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Lomaharshana – Narrator Of Puranas

Lomaharshana was one of the chief students of the Sage Vyasa. Lomaharshana was the narrator of Puranas and he is renowned as the foremost propagator of the Puranic lore of India. He is sometimes referred to as Romaharshana.

According to Vishnu Purana (3.7.15-16), sage Vyasa composed the Puranas from materials contained in the tales, episode, ballads and narratives prevalent in the land and imparted it to Lomaharshana for propagating it among the people.

Lomaharshana was also called Suta because he was born of a Kshatriya man and a Brahmin woman. This explanation is given by commentator Nilakantha in his commentary on Harivamsa Purana (1.4)

Lomaharshana had six disciples – Sumati, Agnivarcas, Mitrayus, Samsampayana (Vaishampayana), Akrtavrana (Kashyapa) and Savarni. The last three composed Puranic collections of their own; so did Lomaharshana.

Vishnu Purana was later composed from materials called from these compositions (Vishnu Purana 6.17-19)

The credit for popularizing Puranas, Upapuranas, and Puranic Samhitas, and thus bringing the rich historic tradition of the land to the common man of India, goes to sage Lomaharshana, his son Sauti Ugrarasravas, and the line of sages who gave discourses on the Puranas at Naimisharanya, Kurukshetra and other sacred places.

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