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7 Hindu Morning Habits To Start The Day Pleasant And Stay Energized

Hinduism is not a religion but a way of life if you’re uninitiated about Sanatana Dharma, the oldest way of life in the world. Hindu religion aims at the all round development of the individual. Here are 7 Hindu morning habits to start the day pleasant and stay energized throughout the day.

The seven habits are:
  1. Wake up just before sunrise daily
  2. Meditate or yoga or walking
  3. Drink lukewarm water or tulsi leaf water
  4. Breathing exercising - cleaning tongue and teeth
  5. Dry brushing the body
  6. Applying oil before morning bath
  7. Eat healthy traditional breakfast

Wake up just before sunrise

Wake up just before sunrise. This is the best time to perform many daily routine like meditation, yoga, study, writing, planning for day and more. The ideal solution is to wake up daily at 5:00 AM. This is not going to be easy for people who have nightlife. But for good health and for a successful day, sleep early and wake up early. Do not start waking suddenly at 5:00 AM. Start going to bed a bit early, like 30 minutes than the usual time; and start waking up earlier than usual time by 10 to 20 minutes. Practice it till you wake up automatically at 5:00 AM.

Rising sun is pratyaksha brahman or visible god in Hindu religion. It is a symbol of hope and success.

Do not touch your smartphone, do not put on the television or other gadgets in the morning. Let there be some 'me time' in the morning disconnected from the materialistic world.

Meditate – Yoga – Walking

We are a clean slate in the morning. This is the ideal time to cleanse the brain and energize it. Instead of looking at the smartphone or television, give some time to the brain and to yourself. Keep the eyes closed and meditate. Connect with your inner self. Connect with the Supreme Source present in all animate and inanimate. Be creative and think about all those things that are not associated with job and productivity. 

Drink Lukewarm Water – Tulsi Leaf Water

Put few Tulsi leaves in a glass of water overnight. Slightly warm it in the morning and drink it. If Tulsi is not available squeezing a lemon in lukewarm water and this is highly beneficial. If the water was collected in copper vessel, even more helpful. This will cleanse the digestive system and help with digestion throughout the day.

Breathing Exercise – Cleaning the Tongue and Teeth

Do few breathing exercise like inhaling through one part of the nose and exhaling through the other. Slowly brush the teeth using natural products that your prefer. Avoid chemicals in morning brushing and cleansing – it kills all good bacteria. Clean the tongue as many modern foods create layers of toxins. It creates problem in digestion. The tongue should always have its natural color. Animals that live in wild and untouched by humans have clean teeth and natural tongue color because they do not eat unnatural food like we humans do.

Drying Brushing The Body - To Make Skin Breathe Better

Ayurveda advises a person to dry brush the body before taking bath with water. This is known as garshana. Garshana is performed using a soft sponge of natural material, or a soft dry brush that gently removes dead skin layers. It is performed before morning bath. The advantages include stimulation of skin and lymphatic system, enhancing blood circulation and the release of accumulated toxins on the skin. Sensitive areas, face and chest is avoided in garshana. The idea is to remove the dead skin cells and keep the pores open.

Abhyanga Snan – Self Oil Massage Before bath

Apply slightly warm oil on the body after performing garshna helps in providing energy throughout the day. It helps in developing a strong and health skin. Take bath five minutes after applying oil.

Eat Breakfast

Eat traditional breakfast before 9:00 AM. Include seasonal fruits and traditionally available vegetables. Those who have the habit of just eating biscuits and tea should avoid it. A traditional breakfast of your region should be eaten daily by sitting down. You should relax and enjoy this first meal of the day without any kind of distraction.