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Tortoise And Vastu In Hinduism– Benefits - Effects

Tortoise and turtle are considered good in Hindu religion. They are associated with long life and wealth in Hinduism. It is considered auspicious to keep both turtle and tortoise in home. It must be noted here that there is a difference between turtle and tortoise and this should taken into account.

Tortoise dwells on land have a very long lifespan of nearly 150 years. Turtles dwell in water and have a lifespan of 80 years.

Benefits And Effects of Mud or Metal Tortoise – Turtle in Home

  • It is believed that homes having turtle or tortoise get the blessing of Goddess Lakshmi
  • It attracts wealth.
  • People in the house are blessed with good health and long life.
  • Today, it is illegal to keep certain species of Turtle and tortoises and therefore people prefer tortoise made of metal or mud.
  • Turtle is associated with Lord Vishnu and this was his second incarnation.

Where to keep turtle in house?

The tortoise made up of mud or metal should be placed in northeast or southwest of the house.

Crystal Tortoise In House As Per Vastu

Crystal tortoise is not associated with Hindu religion. It is associated with feng shui. Items made of glass are not favored in Hindu religion as they are not pure and due to their breakable nature.