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Story Of Mrityu – Death In Hinduism

Mrityu means death. In Hinduism, Mrityu is personified as both male and female deity. Mrityu is mainly depicted as a goddess and is mentioned in the Mahabharata and other scriptures.

Legend has it that Mrityu, the goddess, appeared from Brahma to put to death living beings on earth. As there was no death in the beginning the earth was overpopulated and this led to huge imbalance in nature.

It is said in some scriptures that Goddess Mrityu performed penance for thousands of years and was granted the boon by Brahma that she will not incur sin for putting living beings to death on earth.

Diseases, passion and yama help Goddess Mrityu in accomplishing her job.

In some scriptures, Mrityu is the son of Adharma and is equated with Yama, the god of death.