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Panchamakara Form of Worship in Tantrism – Symbolic Meaning of Wine – Meat – Fish – Coin – Sex

Tantra describes five elements, known as panchamakara, for sadhana. The five elements have symbolic meaning in Tantism. The five elements are: madya, wine; mamsa, meat; matsya, fish; mudra, silver coin; and maithuna, sexual union. These five categories have different meanings for different classes of worshippers — but in all cases it is important to understand that what one is required to offer is the principle or essence, not the article itself. It is impossible to think that Shiva would have advised people to have all five experiences and assured them illumination. Many people enjoy these things. Are they illumined? People don’t need to practice tantric rituals to have sex and enjoy wine. Some people with animal nature want to spiritualize their self-indulgence, and Westerners sometimes portray tantric rituals in this way. The panchamakara should be understood from a spiritual perspective. Symbolic Meaning of Wine – Meat – Fish – Coin – Sex in Tantric Wors

Story of Sundar Narayan Temple in Nashik – Vishnu was cursed by Vrinda

Sundar Narayan Temple in Nashik is situated at the corner of Ahillyabai Holkar Bridge near Ramkund, This is an ancient shrine famous for its antiquity, holiness, architecture, intricate carvings, sculptures and unique event of sunrays falling in the sanctum sanctorum. The story of Sundarnarayan Mandir is associated with Vrinda (Tulsi Plant) cursing Vishnu. Vrinda was the wife of demon king Jalandhar. He had got a boon from Shiva that he would be invincible as long as his wife was chaste. The character of Jalandhar turned upside down after getting the boon. He became cruel, evil and vicious and harassed all the living beings in the universe. Adharma prospered and now it was the duty of Vishnu to protect Dharma. Once, when Jalandhar was on a mission, Vishnu took the form of the demon king and copulated with Vrinda. Chastity of Vrinda was broken and soon her husband was killed by the Devas. When Vrinda Devi came to know about the treachery, she cursed Vishnu to become deformed

Santoshi Mata Vrat – How to Perform Santoshi Ma Vrat and Udyapan

Santoshi Mata Vrat is one of the popular Vrats in North India. It is observed mainly on Friday. Here is a brief description on how to perform Santoshi Mata Vrat and Udyapan. The Vrat is observed for 16 consecutive Fridays. It can be started at any time of the year. You can perform the vrat during monthly periods. On the first Friday of the vrat, a devotee has to take a yellow color thread. Tie twenty-one knots on it and wear it around the neck during the vrat period. Men tie the thread on the right wrist. No sour food is to be consumed or offered by the person performing the Vrat. How to Perform Santoshi Mata Vrat? After taking bath on Friday morning, the devotee has to wear the thread. Perform simple puja and prayer to Santoshi Mata. Fast on an entire day. In the evening, the devotee reads or listens to the Santoshi Mata Vrat Katha. The devotee breaks the fast by eating a handful of baked horse gram (Chane kid al) and jaggery. You should water plants on

Visha Tithi in Hindu Astrology

Visha Tithi in Hindu astrology is considered bad. Auspicious activities are avoided in this yog. The tithi is the result of a combination of certain days and tithi. Following are the Visha Tithis Sunday – Chaturthi (fourth day of fortnight) Monday – Sashti (sixth day of a fortnight) Tuesday – Saptami (seventh day of a fortnight) Wednesday – Dwitiya (second day of a fortnight) Thursday – Ashtami (eighth day of a fortnight) Friday – Navami (ninth day of a fortnight) Saturday – Saptami (seventh day of fortnight)

Kanya Rashi Navratri Mantra

Chanting of the Kanya Rashi Navratri Mantra helps, Kanya Rashi born person to attain wealth, prosperity, property, job and desire fulfillments. The mantra should be chanted after taking bath in the morning. You should sit in your pooja room or in a quiet place and chant the mantra. The mantra is टो पा पी पू ष ण ठ पे पो ....... ॐ   क्लीं ऐं सो :  The mantra should be chanted 21 times. Chanting of the mantra also helps in overcoming your enemies.

Amarnath Trivia – Amarnath Yatra in Numbers

Thousands of Hindus undertake one of the toughest pilgrimages on earth to have darshan of the naturally formed ice Shivling in the  Amarnath Cave in Jammu and Kashmir, India. Here is a trivia on the yatra mainly focusing on the numbers. More than 200,000 people participate in the annual Amarnath Yatra. Amarnath Cave is located around 145 kilometers from Srinagar. It is a 5-day trek to reach the cave. The cave is located at an altitude of 3,978 meter from sea level. The cave is around 160 feet in length and 100 feet in breadth. The size of the naturally formed Ice Shivling varies from 10 feet to 19 feet. The cave is used for worship for more than 5000 years. Apart from the naturally formed Ice Shivling, there is also a naturally formed Ganesh Peetah and Parvati Peetah in the cave. Some people believe that a Bhairav peetah is also formed naturally in the cave. It is believed that having darshan of Amarnath Shivling is equal to visiting 23 teerth or sacred places. There are f

Ruling God of Mercury – Budh Grah Devta

Budh or Mercury is one among the Navgraha or nine planets in Hindu Vedic astrology. In this ancient system of astrology, each graham or planet has a ruling god or Grah Devta. The god associated with Mercury or Budh Grah is Goddess Durga. The Grah Devta of Budh is Durga Devi. The color associated with Budh is Green. The number is 5 The direction is North. Ratna or stone is Panna.

Hanuman Mantra for Job

For those people looking for new job, success in work and career improvement, there is an ideal Hanuman mantra. It should be chanted on Tuesday morning and evening. The person chanting the mantra should take bath early morning on Tuesday. He should then visit a Hanuman temple and offer his prayers. Return and sit in a silent place on red color cloth or blanket. He should then chant the mantra. ॐ हुं हुं हनुमतये फट् ॐ पवन नन्दनाय स्वाहा ॐ हं हनुमते रुद्रात्मकाय हुं फट   ॐ नमो हनुमते रुद्रावताराय विश्वरूपाय अमित विक्रमाय प्रकटपराक्रमाय महाबलाय सूर्य कोटिसमप्रभाय रामदूताय स्वाहा। ॐ नमो हनुमते रुद्रावताराय सर्वशत्रुसहांरणाय सर्वरोगाय सर्ववशीकरणाय रामदूताय स्वाहा। ॐ नमो हनुमते रुद्रावतराय वज्रदेहाय वज्रनखाय वज्रसुखाय वज्ररोम्णे वज्रनेत्राय वज्रदंताय वज्रकराय वज्रभक्ताय रामदूताय स्वाहा।

Kottuvallikavu Sree Bhagavathy Temple in Ernakulum District in Kerala

Kottuvallikavu Sree Bhagavathy Temple is dedicated to Mother Goddess Bhadrakali. The temple is located at Kottuvally Village near Paravur in Ernakulum District, Kerala. This shrine is about 15 km from Aluva Railway Station. The age of the shrine is unknown. But it is more than 1000 years old. The murti worshipped in the temple was discovered by a woman in an open field. It was first worshipped under an Elanji Tree and the tree is still located near the temple. The famous Azhvanchery Thamprakal conducted the tantric pujas and rituals associated with the shrine. The annual festival in the temple coincides with the famous Kumbha Bharani (February – March) in Kerala. The main rituas on the Kumbha Bharani day includes Ayiram Thiri Pooja and Ayiram Thiri Ottam. Aal Thookam is also observed in the temple. The subsidiary deities worshipped in the temple include Shiva, Sastha, Nagaraja, Brahmarakshas, Yakshi, Ghandakarnan Swami and Pithrukkal.

Story - Shiva And Panchtarni On The Way To Amarnath Cave

Panchtarni is located in Anantnag District in Jammu and Kashmir in India. It is an important holy spot on the way to Amarnath Cave. The story of origin of Panchtarni Sarovar is associated with Shiva. Legend has it that Goddess Parvati wanted to know the secret of immortality of Shiva. Shiva chose the Amarnath Cave to reveal the secret. On his way to the cave with Goddess Parvati, Shiva left five elements here. The place where Shiva left the five elements later came to be known as Panchtarni. Symbolically dropping of five elements is dropping the body which is made of earth, water, air, fire and sky. On this way to the cave, Shiva had first abandoned Nandi, then his matted locks and Chandra, thirdly his Nagas, fourthly Ganesha and finally the five elements.

Annie Besant Thoughts

The breadth of Hinduism must not be narrowed, nor its wide extent be lessened. All aspects of truth are necessary, and all the coloured rays combine to make the one white beam of truth; therefore each should try to learn from others those aspects of truth that his own vision does not easily distinguish, and thus enrich and widen his knowledge. If truth is to rule the minds of men, differing in temperaments, differing in type, differing in the stage of evolution reached, it must be presented in different ways. India and Hinduism are one…make no mistake. Without Hinduism India has no future. Hinduism is the soil into which India’s roots are struck, and torn out of that she will inevitably wither, as a tree torn out from its place. Annie Besant

21 Names of Mangal Dev – For Relief Chant 21 names of Mars

If you are having trouble in horoscope of related to Mangal or Mars in Kundali or horoscope, then chant the 21 names of Mangal Dev. It is considered highly meritorious. The person finds relief to all mars related troubles in horoscope. The names should be chanted on Tuesday morning and evening. 21 Names of Mangal Dev ॐ मंगलाय नमः ॐ भूमि पुत्राय नमः ॐ ऋण हर्त्रे नमः ॐ धन प्रदाय नमः ॐ स्थिर आसनाय नमः ॐ महा कायाय नमः ॐ सर्व कामार्थ साधकाय नमः ॐ लोहिताय नमः ॐ लोहिताक्षाय नमः ॐ साम गानाम कृपा करे नमः ॐ धरात्मजाय नमः ॐ भुजाय नमः ॐ भौमाय नमः ॐ भुमिजाय नमः ॐ भूमि नन्दनाय नमः ॐ अंगारकाय नमः ॐ यमाय नमः ॐ सर्व रोग प्रहाराकाय नमः ॐ वृष्टि कर्ते नमः ॐ वृष्टि हराते नमः ॐ सर्व कामा फल प्रदाय नमः

What is Tantra in Hinduism?

Today there is lot of confusion and wrong meaning attributed to Tantra in Hinduism. Today tantra is considered a license to indulge in the sensual but tantra is anything but that. Tantra is not sex or a license to wanton lifestyle. Tantra is the channeling of human weaknesses by directing them towards God. Sri Ramakrishna used to say that if you want to cry, cry for God; if you want to desire something, desire God; and if you want to love, love God. Channelise or direct your impulses and instincts towards God. That is tantra. Tantra has various streams, but the goal of all the streams is to channelize all desires towards God. The basic philosophy of tantra is the divinization of desire — albeit in a different way — not by acceding to desires but by superseding them, by divinizing them. Desire creates problems. You take this desire away and channelise it towards something divine, something godly, something ennobling, and something that will elevate you. That is tantra. B

Dialogue Between Mughal Emperor Jahangir And Bengali Brahmin On Idol Worship

Mughal Emperor Jahangir argues with a Bengali Brahmin about the usefulness of idolatry. The emperor says that “Hindus make idols of clay, wood and stone, and by infusing life into these by means of spells, only worship evil spirits. The Brahmin retorts: Clay, wood or stone, all things movable or immovable contain God according to the Puranas as well as the Quran. He who makes images of Him with these only makes the intangible God tangible. He who contemplates only the intangible without the help of the tangible drops the gold and only ties an empty knot in this scarf. Nirad C. Chaudari - Hinduism (page 91 - 92)

Mateshwari Jagadamba Saraswati Mamma Remembrance Day - Death Anniversary

Mateshwari Jagadamba Saraswati Mamma was the first administrative head of Brahma Kumaris. Her Punyatithi, or Remembrance Day, is annually observed on June 24. In 2024, it is the 59th death anniversary of Mateshwari Saraswati. She was born in 1919 in Amritsar as Radhe and after the death of her father, she moved to Sindh Hyderabad. Once, she happened to visit the satsang of Dada Lekhraj of Om Mandali. Dada Lekhraj realized the potential in her and she saw a spiritual guide and father in him. Soon she became an active member of the institution. She realized that all the sensual happiness the world had to offer was without taste or merit. She resolved to devote herself to spiritual service, and her total dedication to spiritual teachings soon brought about a transformation in her consciousness as well as bearing.  In due course of time, she started giving spiritual discourses. When Brahma Kumaris took shape, she became a mother figure in the institution, earning the t

Brahman In Hinduism – What Is The Meaning Of The Word Brahman?

Brahman is the word used to refer to God in the Upanishads. Have you ever wondered what the meaning of the word Brahman in Hinduism is? In Sanskrit, ‘Brah’ means to expand and ‘Mann’ is mind. Brahman means ‘to expand your mind.’   What is Brahman? One with true knowledge will remain silent to the question. Brahman cannot be defined in words; neither can it be capture in a painting. It cannot be defined. But Brahman can be experienced. To experience Brahman we need to expand our mind. We need to drop all narrow thoughts. We need to prepare our mind to capture and understand that, which has no beginning and end. The mind has to be fertile enough to know that, which is beyond birth and death.

Keep These Five Plants at Home to Get Rich as Per Hindu Religion

There is a strong belief that keeping certain plants will attract money and wealth. Here are five plants as per Hindu religion that can make you rich soon. Crassula Plant or Money Tree  Money Plant  Bamboo  Pomegranate  Shoe flower Crassula Plant  can be kept indoors or in front of the house. Money plant can be kept indoor or in the northeast corner. Pomegranate should be kept outdoor especially in front of the house. Bamboo can be kept indoor or in the northwest corner of the plot Shoe flower outdoor in the north side or east side of the house.

Varahi Navratri Observed in Ashada Month in North India

Varahi Navratri as as some communities dedicate the pujas during the period to  Goddess Varahi . Varahi Navratri 2024 (dates) is from July 6 and ends on July 15. This Navratri is also known as Ashada Navratri as it is observed in the Ashad month as per traditional calendar followed in  North India . This particular Navratri is mainly observed in North India and is for nine days from the first day of the Shukla Paksha or waxing phase of moon in Ashada Mahina. This nine-day worship is also known by the names of Gupt Navratri and Gayatri Navaratri. Goddess Varaha, one of the seven Matrikas of Devi Mahatmya, is worshipped during the period. The most important event during the nine-day period is community worship of the nine forms of Durga or Shakti. Women in a locality gather in a household during evening and worship Mother Goddess. In Himachal Pradesh, Guhya Navratri is observed during the period. Non-vegetarian food is avoided during the period.

Bajrang Baan Lyrics in Hindi – Download Bhajrang Baan in pdf

Bajrang Baan is a very popular prayer and bhajan dedicated to Lord Hanuman. You can read the lyrics below in Hindi. You can also download the prayer in pdf format. The prayer is chanted daily morning and evening for attaining strength, peace, prosperity and for fulfillment of desires. The mantra is chanted to over Shani related troubles. You can download the pdf here - Bajraang Baan Lyrics in Hindi श्री बजरंग बाण दोहा निश्चय प्रेम प्रतीति ते , विनय करै सनमान।   तेहि के कारज सकल शुभ , सिद्ध करैं हनुमान॥   जय हनुमान संत हितकारी। सुनि लीजै प्रभु विनय हमारी॥ जन के काज बिलंब न कीजै। आतुर दौरि महासुख दीजै॥ जैसे कूदि सिंधु के पारा। सुरसा बदन पैठि विस्तारा॥ आगे जाय लंकिनी रोका। मारेहु लात गई सुरलोका॥ जाय विभीषण को सुख दीन्हा। सीता निरखिपरम पद लीन्हा॥ बाग उजारि सिंधु महँ बोरा। अति आतुर जमकातर तोरा॥ अक्षय कुमार मारि संहारा। लूम लपेटि लंक को जारा॥ लाह समान लंक जरि गई। जय जय धुनि सुरपुर नभभई॥

Pregnant Women Should Have These in Room as Per Hindu Beliefs for Good Health of Mother and Baby

As per Hindu beliefs, for good health of the mother and baby, pregnant women should have these in her room. Here are ten tips for pregnant women and family members to make an ideal environment as per Hindu religious beliefs for baby and mother. A picture of Bal Gopal with Mata Yashoda is believed to help in creating the right spiritual and positive mood for the mother and baby. Picture of Sri Krishna eating butter is another good option in the room. Keeping peacock feather in the room is considered auspicious. Keeping yellow uncooked rice – rice mixed with turmeric – is considered mangal (auspicious). It helps in removing all forms of negative energy. It helps in protecting the baby. Walls of the bedroom should be rose or white in color. It ushers in happiness and improves spirituality. Keeping fresh flowers is a good way of keeping out negative energy and thoughts. Keep a picture of Ganesha if there is Vastu Dosh in the room. Always keep the room neat and clean, as it will

Varshik Yagyotsav of Harmilap Mission

Harmilap Mission is dedicated to spreading the true values of Sanatana Dharma. And to absolve people of Kaliyuga from their sins. The headquarters of the mission, Shri Harmilap Bhawan, is located at Shravan Nath Nagar in Haridwar in Uttarakhand. The 117th Varshik Yagyotsav will be held from July 9 to July 11, 2024 at the Harmilap Bhawan in Haridwar. The mission was founded by Shri Harmilap Sahib ji. He was the first Gurudev of the pious Gaddi. Current Guru Shri Madan Mohan Harmilapi ji Maharaj is the 12th Gurudev. Teachings of Harmilap Mission Help the poor and needy is the main aim of the mission. As per the mission, serving those who are undergoing trouble is better than prayer. One should not hurt another person physically or mentally. A follower of Harmilapi should always help a suffering person realize the greatness of God. Hari (God) is present in all then why should one get angry or have hatred for another living being. Win hatred with love, anger with patience, gre

What to eat during Santoshi Mata Vrat?

Santoshi Mata Vrat is observed for 16 continuous Fridays and therefore it is known as Solah Shukravar Vrat. The fast is from sunrise to sunset. So what to eat during Santoshi Mata Vrat? You Should Not Eat Sour food (कट्टा)  should not be eaten on Fridays. Acchar (अचार ) should not be eaten. You Can Eat You can eat Sabudana Khichadi (साबूदाना खिचड़ी ).  Fruits which are not sour (कट्टा) .  Milk (दुध) .  Water. Food to Break Santoshi Mata Vrat The fast should be broken by eating roasted Chana ke dal (चना के दाल)  (horse gram) and jaggery (गुड़). Related Santoshi Maa Katha – The Story of Santoshi Matha

Hanuman Ashtak Lyrics in Hindi – Download Sankat Mochan Hanuman Ashtak in pdf

Hanuman Ashtak is a very popular prayer and bhajan dedicated to Lord Hanuman. You can read the lyrics of Sankat Mochan Hanuman Ashtak below in Hindi. You can also download the prayer in pdf format. The prayer is chanted daily morning and evening for attaining strength, peace, prosperity and for fulfillment of desires. The mantra is chanted to over Shani related troubles. It is considered ideal to chant Sankat Mochan Hanuman mantra after the chanting of Hanuman Chalisa. You can download the pdf here - Hanuman Ashtak in Hindi in pdf. संकट मोचन हनुमानाष्टक ( हनुमान चालीसा के पाठ के बाद अवश्य ही एक पाठ तो करें ही करें। ) बाल समय रविभक्षि लियो तब , तीनहुँ लोक भयो अँधियारो। ताहि सों त्रास भयो जग को , यह संकट काहु सों जात न टारो॥ देवन आनि करी बिनती तब , छाँड़ि दियो रवि कष्ट निवारो। को नहिं जानत है जग में कपि , संकट मोचन नाम तिहारो॥१॥ बालि की त्रास कपीस बसै गिरि , जात महाप्रभु पंथ निहारो। चौंकि महामुनि सा