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Ved Vyas Temple at Rourkela - Ganesha Wrote Mahabharata In This Place

Ved Vyas Temple at Rourkela in Odisha is an ancient temple dedicated to Shiva. The popular belief is that Ved Vyas wrote Mahabharata in a cave located here.

Ved Vyas Temple is located on the bank of confluence of three rivers Brahmani, Koel and Sankha. Koel and Sankha merge to form Brahmani River here. A holy dip performed at the confluence helps in redemption of sins.

It is believed that the original cave is no longer accessible as it is hidden underground. It is also believed that there used to be an underground path from the cave to the river used by Sage Vyasa it is also hidden now.

There are numerous small temples dedicated to gods and goddess from the Hindu pantheon in the vicinity of the cave. There is also a Sankritan Mandapa in the vicinity.

Marriages, thread ceremony, naming ceremony and numerous other rituals are performed here.

As the spot is the confluence of three rivers plus the belief that River Saraswati flows underground, it is chosen by many in the area for cremation and death related rituals. There is an electric crematorium in the area.

The annual Veda Vyasa mela observed during Shivratri attracts more than 100,000 devotees from Odisha, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Vedic Ashram and Gurukul Ashram here is dedicated to the study of Sanskrit and Vedas. There is also a Sanskrit college nearby.

On the way to the cave temple, there is also a Goshala and more than a thousand ox, buffalos and cows are taken care here.

Hundreds of devotees visit this sacred place daily and the number of devotees swell into thousands during Shivratri (14-day fair in Feb March) and Shravan mela (July – August).

The place is located around 15 km from Rourkela.

The scenic beauty of the place increase manifold during the rainy season.

Panposh Railway Station is around 5 km from the temple.