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Kamakalavilasa – Tantric Text On Speech And Creation

Kamakalavilasa is an important tantric text by Punyananda (also called Advaitananda) of Kashmir, teacher of Amritananda Natha. This work is referred to as Tripura Sundari Stotram in many manuscripts. Kamakalavilasa work deals with the principles of cosmogonic symbolism, represented geometrically in Sri Chakra.

The date and place of the author remain uncertain.

The author is quoted by Bhaskaracharya, possibly of the 18th century AD.
Kamakalavilasa follows the Hadi interpretation of Sri Vidya. The work comprises fifty five verses in the arya meter.

According to the Shaiva Sakta preceptors of Yoga, nothing is lost in this world and everything is in the form of ‘I-in-fullness”,  and to realize this purnatva (state of fullness) one should know the mystery of kamakala, otherwise called kamakalavilasa.

Kamakalavilasa means the evolution of kamakala. That is the Supreme Triangle formed of the bindu and visarga, of prakasha (illumination, experience of I ness) and Vimarsha (experience of This which indicates the prapancha, i.e, the universe) of Shiva and Shakti.
It is the first display of activity in the Brahman substance.

After pralaya (deluge) all the thirty six tattvas rest in Lalita or Tripura Sundari, the Supreme Shakti aspect of Brahman.

Then there arise kama (a desire) for creation.

A description of the unfolding of kamakala is the subject matter of this work.

The very first verse of this work mentions God, ever-engaged in the process of creation, maintenance, and dissolution as mere prakasha, merged in whom is Vimarsha.

In the next verse, Tripura has been described as the primordial power, excellent, eternal and limitless bliss and the seed of all the moving and motionless things, which act as a perfect mirror of Shiva for the experience of his one Self.

Tripura Sundari is compare to the seed and sprout at the same time, since she is the manifested union of Shiva and Shakti.

Then kamakala is described in the form of all the letters.

The word aham comprises a and ha (the first and the last letter respectively and signifies the union of Shiva and Shakti, which holds in itself the whole universe.

Shiva and Shakti are represented as two white and red bindus, respectively, expanding and contracting, the cause of the creation of word and meaning.

The two bindus enter each other and separate.

Creation of the five elements (bhutas), origin of the world from bindu before creation, the indistinguishable and inseparable character of the two bindus as well as vidya and vedya are described in minute detail.

Next comes discussion on the composition of Sri Chakra out of nine triangles, the nature of para, pasyanti, etc and their geometrical representations.

Kamakalavilasa is accepted as an authority in the field and is held in high esteem. It is quoted by Bhaskaracharya in this Varivasya Rahasya and Saubhagya Bhaskara and also by others.

There are commentaries on this work by Krishnananda, Natananda and Nilakantha.

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