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Naga Pratishta in Rameswaram Temple

Naga Pratishta at Rameswaram is performed to get relief from all kinds of Naga Dosham. There is a firm belief that performing Naga Pratishta in Rameswaram Temple will help in alleviating troubles associated with Naga doshas including Kaal Sarpa Dosha. Naga Pratishta means installing the murti (idol) of Naga in temple in Rameshwaram.

The cost of the puja asked by priests varies from 5000 to 15,000 rupees. You should bargain for nothing more than 7500.

If the Naga Pratishta is advised by an astrologer carry any written advice he or she has given or any murti or plate he has given.

Naga Pratishta is performed by priests in the Rameshwaram temple vicinity. They are known to charge exorbitant rates for the puja. So one needs to put on the bargaining hat and bargain really hard.

The puja procedure starts in the evening and is completed in the next day morning.

The main ritual in Naga Pratishta is the installation of a murti of Naga (idol of snake god). The murti after the puja is placed in a temple in the vicinity or depending on the priest.

Naga homam, abhishekam, pujas, offerings etc are part of the Naga Pratishta. It is a pure South Indian style of puja.

The devotee performing the puja has to throw Nava Dhanyas in the sea and take holy dip.
The puja is performed by those facing issues in having children, those having problems after conceiving like abortion, still birth etc, skin diseases, obstacles in marriage etc.