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Achyuta Meaning - Importance Of The Name Of Vishnu

Achyuta is one among the numerous names of Hindu God Vishnu. General meaning given to Achyuta is ‘unfallen, steadfast, imperishable, firm etc.’ Scriptures suggests that the name means that one who does not perish with created things. There is a popular belief that uttering the name Achyuta will help in alleviating diseases – this is mentioned in the Agni Purana.
Mahabharata describes Achyuta as one who liberates. Skanda Purana describes the name as he who never changes his nature.

Vishnu Purana Describes Achuta as:

That One, which here is all things, is Achyuta (Vishnu), than whom there is none other. He is I; he is thou; he is all: this universe is his form. Abandon the error of distinction