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Shiva Stuti Mantra In Hindi – Lyrics of Shiva Stuti and Benefits of Chanting

The most important benefit of chanting Shiva Stuti in the morning is that it makes your day good and successful. Daily chanting of Shiva Stuti Mantra helps in maintaining balance and ushering in positive energy. You can download the Shiva Stuti lyrics below.

Shiva Stuti Mantra In Hindi

शिव स्तुति
ब्रह्मा मुरारिरित्रपुरान्कारी भानु: शशी भूमिसुतो बुधश्र्च।
गुरुश्र्च शुक्र: सह भानुजेन कुर्वन्तु सर्वे मम सुप्रभातम्।।
भृगुर्वसिष्ठ: क्रतुरडिराश्र्च मनु: पुलस्त्य: पुलद्ध: सगौतम:
रैभ्यो मरीचिश्चयवनो ऋभुश्र्च कुर्वन्तु सर्वे मम सुप्रभातम्।।
सनत्कुमार: सनक: सनन्दन: सनातनोप्यासुरिपिडलौ च।
सप्त स्वरा: सप्त रसातलाश्र्च कुर्वन्तु सर्वे मम सुप्रभातम्।।

This stuti was first narrated by Bhagavan Shiva and it is found in the 14th chapter of Vamana Purana.

Benefits of Chanting Shiva Stuti

  • Chanting the Stuti makes sure that one is able to achieve success and have a good day.
  • Negative forces will be kept out.
  • Bad luck will be kept out.
  • It is good for students and job seeker.
  • Even the toughest of the situation will be handled smoothly.
The person chanting the mantra should wear white color dress.
The stuti should be chanted facing east or north.