on the Maharashtra-Karnataka border off the Bijapur highway. Nearest important town is Takali, about 10 km away.

The temple of Harihareshwar (11th to 12th century AD) is of the Chalukyan Era. Currently it is a dilapidated condition.

Some of the other important sculptures in the temple are Krishna with Gopis and Krishna with friends.

There is also a heavy shivling in the Sangameshwar temple with 360 Shiva faces carved on the surface.

Another temple in the vicinity is the 17th century Sangameshwar Temple.