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Ashwarooda Mantra – To Overcome Manglik Dosha Or Chowa Dosham

Manglik Dosha, or Chowa Dosham, is based on horoscope and astrological calculations and is followed by those Hindus that believe in astrology. Such Doshas are considered while checking kundali or horoscope compatibility of before marriage. There will be delay in marriage of girls and boys with Manglik Dosha or Chowa Dosham in their horoscope. As they have to get a similar horoscope that matches with theirs.

It is believed by some Hindu communities that chanting of Ashwarooda Mantra will help in early marriage. The mantra is to be chanted while performing daily prayers. You can Aswarooda Mantra as many numbers of times you want.

Ashwarooda Mantra is – Om Aaim Hreem Krim Ayeyahi Parameshwari Swaha.