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Kardama Muni – Story Of Creation – Devahuti And Kardama Rishi Story

Story Of Devahuti and Kardama Rishi is found in the Srimad Bhagavad Purana. Kardama Muni was a Prajapati and directly born from the body of Brahma. The creation of living beings on earth was from nine daughters that were born to Devahuti and Kardama Rishi.

Birth of Prajapati Kardama Muni From Brahma

All the great beings who were responsible for creation of living beings are called Prajapati in Hinduism. They are all the sons of Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma is also called as Prajapati like his sons. Though Brahma worked hard to create the living entities as per the order of the Supreme Truth, the outcome was not substantial. He then with all severe austerity, penance, worship, trance and bhakti yoga created Maharishis who came to be known as Prajapatis. Later, he gave parts of his body to those great saintly persons. Kardama muni was one such son.

Since he played an important role in creating living entities in the creation, he was celebrated as Prajapati.

Tapas By Kardama Muni In Satya Yuga To Carry Forward Creation

Having ordered by his father Brahma, he took up a very serious penance to fulfill the mission. He made that penance for ten thousand years by using his transcendental power of soul. If one wants to accomplish a mammoth task, one needs the mercy of the Lord in abundance, which is available only by very sincere austerity and dedication. The average lifespan in Satya Yuga was 1, 00,000 years. It means Kardama muni had spent 10% of his life only in meditation.

Lord Vishnu Appears Before Kardama Muni

Having pleased by the severe austerity of Kardama muni, the supreme Lord Vishnu appeared in four handed form sitting on Garuda. He appeared in the sky.

Kardama muni was in ecstasy with the audience of the Lord. While he was relishing the beauty of the Lord, the sweet words of the Lord penetrated deep into his heart, “I know your desire of doing this severe austerity and I arranged to fulfill the same.

Svayambhuva Manu, who is ruling the entire earth, has a beautiful daughter and he is coming here to offer her to you in marriage. You are aspiring for a suitable wife to increase the progeny as directed by your father. The king’s daughter would prove to be your best choice. You will get nine daughters in her womb and through rishis, they fill the entire creation with living entities. Later I will appear in your wife’s womb as your dear son and teach great sankhya philosophy. By following my order, you will be attaining me without doubt and get glorified forever.”

Later, the Lord returned to His abode on his bird carrier. From the flapping of wings by Garuda, tunes of Samaveda were heard by Kardama muni. In fact, the Lord was so pleased with his devotion and dedication that tears of joy fell from the lotus eyed lord and created a pond there. It became famous by the name “bindu sarovar”.

Marriage Of Kardama Muni And Devahuti

Kardama muni stayed there itself to witness the events that the Lord told as prophecy. Exactly as told by the Lord, later on Svayambhuva Manu arrived there with his wife and lotus eyed daughter. The daughter’s name was Devahuti. The king informed about the desire of Devahuti to marry Kardama muni and was ready offering her to him. Kardama muni was very pleased to know the desire of the princess and accepted to marry her.

Later, marriage of Devahuti and Kardama Muni took place with all Vedic rituals. Queen of Svayambhuva Manu gave many ornaments and household paraphernalia to her daughter as gift. The king also gave large sum of wealth as mark of dowry. After fulfilling his duty as a responsible father, the king came back to his kingdom known as Barhishmati. When the Lord appeared in boar incarnation, hair from His body fell at Barhishmati, thus making it a very auspicious place. It used to be always in peace and prosperity without any calamity.

Married Life Of Devahuti and Kardama Muni

Though Devahuti was born and brought up in a palace, she didn’t worry at all to live in the hermitage of her husband. She wore only simple clothes made from tree bark, slept on floor, ate only fruits and root, served her husband with all sincerity. She didn’t bother about her health, thus becoming thin and weak. But, Kardama Muni became very pleased with her and offered a boon.

Birth of Nine Beautiful Girls To Devahuti and Kardama Muni

She wanted to have children and also a nice place for them. Then Kardama immediately created an airplane palace that can fly anywhere one wishes. It was glowing like paradise. Later Kardama asked his wife to take bath in bindu sarovar.

Devahuti entered into that pond with all her matted hair, dirty clothes and weak body, but emerged out of it as an angel. She didn’t come out alone, but with many serving ladies.
Kardama muni got attracted by her exquisite beauty and took her in the airplane all over the creation. They visited all the beautiful places in the creation including the Nandanavana forests in the heaven. They enjoyed the married life for 100 years and were blessed with nine beautiful girls.

The nine girls were named:
  1. Kala
  2. Anasuya,
  3. Shraddha
  4. Havirbhu
  5. Gati
  6. Kriya
  7. Khyati 
  8. Arundhati
  9. Shanti 

Raising Children And Info On Future Birth Of Sage Kapila

Immediately after that, Kardama muni wanted to leave the home, but Devahuti objected to it. She prayed piteously saying “Dear Husband! You have fulfilled your promise, but once these girls go away with their husbands who will take care of me. Though you gave me a boon, I didn’t care to ask for liberation”.

Kardama muni was pleased by the humble nature of Devahuti and solaced her by informing about the future. Lord Vishnu himself was going to appear in her womb to give the knowledge of Sankhya to her.

Later, Srihari Vishnu entered the womb of Devahuti. Knowing this information, Lord Brahma along with all rishis came to the hermitage of Kardama muni.

Marriage of Nine Daughters Of Devahuti and Kardama Muni

On the order of Brahma, all the daughters were married to all the rishis by Kardama muni. The wonderful marriage function was witnessed by all divine beings.
  1. Kala married Marichi, 
  2. Anasuya married Atri, 
  3. Shraddha married Angira, 
  4. Havirbhu married Pulastya, 
  5. Gati married Pulaha, 
  6. Kriya married Kratu, 
  7. Khyati married Bhrigu, 
  8. Arundhati married Vashistha, 
  9. Shanti married Atharva 
After marrying the wonderful girls of Kardama muni, all the rishis went to their heritages.

Kardama Muni Leaves Ashram To Attain Samadhi

Later on, Lord Kapila appeared in the hermitage of Kardama Muni. When Kardama understood that the Lord appeared in his house, he felt very much delighted and approached the Lord in solitary. He expressed his desire to take renounced order of life and move all over the earth keeping the Lord in the heart.

Lord Kapila was very happy to hear those words and said “In order to fulfill my words I appeared in your house. Offer all your works unto Me and move as per your wish. Conquer the death and attain immortality. You will see Me as the Super Soul in your heart uninterruptedly. I will teach the eternal knowledge to my mother and she also will be relieved from fear. She attains liberation undoubtedly”.

Then Kardama muni circumambulated three times around the Lord and left for forest with all peace. In the forest, he lived with equal vision and obtained the audience of the Lord in the heart. His mind became like an ocean without waves. He stayed in the same tranquil position and finally attained the supreme abode. 

Samkhya Philosophy Is Taught By Sage Kapila To Devahuti

After the departure of husband, Devahuti stayed with her son on the banks of bindu sarovar. She requested her son to impart imperishable knowledge for complete satisfaction. She requested him to save her from the ocean of ignorance and illusion.

Lord Kapila then taught the philosophy of Sankhya to her and delivered her with all love. He assured complete liberation to her.

Sage Kapila An Incarnation of Lord Vishnu

After imparting that knowledge the Lord left the home and travelled towards North West side. 

While He was travelling at His will all great living entities like demigods and apsaras offered prayers to Him.

Personified ocean offered him water of respect. 

First, the Lord went to Himalaya Mountains, and from there he came to delta region of Ganges. At the point of confluence, the personified ocean offered a beautiful place to the Lord. 

Lord Kapila still stays there only to deliver the conditioned souls. 

Whoever hears the story of Kapila and His teachings, study His philosophy shall necessarily become the devotees of Lord Krishna. The story of Lord Kapila appears in the third canto of Srimad Bhagavatam and the Lord was described as the fifth incarnation.

Source - Saptagiri April 2019 issue published by TTD - page 48 to 50. Article written by Dr Vaishnavanghri Sevaka Das