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Read Ayodhya Verdict of September 30, 2010 Online

The High Court of Allahabad has uploaded the Ayodhya Judgment (Ram Janmbhoomi Babri Masjid Judgment) of September 30, 2010 Online. You can read the verdict – decision of the Honorable Special Full Bench Hearing Ayodhya Matters. There is a summary, issues of briefing and the judgments of three judges - Hon'ble Sibghat Ullah Khan ,J., Hon'ble Sudhir Agarwal, J. Hon'ble Dharam Veer Sharma, J. You can read the Read Ayodhya Verdict of September 30, 2010 Online here at the official Ram Janmbhoomi Babri Masjid Judgment website. 

Note - It is the gist of the judgments. Update - Full judgement is available now.

Note - The documents are in pdf format and you will need pdf readers like Adobe Reader installed to read it.

Offering Sari and Blouse Piece to Goddess – Oti Bharane

One of the most important offering made to Goddess in Hindu Religion is a sari and a blouse piece. This is a very important offering especially in Shakti Temples – Durga and BhagavatiTemples in South India. Red sari is usually offered to Goddess Durga. In some regions purple color sari is offered to Goddess Kali. The ritual offering sari and blouse is known as Oti Bharane in many regions. While offering a Sari and Blouse piece – the formless Goddess Shakti is imagined by the individual to have a form – that of a female. He/She then prays to this form to help in fulfilling the desires. The Sari that is offered to Goddess is either made of silk or cotton or any other natural material. Sari, blouse pieces, a coconut and uncooked rice form part of the offering and they are together known as ‘Oti’ in some places. The devotee who is making the offering stands in front of the Goddess holding the sari with open palms at chest level. The blouse piece is placed on top of the sari. Atop the blous…

Ayodhya Verdict – Hindus Should Form an Honest and Democratic Opinion Based on the Teachings of Hinduism

For majority of Hindus the RamTemple at Ayodhya is an issue in which anger and emotions run high – Bhagavan Sri Ram never showed such emotions and he remained serene in the midst of turbulence. Sri Krishna, the avatar or incarnation after Sri Rama, teaches us in the Bhagavad Gita - Serenity of mind, good heartedness, silence, self-control, purity of nature – these together are called ‘mental austerity.’ Serenity of mind can be gained only when our relationship with the world at large is put on a healthy basis of understanding, tolerance and love. After Ayodhya Verdict on September 30, 2010 by the Allahabad High Court one should put the above teachings into practice even if the verdict is in favor or against Hindus. Regarding RamTemple at disputed site Hindus should have an honest opinion. This opinion should only be formed after studying the true teachings of Sanatana Dharma. The opinion should not be political, secular or communal. The whole RamTemple issue is an attempt to correct a w…

Swami Hariharananda Teachings on Meditation

In India I have noticed that the traffic policeman stands in the middle of the crossroad. He signals to the moving cars, trucks, and all the other vehicles, keeping order in the moving traffic. He never cares whether a black car, a red care, a white car, a German or Italian truck, a limousine or a jeep passes by. He signals where they want to go.
So be a policeman and start watching your thoughts coming and going. As you stay centered and watch over your moving thoughts, a certain space will clear between you and them. Learn to expand that space or that gap between your thoughts. That is meditation, nothing else. Only you can expand that gap and free your mind. The situation comes when you yourself will observe your body. You will ask, who is thinking? You will notice that your watchfulness in now paying off. You are becoming the Seer of your body and mind. Release all your possessiveness just as a snake sheds its skin, never to return. The body is no long a burden. Freedom is then aroun…

Shradh for Missing Persons – Death Rituals in Hindu Religion for Family Members Who Cannot Be Traced

If a person is missing for several years, some Hindu communities presume the person to be dead and perform the Hindu rituals that are performed for the dead. By most Hindu communities when a person is missing for 12 years, the death of the person is assumed by relatives. The rituals are performed after 12 years. Since the physical body of the person is not available – a body is made using Durva or Kusha Grass. This is then burnt on a pyre. Symbolically, now the person is dead for the family. Rest of the Shradh rituals are then followed as per general rules. Some communities do not perform the burning of durva or kusha grass. Instead the directly do the Shradh ceremony. It must be noted that such extreme step of performing Shradh for missing person is only taken by the family when the person missing is very old or the family is sure that the person has no chance of surviving.

Ego in Our Daily Life and Solution to it in the Bhagavad Gita

A highly thought provoking and inspirational article in The Huffington Post by Ramnath Subramanian, CEO and President, The Bhakti Center discusses Ego in our daily life and about the solution to it in the Bhagavad Gita. The thoughts put forwarded in the article titled ‘The Bhagavad Gita and the Problem of Ego' by Ramnath Subramanian, who has taught Bhagavad Gita at Cornell University and the University of Albany, delves into areas in our day today life where ego sprouts unknowingly and completely devours a person’s ability to be honest. Some excerpts from the article Modern psychology has been wrestling with the vast territory of the human ego for a great while now, and its complexity continues to mystify us. Even before I learned about Freudian ideas on the ego, I first encountered the concept of the ego explicitly mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita. According to the Gita, there is a fundamental difference between "real" ego and what it defines as the "false" ego. …

Kanti Vrata

Kanti Vrata is a unique ritual dedicated to Sri Krishna and his elder brother, Balarama. It is observed on the second day of shukla paksha or waxing phase of moon in the Kartik month in some regions. In some regions it is observed on the second day of waxing phase of moon in Ashwin month.

Note – Some people observe this Vrata from the second day of the Shukla Paksha of Phalgun month (February – March).

The Vrata is observed for a year. For example if a person starts the Vrata on the Shukla Paksha or waxing phase of moon in the Kartik month he continues it for one year.

But if the Vrata is observed from Phalgun month, it is only observed for four months.

The rituals involve offering prayers to Balaram and Sri Krishna. After observing fast during daytime, food made using barley flour is eaten at night.

Marathi Ashwin Mahina in 2018 – Ashvina Month in Traditional Maharashtra Calendar in 2018

Ashwin Mahina is the seventh month in a traditional Marathi calendar followed in Maharashtra. Ashvina Month 2018 in Marathi calendar is from October 10 to November 7, 2018. Navratri, Durga Puja, Dasara and Diwali are observed in Ashwin month. Other festivals include Sharad Purnima, Kojagari Lakshmi Puja, Karwa Chauth, Dhantrayodashi etc.

Sankashti Chaturthi monthly fasting dedicated to Ganesha in Ashwin Month is on October 27, Saturday – Moonrise or Chandrodaya is at 8:22 PM – Indian Standard Time.

Ashwin Mahina Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha Ashwin Mahina 2018 Shukla Paksha (Waxing phase of moon) is from October 10 to October 24 Ashvina Month 2018 Krishna Paksha (Waning phase of moon) is from October 25 to November 7.

Purnima or full moon in Marathi Ashwin Mahina in 2018 Ashwin Pournima or Full moon day is on October 24. The Purnima begins at 10:36 PM on October 23 and ends at 10:14 PM on October 24. Sharad Purnima is on October 24Kojagari Lakshmi Purnima are on October 23. Kartik Sna…

J Krishnamurti Thoughts and Quotes

If one is dead earnest this very seriousness becomes the Guru. As long as you see the Guru as a person, there is attachment. Detach and rely on the inner Guru. All life is Sadhana. You merely exist on the surface. You merely know about physical, emotional and mental which are the fragments of the whole. One should awake to deeper levels. There cannot be both the world and God. On the way there seems to be both, but when you reach God, there is no world left. Gold doe not lose its nature, however many names and forms it may assume as jewelry. When the truth behind the diverse is identified one is aware of Brahman as the prime cause. J Krishnamurti You may also like to read Jiddu Krishnamurti Thoughts on Position in Society

Gomutra Benefits – Cow Urine as a Spiritual Healing Remedy

Gomutra, Cow Urine, is traditionally used in Ayurveda. It is widely used in Hindu tradition for various religious and medicinal purposes. Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF), a non-profit organization registered in Australia and United States, has published an article based on their scientific findings on Gomutra, its mechanism of action and how to use it as a spiritual healing remedy. Spiritual Science Research Foundation Writes
Gomutra, though it is inanimate, has the ability to attract Divine Consciousness (Chaitanya) which in turn creates an increase in the sattva component and therefore facilitates spiritual healing. One may question, why an Indian cow’s urine has such a special healing ability. Just as water has the innate property to cleanse and fire to burn, the Indian cow is the only animal which has the ability to attract the frequencies of all the deities in the universe. As a result, any discharges or by-products such as milk, Gomutra (cow’s urine) and cow dung inh…

Rentia Baras

Rentia Baras is the day when Gandhiji was born as per traditional Hindu calendar. It is observed on the 12th day during the Krishna Paksha or waning phase of moon in Bhadrapad month as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in Gujarat. Rentia Baras 2018 date is October 6.

Gandhiji writes about Rentia Baras in a letter written to Bapubhai on October 1, 1926.

I recognize no date as my birth anniversary. I know Rentia Baras. On that day, everyone should spin, and take a vow that he would spin regularly in future, and wear pure khadi if he has not been doing that.

Rentia Baras means ‘the twelfth day, dedicated to the spinning-wheel.’

Note – the birthday of Gandhiji is observed annually on October 2 – this is based on Gregorian calendar. The 12th day of the dark fortnight of Bhadrapada month is as per traditional Hindu calendar.

Note – The corresponding period as per traditional calendar followed in North India is the dark fortnight of the Ashvina Month.

Ramana Maharishi Answers

As the Self is one, why is it necessary to approach a Guru? Ramana Maharishi – In reality it is not necessary, but because we are dreaming on the physical plane, the presence of the realized Master is necessary to wake us up, to remind us of ourselves. When the proud elephant dreams that a lion is coming, he gets a shock and wakes up suddenly. As we are all dreaming, the help of a Guru, within this dream is necessary in order to force us wake up, as the eyes of the Guru disperse the dream. Which is the worst sin? Ramana Maharishi – By identifying yourself with the mind you kill the true Self.

Podcasts of the Mahabharata – Download Narration of Mahabharat Audio in mp3 files

Podcasts of the Mahabharata is presented by Chennai-based, G. Kameshwar – who is a travel writer and poet. Taking cue from the ancient Hindu story telling tradition, Sri Kameshwar has narrated the Mahabharat and you can now download the audio in mp3 files from the website of the Charsur Arts Foundation. The audio is not free – each episode costs Rupees 95/-, which goes towards a charity for children with special needs. But you can download the prelude to Bheeshma Parva for free. This is the prelude before the Kurukshetra war begins. You can download thefree prelude to Bheeshma Parva here at Charsur Arts Foundation. You can buy the Podcasts of the Bheeshma Parva of the Mahabharata here at Charsur Arts Foundation. You can read the blog of Sri G. Kameshwar here - Kameshwar So why did Sri G. Kameshwar start with the podcasts with the Great Kurukshetra war instead of the original beginning? The Hindu writes “I decided to begin with the war because that's what the Mahabharata is essentially a…

Virashtami 2017 Date – Bira Ashtami in 2017

Virashtami, also known as Bira Ashtami, is observed on the eighth day of the waxing phase of moon (Shukla Paksha) of Aswhin month. Virashtami 2017 date is September 28. It is also known as Durgashtami and is the eighth day of the Navratri and the Ashtami day of Durga Puja celebrations. A fast is observed on the day by man devout Hindus. Weapons of Goddess Durga are also worshipped on the day.

The day is known as Virashtami as there are displays using arms and martial art performances. The day is also observed as Astra Puja as weapons of Goddess Durga are worshipped on the day.

On the day the 64 Yoginis and Ashtanayikas, the eight consorts of Durga, are also worshipped. Temples of Goddess Shakti perform special pujas and rituals on the day.

Mata Amritanandamayi – Words to Ponder

Today is the 57th birthday of Mata Amritanandamayi

There is one Truth that shines through all of creation. Rivers and mountains, plants and animals, the sun, the moon and the stars, you and I – all are expressions of this one Reality. It is by assimilating this truth in our lives, and thus gaining a deeper understanding, that we can discover the inherent beauty in this diversity. When we work together as a global family, not merely belonging to a particular race, religion or nation, peace and happiness will once again prevail on this earth which is drenched with the tears of division and conflict. Just as a doctor gives different dosages or even different medications to patients with the same ailment according to their constitution, so does a Spiritual Master prescribe different methods to different people to reach the same goal. Spirituality is the practical science of life. Apart from taking us to the ultimate goal of Self-realization it also teaches us the nature of the world, and h…

Thoughts from Yoga Vasishta

Life causes only pain because people get bitten by the poisonous snakes of desires. They do not have strong discriminating sense to save themselves from them. We have limited understanding because of the identification with body. That alone is life in which one attains the state of bliss wherein in one grieves not. Calm the mind, slowly and not at once, by pacifying counseling as though you fondle the child. Sorrows, desires, afflictions get destroyed like darkness before sun, in the case of persons with calm minds. A person does not experience that kind of happiness either through drinking of elixir or embrace of Goddess of Wealth which he gets through a mind imbued with tranquility. Yoga Vasishta
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Pranava - Dedicated To Hindu Spiritual Paintings from Holland – Website of Vedic Artist Sita Devi Dasi

Atelier and Gallery Pranava is an independent devotional art studio and gallery with an excellent collection of Hindu spiritual paintings. The gallery and website is created by Sita Devi Dasi based in Holland (Dutch Netherlands) who makes spiritual and devotional paintings and artifacts inspired by Hindu Holy Scriptures – Vedas, Puranas and the Bhagavad Gita. Her works include etchings, lithography and iconography, line drawings, oil an acryl painting of Gods and Goddesses from the Hindu pantheon. She has categorized her paintings under the categories of muladhara, swadhistana, manipura, Anahata, Vishudi, Ajna and Sahasrara. She also creates spiritual and devotional paintings on request. You can find the Hindu spiritual paintings here at the online art gallery and website of Sita Devi Dasi. 

Kena Upanishad Quotes and Teachings

If you think you know Brahman, well you know little. The form of Brahman that you see in living beings and deities is but a trifle. Indeed, he among us who comprehends, knows and also knows that he does not know.

He who thinks he does not know That (Brahman), knows That. That is the unknown to the wise, but to the ignorant That is known.

Indeed, he who can perceive That through every state of cognition, by such knowledge gains immortality.

By the Atma, he attains real strength and by knowledge, he attains immortality.

What speech cannot reveal but which reveals the speech, know that alone is God. What mind cannot comprehend, but what cognizes mind, know that alone is God. Kena Upanishad

Beni Dan - Veni Dhan Ritual

Beni Dan, or Veni Dhan, is a unique ritual performed by Hindu married couples. In the ritual, couples pray and perform pujas and rituals to be reborn as husband and wife for seven lives. The ritual is performed by old Hindu couples.

The ceremony has all the formalities of the main marriage ceremony of the community the couples represent.

For the ritual women arrive with plaited hair - A hairdo formed by braiding or twisting the hair. The husband then cuts a small portion of the plaited hair and it is offered to a holy river along with other puja items.

The ritual is usually performed on the banks of Sangam – the confluence of Ganga, Saraswati and Yamuna.

Watch Video Documentary on Importance of Vegetarianism

This particular documentary on the importance of Vegetarianism is presented by Vichaar Television Network Ltd. The two part documentary is in Hindi with subtitles in English. Vichaar Television Network is  a  social  enterprise  working  in  the  field  of  inculcating  human  values amongst  youth. The length of the documentary is 31 minutes and is divided into two parts. You can watch the documentary for free here at the official website of Vichaar Television Network Ltd.

Matri Navami – Matru Navmi

Matri Navami is observed during the Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in North India. Matri Navami 2018 date is October 3. Navami Shradh is observed on the day. Tarpan and Shradh performed on the day are for women.

Matru Navmi falls on the ninth day of the Krishna Paksha of Ashwina month. The day is of great importance in the Mithilanchal region of India.

Swami Rama Thoughts on the Purpose of Life

The journey to the rediscovery of the real Self is the goal of life. One who has rediscovered his own real Self, can then realize the Cosmic Self who encompasses the entire universe. The purpose of life is to grow, expand and completely realize one’s own true identity. Life is a drama. We compose and create the dramas that are enacted across the globe. The goal of life is not the drama that is being played, rather the lesson that it offers. Every human being is the playwright of his or her own drama but wrongly believes that it is the ultimate drama instead of a play momentarily enacted for a desired result. Life is a play and if one misses to understand the lessons of life, one experiences a great deal of sorrow. Swami Rama
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Sapindi Ceremony after Death

Sapindi ceremony is a unique ritual observed after the death of a person by certain Hindu communities. The ceremony is performed to merge the soul of the dead in Vaikunta – the abode of Vishnu. Sapindi is observed on the 13th day after the cremation in some regions. Sapindi is not performed for younger members of a family if the elders are still alive. Sapindi is only performed in an order – for example grand father, father, and then son. So the Sapindi ceremony of a younger member is delayed if elders are alive. It must be noted that not all Hindu communities perform the Sapindi Ceremony.

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Read English Translation of Narayaneeyam Online – Blog on Narayaneeyam

Narayaneeyam, a Sanskrit classic dedicated Lord Guruvayoorappan (Lord Krishna), was composed by Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri. The literary gem is a condensation of the Srimad Bhagavad Purana in 1036 shlokas (stanzas). Now Raja Thatha, a 68 year old retired Indian scientist, has written an English Translation of Narayaneeyam Online. The translator writes blogs under the pseudonym of Kerala Brahmin.  Narayaneeyam is noted for its literary merit and bhakti (devotion) and is a classic in its own right. The core theme of Narayaneeyam is Vishnu Bhakti. Link - You can read the Read English Translation of Narayaneeyam in blog format here.
Apart from the translation the blog also contains a very good introduction, Narayaneeya Haarathi, Sampoorna Narayaneeya Parayanam -procedure, Sankalpa Mantras for Parayanam and effect of reading Narayaneeyam. Narayaneeyam is associated with the famous Lord Krishna Temple in Guruvayoor. It is believed that the holy text was submitted by Melpathur Narayana Bha…

Varaha Chaturdasi – Varah Chaturdashi

Varah Chaturdashi is observed in the month of Ashwin as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in North India. Varaha Chaturdasi 2018 date is October 23. It is observed on the fourteenth day of the shukla paksha or waxing phase of moon and is dedicated to the Varah incarnation of Sri Hari Vishnu

This particular observance is limited to only a few Hindu communities.

It must be noted that there are numerous days in a calendar year which are dedicated to Varaha. Several Hindu communities observe Varaha puja on different days.

Converse withdraws shoes carrying images of Hindu deities – Thanks to Houston-based woman Beth Kulkarni

Couple of weeks ago we had written about Converse shoe company using images of Hindu Gods and Goddesses on its shoes. Now thanks to the efforts made by Houston-based woman Beth Kulkarni, the designer shoes carrying pictures of Hindu deities were withdrawn from sales in the US. She chose the democratic way of protesting, she send emails to the company expressing her anguish and protest. It worked – the company realized the mistake – tendered an apology and removed the product. Democratic way of protesting has not lost its value in the modern world – there are people who use this mode of protest and there are people who respect it. Economic times reports A Houston-based woman Beth Kulkarni raised the issue with the shoe company last week and the company sent its apologies to her via email. The company responded, saying it was an unintentional mistake on their part. "As a Hindu, I am very much offended by the use of pictures of Hindu deities on Converse shoes. Hindus in general find t…

Plan to Build 51 Shaktipeeth Temples at Mount Gabbar near Ambaji Temple in Gujarat

51 Shaktipeeth Temples are located in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Mansarovar in Tibet. Now AmbajiTemple administration atop MountGabbar at Ambaji in Gujarat is planning to construct 51 Shaktipeeth Temples in and around MountGabbar. 51 Shaktipeethas are temples dedicated to Goddess Shakti.

The Story of the 51 Shaktipeethas

Goddess Shakti appeared as Sati and in this incarnation she was the daughter Daksha. Sati married Shiva despite the opposition of Daksha and Sati had to pay the price for it with her life. Daksha conducted a yajna and invited all the living beings but did not invite Shiva. Sati wanted to find out why her husband was not invited. Shiva warned Sati that the sole aim of the yajna was to insult him and she should not go there as she will be insulted. In spite of Shiva’s warning Sati went to enquire about it with her father, and as predicated by Shiva she was insulted by Daksha. Unable to bear the insults hurled at Shiva by Daksha, Sati jumped into the …

Yatinam Mahalaya – Yatheenam Mahalaya

Yatinam Mahalaya is observed during Pitru Paksha period on the 12th or the Dwadasi day in the Bhadrapada month and is dedicated to Sanyasis or Yathi. In 2018, Yatheenam Mahalaya is on October 6. On this day, Pitru Paksha Shradh is not performed for other forefathers. (Please note this custom is more famous in South India especially with some Hindu communities in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh).

The reason for performing the Shradh for Sanyasis and saints is that they have preserved and passed on the knowledge of Sanatana Dharma and had done great service to the society.

Swami Chidananda Thoughts on Vedanta

The atom bomb of Vedanta is the way to relate yourself to the world of appearance of names and forms. Vedanta wants you to disappear. Vedanta wants you to reduce yourself to a cipher, become nothing. Losing yourself, you gain the whole universe. Holding on to yourself, you lose everything. That is the paradox of life. Those who want to cling to the life of this little ‘I, enter into spiritual death. When this Vedantic knowledge is gained one remains in total unshaken equanimity, peace and acceptance. One becomes Sthiraprajna. Swami Chidananda

Photos of ancestral home of Sri Narayana Guru at Chembazanthy – Online Virtual tour of Sri Narayana Guru’s House near Trivandrum

When some ignorant Brahmins objected to Sri Narayana Guru worshipping a Shivling, he immediately retorted that I am not worshipping a Brahmin Shiva but an Ezhava Shiva. He represented the Ezhava caste and all those downtrodden Hindus in Kerala. He cleaned up the dirt piled upon the true teachings of Hinduism by the ignorant and coined the motto - one caste, one religion, one god – echoing the teachings of the Upanishads. The ancestral home of this 19th century saint is visited by thousands of people daily. Leen Thobias of has created an online virtual tour of the Vayalvaram Veedu of Sri Narayana Guru at Chembazanthy near Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram).

The 18th century simple home of Sri Narayana Guru is today a protected monument. The virtual tour has four images – you can view them in 360 degrees. Apart from the home, there are images of Gurukulam and ManakkalTemple which is located by side of the house.

You can take the virtual tour here at

The ances…

Sri Narayana Guru Samadhi Day – Kanni 5 Samadhi Dhinam

Sri Narayana Guru was a 19th century sage and social reformer in Kerala, who did wonders in Kerala society through his humanistic philosophy and commitment to social reform and equality. He taught the ideal of ‘One caste, one religion and one God for mankind’ and stressed social self-upliftment of the downtrodden. Sri Narayana Guru Samadhi Day is observed on the fifth day of the Kanni Masam as per traditional calendar followed in Kerala. Sri Narayana Guru Samadhi Day in 2018 is on September 21.

Guru kindled and awakened the spirit of Ezhava Community in Kerala - making it today one of the most powerful Hindu communities in Kerala.

It was on a Kanni 5 in 1928 when Guru attained mahasamadhi – he left the physical body and merged in the Supreme Truth.

Sri Narayana Guru (1854-1928) brought about revolutionary change in Kerala by organizing the lower caste people and all those people who had no voice in the society. His motto was one caste, one religion, one god – echoing the teachings of …

Goddess Ashtabhuja – Ashta Bhuja Devi

Goddess Ashtabhuja is one among the numerous forms of Goddess Shakti. In this form, she is the one who brings an end to all evil and she is also responsible for the complete annihilation and dissolution of all creation before the next cycle of creation. Ashtabhuja form of Goddess Shakti is invoked by many Hindu communities on the first day of the Navratri festival. The Goddess is called Ashta Bhuja as she has eight arms. She has different weapons in her eight arms. The eight weapons symbolically represent eight guardians of the eight directions. During Navratri puja she is invoked on the first day to keep away all evils. It must be noted that the term Ashta Bhuja is also used to refer deities in Hindu Pantheon that are depicted as having eight arms. Goddess Kushmanda is also referred as Ashtabhuja in some scriptures. One of the most popular temples dedicated to Goddess Ashtabhuja is located atop the VindhyaMountain in Vindhyachal in Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh. The Vindhyachal Hill is the h…

Sama Veda in English in PDF format – Read and Download Sam Ved Translation in English

Sama Veda is second among the Vedas. Sam Veda is set to music and is intended to be chanted. Majority of the prayers in Samaveda are for welfare and prosperity and are addressed to the Devas. Google books is now providing the translation of Sama Veda in English and you can download it in pdf format. The translation is by J. Stevenson. D. D and you can also read it online. Link Read Sam Ved Online here at Google Books

Kapila Sashti – Bhadrapad Kapila Shashti

Kapila Sashti is an auspicious day observed in the Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month. Kapila Sashti 2018 date is October 1. In South India, it is observed in the Kanni Month and Puratassi Masam and is dedicated to Subrahmanya or Skanda. In North India, it falls during the waning phase of moon in Ashwin month.

It is considered highly auspicious to take bath in the sacred rivers. Legend has it that Sage Narada attained divine status on the day.

Special pujas and rituals are held on the day in Muruga Temples in South India.

Special pujas are also held on the day at the Bhadrachalam SriRamaTemple. People also perform special Go Puja or worship of cows on the banks of Godavari.

Spiritual Practices Advised by Sri Krishna in Bhagavad Gita

Fixing the mind and intellect on me (Sri Krishna) alone. If one is unable to accomplish that, by Abhyasa Yoga – one should train the mind to focus on me. If one is unable to do that, such a person should be intent on performing actions for My (Sri Krishna) sake. If it is not possible to do even that, then one should renounce the fruits of all actions and live full in the present. Bhagavad Gita (12.8 to 12.11) Source: Holy Gita – Ready reference – Published by Chinmaya International Foundation

Varadaraja Perumal Temple Photos – Online Virtual Tour of Varadharaja Perumal in Kanchipuram

Varadaraja Perumal at Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu is dedicated to Sri Hari Vishnu. At the VaradarajaTemple, Hindu God Vishnu is flanked by Sridevi and Bhudevi. The temple is also noted for its architecture and paintings. website is providing an online virtual photo tour of the VaradarajaPerumalTemple. In the online virtual tour you can get a 360 degree panoramic view of the temple. There are 9 beautiful pictures of the temple by A. Suresh Babu of view360.

You can take the Online Virtual Tour of Varadharaja Perumal in Kanchipuram here.

Brihad Gowri Vrata – Brihad Gouri Vrat

Brihad Gowri Vrata is dedicated to Goddess Parvati and it is observed in the Bhadrapad month. Brihad Gouri Vrat 2018 date is September 29. Gowri or Gauri is one among the numerous names of Goddess Parvati.

Brihad Gauri Vrat is observed on the fourth day during the Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapad month as per traditional calendars followed in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. The corresponding period in North Indian calendars is the Krishna Paksha or waning phase of moon in Ashwin month.

The importance of Brihad Gowri Vrata is mentioned in the Bhavishoyatara Purana. The rituals include prayers to Goddess Parvati. Some people observe a fast on the day from sunrise to sunset. The day annually coincides with the Sankashti Chaturti Vrat dedicated to Ganesha.

Indra Puja in Mithilanchal

Indra Puja is a unique ritual observed in the Mithilanchal region in North India and is dedicated to Devendra or Indra, the king of demigods. In 2018, Indra Puja begins on September 26. In most places the festival is a ten-day affair and is held during the Krishna paksha, or waning phase of moon, in Ashwin month as per traditional calendar followed in North India.

In Bengal the festival is known as Indra Parb.

Indra was widely worshipped by people earlier as it was believed that it was he who created rains and thunder.

The end of the worship of Indra came during the incarnation of Vishnu as Sri Krishna. It was Krishna who asked the people of Vrindavan to stop praying to Indra. An angry Indra sent torrential rains flooding Vrindavan but the people and their cattle were rescued by Krishna who lifted the Govardhan hill and gave them shelter.

Special pujas are held during the period at the Bababaidyanath Dham at Deoghar.

Swamini Saradapriyananda Thoughts

The modern man wants joy and peace. He needs several things to live, live well and live joyously. In his attempts to get what he wants, he often performs various actions, the far-reaching effects of which he does not have an idea. If he knows better, he can properly assess and evaluate before plunging into the field of action, thus saving himself from much trouble and tribulation. This knowledge, only philosophy can give. None of the material sciences deal with it. It is not work that kills a man, nor even scarcity, but harshness and unethical behavior that destroys him. Desire is not a need but a demand for something beyond the need. Swamini Saradapriyananda

Yajnavalkya Smriti in PDF format in English – Read and Download Yajnavalkya Smriti

Yajnavalkya Smriti is one of the most popular Dharmashastra texts – it contains laws that govern the Hindu society. Yajnavalkya Smriti is mainly consulted in all matters of Hindu Law. Now you can read Yajnavalkya Smriti in PDF format in English. You can also download it. Link – Yajnavalkya Smriti in PDF format

Shravan Dwadasi Vrat in Bhadrapad Month – Sravana Dwadashi Vrata

The Shravan in this Shravan Dwadasi Vrat is not the month Sawan but the Nakshatram or birth star Sravana. Shravan Dwadasi Vrat 2018 date is September 23. The rituals are observed when Sravana Nakshatram falls on the 12th day during the Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapad month. The rituals, fasting and puja on the day are dedicated to Sri Hari Vishnu.

A single meal is eaten on the day during day time or at night. The people observing the Vrata do not use utensils made of bell metal. Honey and lentil are avoided on the day.

Puja and prayers are also offered to the Vamana Avatar of Sri Hari Vishnu. Sweet and clarified but are offered to Vamana on the day.

It is believed that those observe the vrat will have their wishes fulfilled.

Maharavivar Vrat – Maha Ravivar Vrata in Bhadrapad Month

Maharavivar Vrat is observed by certain Hindu communities in North India in the Bhadrapad Month. Maharavivar Vrat 2018 date is September 23. Ravivar is Sunday and Vrat is fasting. The day is dedicated to Surya and Shiva.

The vrat is observed on the second Sunday, or the Sunday before Purnima or full moon day in Bhadrapad month, as per traditional calendar followed in North India. This is the Sunday that is the one that falls during the Shukla Paksha or waxing phase of moon.

Some people observe a partial fast on the day. Special prayers and rituals held on the day are dedicated to Surya.
How to observe Maharavivar Vrat? On the day one has to wake up before sunrise. Holy bath is to be performed in sea, lake or river. If not possible then bath should be taken at home.

Rising sun should be worshipped on the day. Gayatri mantra should be chanted.
Rising sun should be offered water; aarti should be performed using lamp; red flowers, incense and dhoop also should be offered.
Shivling should…

Blog – Dharma Deen Alliance - A devout Hindu exploring Dharma – a devout Muslim exploring Deen

The word ‘dharma’ is Sanskrit and ‘deen’ Arabic. Both can be loosely defined as ‘righteousness’ or ‘spiritual path’. The blog titled Dharmadeen is the coming together of Ravi, a devout Hindu, and Azeem, a devout Muslim, to explore paths to Higher Truth, scriptural law, proper living, and devotional love. The writers also aim to counter the misconception that Hinduism and Islam can’t co-exist together. Although in its infant stage, the blog has put up a couple of noteworthy articles that explores some common aspects in Hinduism and Islam like fasting. You can read Dharma Deen here. Note – there is no exact word to define ‘Dharma’ in English. You may also like to read On the meaning of the term Dharma The meaning of Dharma – Swami Chinmayananda

Read Sanskrit Newspaper Online in PDF format - Sanskrit Vartaman Patram from Vadodara

Sanskrit Vartaman Patram, a Sanskrit daily newspaper published from Gujarat, was launched in June 2010. Now the newspaper has gone online to attract readers from around the world. The previous day Newspaper Sanskrit Vartaman Patram is made available online in PDF format. You can read Sanskrit Vartaman Patram online here for free. You may also like to read Read Sudharma – the Sanskrit Newspaper Online

Bhuvaneshvari Jayanti – Bhuvaneshwari Mahavidya Jayanti

Bhuvaneshvari Jayanti is believed to be the day when Goddess Bhuvaneshvari incarnated on earth. She is the fourth of the ten Mahavidyas. Bhuvaneshvari Jayanti 2018 date is September 23. She is a powerful incarnation of Goddess Shakti and worshipped throughout India.

Bhuvanesvari means the queen or ruler of the universe, the realm of being. She is the Divine Mother as the queen of all the worlds. The whole universe is her body and all beings are ornaments on Her infinite being. She carries all the worlds as a flowering of Her own Self's nature.

Bhuvaneshvari Jayanti is observed on the Shukla Paksha Dwadashi day or the 12th day during the waxing phase of moon in Bhadrapad Month. Special pujas are held on the day in Shakti Temples in North India.

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Teja Dasami – Teja Dashami Festival in Rajasthan

Teja Dasami is observed by the Jat community and is celebrated mainly in Rajasthan and Haryana. Teja Dashami 2018 date is September 19. It is dedicated to a local deity named Tejaji. The festival of Teja Dasami is annually observed on the 10th day of the Shukla Paksha or waxing phase of moon in Bhadrapad month as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in North India.
The popular belief is that Tejaji used to rescue people from snake bites. He is worshipped by people to escape from deadly snake bites. People also pray to the deity for the speedy recovery of people who had been bitten by poisonous snakes.
Fairs are held in temple towns that have temples dedicated to Tejaji.

Mukha Linga – Mukhling Shivling with Face of Shiva

Mukha Linga is a unique Shivling with face of Shiva etched on it and are found many Shiva temples. Some these Shivalings are covered with metal sheaths and the face is etched on the metal. Some Mukhlingas have the entire image of Shiva carved on the surface.On of the most popular form of Mukha Linga is the Panchamukha Shivalinga. In this Shivling, four faces are in four directions and in some Shivalingams the fifth face is shown facing the sky and in some it is the southeast direction. The five faces are known as Ishana, Tatpurusha, Aghora, Vamadeva and Sadyojatha.There is also SrimukhalingeswaraTemple located at SriMukhalingamVillage in Srikakulam District, Andhra Pradesh, India.In some very rare Mukha Linga, apart from the face the hands and burst of Shiva are sculpted on it – one hand is in abhaya, or blessing posture, and the other holds water vessel.The most popular Mukha linga is the Ekamukhalinga or with a single face.

Ramayana The Epic – Animation Movie Official Website - Facebook Page and Youtube Channel

There is no dearth of animation movies based on Ramayan – so what is new in the Ramayana The Epic directed by Chetan Desai in association with Maya Digital Media and Ketan Mehta? The difference is in the quality of 3D animation – at least the 90 minute promo is far superior animation wise when all the earlier versions of animated Ramayana are considered. Another plus point is the voice over of important characters are given by Bollywood professionals. Ramayana The Epic release date is October 15, 2010 – the Navratri, Dasara and Durga Puja week.
The voice of Mata Sita is given by Juhi Chawla, that of Ram by Manoj Bajpayee and that of Ravan by Ashutosh Rana. The official website of Ramayana The Epic you can find it here - Ramayana The Epic.
The Facebook page is active and is updated by fans of the movie – you can find it here. You can find a 90-minute promo of the movie here at official Youtube Channel.

Dashavatar Dasami Vrat – Dasavatar Vrat

Dashavatar Dasami Vrat is dedicated to the ten incarnations or Dasaavatar of Hindu God Vishnu. Dashavatar Dasami Vrat 2018 date is September 19. It is observed in the Bhadrapad month as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in North India. On this day the ten Avatars of Sri Hari Vishnu are worshipped and special rituals are performed.

Dashavatar dasami vrat falls on the 10th day or the dasami tithi of the Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month (August – September). On the day, special food is prepared using wheat and rice and is offered to the 10 incarnations.

It is must be noted that the vrat is offered during a different period by some Hindu communities in South India.

Karunakara Guru Quotes

Humility must be inculcated into our language and in the very character. This is possible only when there is devout dedication, to the extent of surrendering the very soul for the cause. We do not need siddhi – occult powers such as levitation, walking on fire, becoming invisible, etc. It is characteristic of the time gone by. Now it is an anachronism. Sri Krishna had exhibited siddhi in totality and put an end to it. It is not to be resorted to hereafter. All the technologies discovered by the west to counter their living conditions of freezing temperatures and snow fall, are pitched towards us, which spell ruin for us. Here Nature is friendly and helpful to our lives in every way. Karunakara Guru

Images of Holy Hindu Gods and Goddesses on Converse Shoes – Pictures of Hindu Gods on Shoes

Converse is a shoe company with a history of 100 years; it is currently using images of Holy Hindu Gods and Goddesses which is more than 5000 years old on its All Star Jimi Hendrix brand of Shoes. Take a look at the images of the shoes which are currently available online and you can decide whether it is an insult to the religious sentiments and beliefs of Hindus.

Latest UpdateConverse withdraws shoes carrying images of Hindu deities – Thanks to Houston-based woman Beth Kulkarni

We are not writing much because when such things are spotted and a voice is raised against it – the holy secular press and secular people condemn such findings and news articles and those who spotted it or condemned it are branded religious fundamentalists.
Personally I am hurt but I won’t go around burning or creating vandalism - But it would be nice if the product is removed and the usual apology is followed after removal.
Note – we are not linking to the website of converse Shoes as these types of tactics…

A Hindu Cannot Be Determined By Name – Supreme Court of India

Hinduism never binds people with rules; it respects individual freedom. Therefore it is hard to define who is a Hindu – the Supreme Court of India recently found it difficult to term who is a Hindu and who is not. This is because there is no single rule book or unified command in Hindu religion. The individual is given the freedom to practice Sanatana Dharma the way he/she wants. Thus we have Hindus who apart from going to temples also offer prayers at Churches, Mosques, etc. We also have Hindus who are atheists. We have Hindus who never go to temples or other organized Hindu religious centers but they practice the religion in their minds and they have their own methods of performing worship and practicing Hinduism. Times of India reports Can a person with a Christian name be counted as a Hindu? He can be, said the Supreme Court adopting the Shakespearian logic, "what's there in a name", but with two caveats -- he must follow the practices of Hinduism professed in the are…

Bengali Aashin Month in 2018 – Ashwin Mash in Bangala Calendar in 2018

Aashin month, or Ashwin Mash, is the sixth month in a traditional Bengali calendar. In 2018, Aashin Month in Bangala Calendar begins on September 18, 2018 and ends on October 18. The current year as per Bengali calendar is 1425. Durga Puja the most important Bengali festival is held in this month.

Some of the auspicious days in the Bengali Aashin Month in 2018 include - Mahalaya - October 8Durga Puja Sashti - October 15Durga Puja Saptami - October 16Durga Ashtami - October 17Mahanavami - October 18Dasami and Dasara - October 19 Purnima day in Aashin month in 2018 is on September 25

The Amabashya in Aashin Mash is on October 9, 2018. It is the famous Mahalaya Amavasya and the Durga Puja rituals begin on the day. Mahalaya should be done on October 8

The two Ekadashis in the month are on September 20 and October 5.

Vyeth Trayodashi – Vitasta Festival and Yatra

Vyeth Trayodashi is dedicated to VitastaRiver, which is a holy river. The popular name of Vitasta is Jhelum and local people of Jammu and Kashmir call it Vyeth. Vyeth Trayodashi 2018 date is September 22. The popular belief is that Goddess Parvati appeared as VitasataRiver on the day.
The festival and yatra dedicated to Vyeth is observed on the 13th day of the Shukla Paksha or waxing phase in Bhadrapad month.
People converge on the banks of the river and perform pujas and other rituals. They also a take a dip in the holy river.
You can read more about the ritual here in this earlier article on the topic - Birthday of River Vitasta or Jhelum in Kashmir

Guru Geeta Teachings

The Guru, who is bereft of knowledge, and who proclaims untruth, and who is a swindler should be discarded. One who does not know his own rest, how can he help others to attain peace?
How can one help others to swim when he himself does not know how to swim? Such people are not be saluted, who are miserable by sight and creators of delusion. Such gurus should be discarded very far. One should take refuge only in the courageous. Swindlers, sinners, unbelievers, the prejudiced and womanizers, the corrupt and the dishonest and those who act like a crane (crane sits silently but gulps down its prey when becomes handy) and those who have lost the path of action and patience, those who are unyielding and abominable, contentious and quarrelsome, greedy and wrathful, violent and cruel. The above categories of people who have lost wisdom and are sinners should not be accepted as Gurus. Oh dear! Gurus who are different from these should be known and served with devotion. Guru Geeta You may also lik…

Pictures of 32 forms of Ganesha – Photo Gallery and Slide Show of 32 forms of Ganesh

Ganesha appears before his devotees in several forms – among them some forms have been clubbed together thus we have collections like 8 forms of Ganesha and also 32 forms of Ganesh. Zeenews has put a photo gallery and slide show of the 32 forms of Ganesh. Along with the pictures of the 32 forms of Ganesha, there is also a simple explanation of each form like - Bala Ganapati is ‘the Childlike’ for of Ganesha. In His hands He holds a banana, mango, sugar cane and jackfruit, all representing the earth’s abundance and fertility. His trunk garners His favorite sweet, the modaka. You can view the photo gallery here at the official website of Zeenews
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Ashta Vinayak Temples – eight Swayambhu form of Ganesha

Emerald Gemstone for Nakshatras Ashlesha, Jyeshta and Revati - Navratna Marathakam or Panna

Emerald or Marathakam is the gemstone assigned to Nakshatras Ashlesha, Jyeshta and Revati. Ashlesha is also known as Ayiliyam and Jyeshta is known as Kettai or Thriketta. Navratnas are worn by people who believe in astrology to solve horoscope or janmakunadali related problems. Wearing the Gemstone is believed to help in gaining happiness, wealth and it also helps in leading a healthy life.Marathakam or Panna is associated with Navgraha Budha or Mercury. It is believed that if people born in Ashlesha, Jyeshta and Revati Nakshatras wear Navratna Emerald they will be blessed with good intellectual powers. They will also be blessed with good memory power.