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Dhana Lakshmi – Dhanalakshmi

Dhan Lakshmi, or Dhanalakshmi, is one of the manifestations of Goddess Lakshmi and in this form she symbolizes material wealth. Although Goddess Lakshmi has numerous other attributes and symbolisms but this is most popular form of Goddess Lakshmi for majority of people in today’s world. The story of Dhana Lakshmi and the power of material wealth is closely associated with the story of Goddess Padmavati and Lord Balaji (Venkateswara).

Legend has it that once Goddess Lakshmi and Bhagavan Vishnu had some quarrel and in anger Goddess Lakshmi left Vaikunta and came and resided on earth as Goddess Padmavati. Soon Lord Vishnu came in search of her and resided on earth as a forest dweller. Goddess Padmavati was now the daughter of a rich king. Soon Vishnu and Goddess Padmavati met. He wanted to marry her but a poor forest dweller did not have the wealth to make the daughter of a king his wife.

Finally, it is said that Lord Vishnu took loan from Kubera, the treasurer of Gods. Kubera agreed to help under the condition that Lord Vishnu cannot leave the earth without repaying the debt. The amount that Lord Vishnu borrowed and the interest on it was too high that Vishnu could never return to Vaikunta. Finally, Lord Vishnu had to acknowledge the power of wealth and Dhana Lakshmi blessed him.

Since this incident, Lord Vishnu is also known as Daridra Narayana as he is indebted to Dhana Lakshmi. It is also said that the offerings that devotees make to Lord Balaji is used repay the debt of Kubera.

Symbolically, Dhana Lakshmi teaches the importance of material wealth in modern society. Dhana Lakshmi is only an aspect of Goddess Lakshmi. But unfortunately many people are immersed in this one aspect – making material wealth. This is dangerous as it causes an imbalance. Wealth is like water, it is essential for survival but it can also drown.

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