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Goddess Ekaveera – About Hindu Goddess Ekavira

Goddess Ekaveera is an incarnation of Goddess Shakti. The popular belief is that Goddess Ekaveera appeared at the spot where the right hand of Goddess Sati fell. This spot is located at Heure, which is around 19 km from Mahur, in Nanded District in Maharashtra. Goddess Ekaveera is also known as Ekavenika Devi. Goddess Ekavira is counted among the Ashta Dasa Peetahs – the 18 holy shrines dedicated to Goddess Shakti.

As per the Ashta Dasa Shakthi Peetha Stotram of Adi Shankaracharya the spot where the right hand of Goddess Sati fell and where Goddess Ekaveera appeared is at Mahur. This Ekaveera Temple at Mahur is not famous in Maharashtra. The most popular temple in Mahur in Nanded District in Maharashtra is dedicated to Goddess Renuka Mata.

Legend has it that after Sati’s death at the Yajna conducted by Daksha, Shiva started the dance of destruction with Sati’s body. It was destined to create havoc in the universe and in order to avoid the annihilation of the universe, Vishnu cut the body of Sati using his Sudharshana Chakra.

As per the legend in South India, the body fell in 18 spots known as Ashta Dasa Peetahs. The spot where the right hand of Goddess Sati fell is the spot associated with Goddess Ekaveera Devi.

Goddess Ekavira is eighth among the Ashta Dasa Peetahs.

Some of the other temples dedicated to Goddess Ekavira are the Ekavira Devi Temple at Amravati, at Karla Caves in Lonavala and at Dhule near Nagpur in Maharashtra.