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Organ Donation in Hinduism

Does Hindu religion approve of Organ Donation? Yes it does. As per Hinduism, body is only a temporary residence of the Supreme Soul. The Supreme Soul is unaffected by changes – it is neither born nor it dies. Therefore, there is nothing wrong in giving parts of the temporary residence (human body) to help another body.

Moksha or liberation is not associated with the body. It is purely associated with that energy or soul that drives the body. Moksha or liberation has to be attained here on earth while living. It is not something that should happen after death.

It is wrong to associate liberation with body and death.

True liberation is realizing while living on earth that am not this body.

The most famous story about organ donation in Hinduism is associated with hunter Kannappa offering his eyes to Shiva. There is also the story of Sage Dadhichi giving his bones to Devas so that they can use his bones to prepare a powerful weapon to annihilate demon Vritasura. For this, Sage Dadhichi performs Samadhi and gives away his body.

And who can forget King Shibi, who without hesitation took a sword and cut a pound of flesh from his body to save a pigeon from a hawk.

All Hindu scriptures cry out aloud follow Dharma. Donation is one of the greatest Dharma. Helping a needy is Dharma. Organ donation is one of the greatest ways to follow Dharma.

Hinduism is not scripture driven. Therefore, a Hindu need not turn pages of scriptures before performing a Dharmic act, which will help another person. 

Remove all doubt and wrong impressions, participate in organ donation, and help another person have a good life.