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How Life Began On Earth In Hinduism? - Theory Of Evolution

Here is a look at the theory of evolution in Hinduism and Hindus scriptures. Hindus had a better understanding of how life began on earth thousands years before modern science even started to think about it.

The first gem of life was developed by water and heat (Manu book 1. Shloka 8)

Water ascends toward the sky in vapors, from the sun it descends in rain, from the rain are born the plants and from the plants animals. (Manu book 1. Shloka 76)

Each being acquires the qualities of the one which immediately precedes it, in such a manner that the father a being gets away from the primal atom of its series, the more he is possessed of qualities and perfections. (Manu book 1. Shloka 20)

How Life Began On Earth In Hinduism? - Theory Of Evolution

Man will traverse the universe, gradually ascending, and passing through the rocks, the plants, the worms, the insects, fish, serpents, tortoises, wild animals, cattle and higher animals – such is the inferior degree. (Manu book 1)

These are the transformation declared, form the plant up to Brahma, which have to take place in this world. (Manu book 1)

Swami Vivekananda on Theory of Evolution

Today the evolution theory of the ancient yogis will be better understood in the light of modern research. But the theory of the Yogis is better explanation.

The two causes of evolution advance by the modern science, via sexual selection and survival of the fittest are inadequate.

But the great ancient evolutionist, Patanjali, declares that the true secret of evolution is in the manifestation of the perfection which is already in every beings, that this perfection has been barred and the infinite tide behind the struggling to express itself. These struggles and competitions are but the results of our ignorance, because we do not know the proper way to unlock the gate and let the water in. This infinite tide behind must express itself, it is the cause of all manifestations. (Complete wisdom of Swami Vivekananda p 292)

Avatars of Lord Vishnu And Evolution

The sequence of the appearance of the avatars of Lord Vishnu is identical to the scientific explanation of the sequence of biological evolution of animals and man. Science tell us that life had an aquatic origin. The first avatar of Vishnu was the fish.

The next step was the appearance of the amphibian (tortoise) – second avatar of Vishnu was kurma (turtle).

The next step was the appearance of mammal (boar) – third avatar of Vishnu was Varaha – a mammal and land animal.

The next step was early hominids or homohabilis – the fourth avatar of Vishnu was Narasimha – with features of man and animal.

The next step was fully developed human being – the fifth avatar of Vishnu was Vamana a dwarf. It is interesting to note that early hominids other than Home erectus were much shorter than the present day humans in the range of 4 – 5 feet.

The next step was well developed man who could handle tools – the sixth avatar of Vishnu is Parashurama – who carries an axe. The carrying of axe possibly represents the more advance human species in the line of human evolution, which started to use weapons – the Cro-Magnons.

Next is the perfect human being who cares for other living beings – the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu is Sri Ram – the Maryada Purushottam the perfect human being.

Next is domestication of animals and farming- the eighth avatar is Balarama – he carries and plough and looks after cows and bulls. (Interpretation of Hindu Blog)

Next is social and political form of human being – the ninth avatar of Vishnu is Krishna – there is no better politician, advisor and administrator than Lord Krishna. (Interpretation of Hindu Blog)

Lord Krishna also taught us that human beings can attain divine status through self realization.

Next is humans destroying the civilization and life on earth – the tenth avatar of Vishnu is Kalki – who will put an end to this cycle of creation. (Interpretation of Hindu Blog)

Source – Incarnation of Vishnu (Hindu God) reflection of evolution, Niranjan Hindu Forum. Topix March 31, 2017
The Laws of Manu. Revealed by Brahma to Manu. Sir William Jones ascribed the writings of manu to about 100- 500 BC.