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Inner Noise – Quieten It Before It Controls Us

Inner Noise – Quieten It Before It Controls Us is an original article written on Hindu Blog but unethically copy pasted on Speaking Tree.

We are all fed up with noise from the external environment. We look out for a various methods to shut out the external noise. We are successful too in it. We can move to a quiet place or plug our ears or sit in a noise proof room. But what about the inner noise? Can we shut it in the same manner? No.

One of the greatest problems we face on earth is the inner noise. Most people don’t realize it. But to those who have realized the problem of inner noise and are able to quieten it enjoy peace and bliss on earth.

Inner noise is the numerous unwanted thoughts that continue to bother us. We might be chanting ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ and meditating but our mind is constantly thinking of some event that happened on the day. Sometimes the mind is reminding us of a desire; sometimes of fear; sometimes of that which has no meaning in life…

The only way to quieten the inner noise is by observing its origin. Keep observing what is triggering the thought. Then we will soon be able to control it. The moment a thought arises we will be able to decide whether to quell it or allow it.

Don’t try to forcibly suppress thoughts by chanting a mantra or keeping eyes closed. Try to understand the thought process. Always discourage all those thoughts that is negative and has nothing to do with our spiritual progress.

Abhilash Rajendran