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Chariot – Army – Weapons of Murugan – 12 Weapons of Lord Muruga

Murugan is the Devasenapathi – the commander in chief of the demigods in Hinduism. Kartikeya (Muruga), the son of Shiva and Maa Parvati was born to put an end to terror of demon Surapadman. Below are the details of the chariot, army and 12 weapons of Muruga.

The most important weapon of Muruga is the Vel and it is was gifted to him by Goddess Parvati. Vel is an embodiment of all the powers of Mother Goddess Shakti.

The eleven Rudras using their energy created eleven weapons for Muruga. They are
  1. Bow
  2. Arrow
  3. Sword
  4. Flag
  5. Goad
  6. Vajrayudham
  7. Staff
  8. Mace
  9. Trident
  10. Discus
  11. Conch
This eleven along with Vel forms the 12 weapons of Muruga. They are seen in the Virat Roopa of Muruga with six heads and twelve hands.

Vishnu bestowed a garland upon Muruga. It had the power to increase the strength of the wearer manifold.

Ganga who had received Muruga as an infant gifted him the kamandalu (water pot) – it contain nectar of immortality.

Indra gifted him the thunderbolt which was hard as a diamond. The blazing thunderbolt had 100 points and eight edges.

The chariot of Muruga was known as Manovegam, which moved at the speed of thought. It was given to him by Surya.

The other demigods like Vayu, Varuna and Ashwini Kumars bestowed him powerful weapons, mystic powers, powerful companions and speed of wind.

Agni as usual blessed Murugan with splendor and unfathomable energy.

He was provided with numerous advisors including masters in war craft, arts, science, metallurgy, chemicals etc.

Muruga received the art of Maya – the capacity to hound enemies with illusions.

The army of Muruga contained ganas, goblins, bhutaganas, giants and dwarfs. They carried all kinds of weapons including stones, boulders, trees, hammers, swords, axes etc.