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Download Gitanjali by Rabindranath Tagore in English in pdf format for free

Poem Gitanjali by Rabindranath Tagore needs no introduction. If you wish to read Gitanjali in English in pdf format, then google books is providing it for free. You can download or read it online in book format. The book contains an introduction by W B Yeats.
Link - Gitanjali by Rabindranath Tagore in English in pdf – Download or read online
Below in an embedded version of the book.

Harivasaram Period during Ekadasi - Importance of Harivasaram in Ekadashi Fasting

Ekadasi fasting is dedicated to Hindu God Vishnu and is observed on the 11th day of a lunar fortnight as per traditional Hindu calendar. A specific period during Ekadasi fasting is considered highly auspicious and this is the Harivasaram period and is strictly followed by many Hindus in South India. The timing of Harivasaram is based on Tithi in Hindu calendar.

The last one quarter of Ekadasi tithi (11th day) and the first one quarter of Dwadasi tithi (12th day) is known as Harivasaram. Those people strictly following Harivasaram can see it marked in their local Panchangs.
A complete fast is observed during the period – not even water is taken by devotees during Harivasaram.

Sivashankar Baba Thoughts

Start the Day with Love Spend the Day with Love Fill the Day with Love End the Day with Love This is the way to God
If you gain God and lose everything else, What is that you have lost? If you lose God and gain everything else, What is that you have gained?
The happiness or sorrow that you feel, stems from you. When you visit a temple, it is your own visualization of your inner emotions that makes you assume God is smiling at you or frowning at you. God is not a physical entity. If you have mastered the art of being happy all the while, you will be in eternal contentment. Then you will feel an abundant flow, an overwhelming sense of love for God Sivashankar Baba

Bharavi Quotes

A woman will not throw away a garland, though soiled, which her lover gave: not in the object lies a present’s worth, but in the love which it was meant to mark.
The noble minded dedicate themselves to the promotion of the happiness of others – even of those who injure them. True happiness consists in making happy.
The undertaking of a careless man succeeds not, though he used the right expedients: a clever hunter, though well place in ambush, kills not his quarry if he falls asleep.
The enemies – evil passions – which rise within the body are hard to overcome. These passions should be manfully fought – he who conquers these is equal to the conquerors of worlds. Bharavi
Bharavi was a 6th century Sanskrit poet who wrote Kiratarjuniya based on the Mahabharata.

Limited Edition Ramayan in French with Illustrations from Around the World from Selliers

660 miniature paintings from museums and countries around the world – traditional paintings and illustrations from 16th to 19th century – makes the seven book limited edition Ramayan in French released by Author, editor and publisher Diane de Selliers. It took more than 10 years to prepare and publish the book.

Selliers' edition of the Ramayana by Valmiki - Ramayana de Valmiki, based on the translation done by Madeleine Biardeau in French language - is presented as a magnificent illustrated box set divided into seven volumes and covered with flocked fabric designed by Franz Ptisek using Mughal motifs from the text.

The book is priced at Rs 58,000 is itself a work of art, printed as a limited edition numbered from 1 to 3,000.
Limited Edition Ramayan of the same is planned in English costing around 80,000 Rupees.
You can find more information about the Limited Edition Ramayan in French from Selliers here at the official website.
Below are videos on the Limited Edition Ramayan in French…

Karya Siddhi Mantra in Telugu – Download Kariya Siddhi Hanuman Mantra in mp3

Kariya Siddhi Hanuman Mantra is a prayer dedicated to Hindu God Hanuman. This particular Karya Siddhi Mantra is for free download and is in Telugu. The popular belief is that chanting the mantra will help in fulfilling wishes. It is also chanted for attaining peace and prosperity.
Link - Karya Siddhi Mantra mp3 (the link is not working properly now so removed it)

The english version of the mantra is given below

Twamasmin karya niryoge
Pramanam hari sattama
Hanuman yatnamaasthaya
Dhukkha kshaya karo bhava

Durga Moola Mantra

Durga Moola Mantra is the first mantra dedicated to Goddess Durga and it is believed that the Goddess directly gave it to living beings for their welfare. Moola Mantra is the foundation or basic mantra associated with Gods and Goddess in Hinduism.
Durga Moola Mantra is Om Dhum Durgayai Namaha!
Chanting of moola mantra does not change your fortune overnight – it does not make you rich or cure your problems. It is meant to develop concentration Durga and there by destroy unwanted desires. It helps in focusing on your Karma. It leads to a life of bliss on earth.

Hindu Women Have Equal Rights in Property – Supreme Court of India

Supreme Court of India has ruled that Hindu women along with their male siblings have equal rights in property in a Hindu family. Female inheritors will also have the same liabilities fastened on the property along with the male members. In simple terms, ancestral properties and wealth of parents should be equally divided among brothers and sisters. The Hindu Reports
A bench of justices R. M. Lodha and Jagdish Singh Khehar in a judgment said that under the Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act, 2005, the daughters are entitled to equal inheritance rights along with other male siblings, which was not available to them prior to the amendment.
“The new Section 6 provides for parity of rights in the coparcenary property among male and female members of a joint Hindu family on and from September 9, 2005. The legislature has now conferred substantive right in favour of the daughters.

“According to the new Section 6, the daughter of a coparcener becomes a coparcener by birth in her own rights and …

Vishwamitra Jayanti

Vishwamitra Jayanti, birth anniversary of Sage Vishwamitra, is annually observed on the Kartiki Shukla Paksha Tritiya – third day during the waxing phase of moon in Karthi month – as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in North India. Vishwamitra Jayanti 2018 date is November 10. It is believed that Sage Vishwamitra was born on this day.
Vishwamitra was born in the Kushik Dynasty as the son of King Gaadhi. After he became king, Vishwamitra was very popular with his subjects. King Vishwamitra once visited the Ashram of Sage Vasishta and came to know about the holy cow Nandini in the Ashram, which had wish fulfilling power. 
King Vishwamitra felt that the cow would be more use to a king. So he asked for the cow. But Sage Vasishta said that Nandini would only leave the ashram if she likes.
Nandini was not ready to leave. Vishwamitra and soldiers tried to take the cow away forcibly but were defeated by the powers of Nandini. An insulted Vishwamitra soon realized that spiritual powers…

Listen to Garud Puran Audio in Hindi in mp3 for free

Garud Puran is one of the Sattvika Puranas and is believed to have been first narrated by the Divine Bird Garud, the Vahana or Vehicle of Hindu God Vishnu. Now you can listen to Garud Puran Audio in Hindi in mp3 format for free.  It narrates the glory of Vishnu and contains chapters like observing Vratas and on rituals dedicated to the dead. This unique opportunity is provided by the Ved Puran Website.
Link - Garud Puran in Hindi mp3 for free
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Rukmini Vrata

Rukmini Vrata is observed on the eighth day during the waning phase of moon (Krishna Paksha Ashtami) in Margashirsh month as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in North India. Rukmini Vrata 2019 date is November 19. Married women for begetting children observe the Vrata.
A fast is observed on the day from sunrise to till moonrise. Married women offer prayers to Shiva, Parvati and Sri Krishna on the day.
Rukmini Vrat Katha is read by those women observing this fast.

It is a mere self-delusion to seek the fullness of love in any man or woman - Swami Abhedananda

It is true that human nature seeks companionship and longs for a suitable match for love; but all mortal companions on this plane are only for the time being.
That craving of the soul will not be absolutely satisfied until the Eternal object of love is discovered. The Eternal object of love can be realized in the finite and concrete man or woman when we rise above the physical plane and understand that each individual soul is divine and immortal.
It is a mere self-delusion to seek the fullness of love in any man or woman. Therefore it is necessary to make the Eternal Ideal the object of all human affection. Swami Abhedananda
Swami Abhedananda is a direct disciple of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa 
Related Swami Abhedananda on the Concept of Good and Evil

Read Many Ramayanas – A.K. Ramanujan’s Controversial Ramayana Essay – Read it before forming an opinion

A.K. Ramanujan’s Controversial Ramayana Essay – ‘Three Hundred Ramayanas: Five Examples and Three Thoughts on Translations’ was dropped from from the BA (honours) syllabus by DelhiUniversity after protests from Hindu Groups. Hindu groups called the essay ‘obscene’ and ‘blasphemous’ and filed a writ petition in the high court. Finally the essay was dropped after a vote in the academic council.
The History Department in DelhiUniversity plans to protest the removal of the essay as they feel the academic council has bowed before the Hindu Right wing in the country.
So we will be hearing lot of noises on this subject all routine – secular versus religious fundamentalists.
If you happen to be one troubled by all this noise – then form an opinion after reading the essay not by listening to the secularists and fundamentalists.
You can read the essay here - Three Hundred Ramayanas: Five Examples and Three Thoughts on Translations.
Same is embedded below

Photo Tour of Haridwar Kumbha Mela

This particular photo tour consists of photos taken during Haridwar Kumbha Mela January 2010 by Jyothi Karat. She was able to capture the true spirit of the Kumbha Mela. She was also lucky to be welcomed by Naga Sadhus and this provided for some rare visual treat.
You can take the photo tour of Kumbha Mela here at Mathurbhumi newspaper.

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Audio Video DVD collection of Synopsis of Vedas in Hindi and English

NGO Routes2Roots (R2R), in collaboration with IFFCO Foundation, has come up with an audio-video collection in DVD, titled Vedas in Hindi and English. The collection aims to introduce basic teachings found in Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda and Atharva Veda to young generation. The collection has both audio and video and includes booklets and subtitles. Sanskrit scholars have lented voice to the Vedic mantras in an authentic manner. Asian Age reports
Talking about the need to produce Vedas in a popular format and if it was solely to do with the value-degradation among youth today, Tina Vachani of R2R, says, “It is not only targeting the youth of today but to the majority who would like to connect with their traditional culture. Today, Sanskrit is not a common man’s language which makes it tough to understand the Vedas. By translating it into Hindi and English we can understand the age-old wisdom of the sages and how it is applicable in our day to day life. Not the least it will connect …

Manu Smriti Quotes

Desire is never extinguished by the enjoyment of desired objects; it only grows stronger like fire fed with clarified butter.
The houses in which female relations are not being duly honored perish completely as if destroyed by magic.
Unrighteousness practiced in this world does not at once produce its fruit but advancing slowly, it cuts off the roots of him who committed it.
Unless one be asked, one must not explain anything to anybody, nor must one answer a person who asks improperly; let a wise man, though he knows the answer behave among men like an idiot. Manu Smriti
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Sankataharana Ganapati

Sankataharana Ganapati as the name indicates is the one who removes the sorrows. This is one among the 32 forms of Ganesha. Sankataharana Ganapati mantra is Balakarunakantih Vaame, Balam Vahashranke! Lasadindi varahastam gowrangee ratna Shobhaddyam!! Daksheankuksha vardaanam vame pasham cha paayasam patram! Neelanshu kalashamaanah peethe padarune tishtan Sankataharanah payata sancta poogadra janano nityam!!
Sankataharana Ganapati is depicted as seated on a red lotus flower. He holds a bowl of sweet (payasam), a goad, and a noose. The fourth hand is in boon granting posture.
The four-armed Sankataharana Ganapati is always depicted with a Shakti.
Constant mediation on Sankataharana Ganapati helps in removing sorrows and impediments on the path to progress. He removes all hardships and protects those who follow the path of Dharma.

Dvimukha Ganapati

Tussar – Ahimsa Silk – No killing of Silkworms by Boiling

Tussar is a form of silk that is produced without killing the silk worms and hence the name Ahimsa Silk. It is estimated that nearly 10,000 silkworms are killed to produce a single silk sari. Tussar is a type of wild silk and is obtained from the cocoon after the silk worm larva has left it. No boiling of silk worms alive.
Forest and sericulture departments have jointly planned to introduce Antheraea Pernyi genes of worms in Indore District to extract the Ahimsa Silk. Daily Bhaskar reports
Tussar known by its Sanskrit name kosa is valued for its texture and natural gold color. It is a type of wild silk as it is obtained from silk worms. Its cocoons are collected from trees such as sal arjun and saja. It is called Ahimsa ( non violent) silk as it is extracted from the cocoon after the silk worm larva has left it. Chief conservator of forest (territorial), PC Dubey said that a proposal for tussar silk production unit has been prepared under Vanya scheme over a 950 hectare area in Indore c…

One can know oneself only with one’s own eye of knowledge – Sri Ramana Maharishi

The mind will always be wandering. Just as when a chain is given to an elephant to hold in its trunk, it will go along grasping the chain and nothing else, so also when the mind is occupied with a name or form, it will grasp that alone.
As thoughts arise, destroying them utterly without any residue in the very place of their origin is non attachment – just as the pearl diver ties a stone to this waist, sinks to the bottom of the sea and there takes the pearls, so each one of us should be endowed with non-attachment, dive within oneself and obtain the self-pearl.
One can know oneself only with one’s own eye of knowledge, and not with somebody else’s. Sri Ramana Maharishi

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Vishnu Sahasranamam Lyrics in English in pdf

Vishnu Sahasranamam is one of the most popular prayers dedicated to Hindu God Vishnu. Vishnu Sahasranama consists of the 1000 names of Vishnu. This is a free pdf version of the Vishnusahsranamam in English.  There are a couple of versions of the prayer. This is particular version is the one found in the Mahabharata.
You can download Vishnu Sahsranamam in English here.
You will need to have pdf reader installed in your browser to read or download the text.

Widows take part in Puja and Offered Colorful Saris at Kudroli Gokarnanatheshwara Temple – Bold Move

The condition of Hindu widows in many parts of India are not encouraging (in many cases it is pathetic). The saddest part is that society takes out color and happiness from their life and are not allow to take part in important rituals, celebrations and pujas in homes and temples. This Navratri, KudroliGokarnanatheshwaraTemple near Mangalore in Karnataka took a bold initiative by inviting widows to take part in puja and participate in Chandika homa. They were also offered sarees, bangles, vermillion and flowers. Deccan Herald Reports
As many as 2,300 widows from the coastal districts were offered sarees and other articles that are associated with marriage hood, as the ‘prasada’ of goddess. In addition to distributing various articles, the widows were also allowed to take part in ‘Chandika Homa’ and also pull the silver chariot adorned by the presiding deity Gokarnanatha and goddess Annapoorneshwari. The participation of widows in the Dasara festivities, wherein they were accorded utmos…

Tallest Shivling in India - Naturally Formed

It is believed that tallest naturally formed Shivling in India is located at the SidheshwarnathTemple at Lower Subansiri District in Arunachal Pradesh in India. The Holy Shivling has a height of 25 feet and circumference of 22 feet. The Shivling stands in a forest area and is around 4 km from Hapoli town at Ziro. The district headquarters Ziro is around 147 km from Itanagar, the capital of Arunachal Pradesh.
The Tallest Shivling was accidentally found in the Shravan month in 2004. Shravan is a holy month dedicated to Shiva.

Apart from the Shivling, there is also a murti of Goddess Parvati and Ganesha.
The amazing fact is that there is constant flow of water at the base of Shivling, which many believe is Ganga.
Tallest Shiva Statue in the World

Goddess Abhijit

Goddess Abhijit is mentioned in the puranas and is associated with fortune. Abhijit or Abhijita is also an important muhurta in day based on astrological calculations followed in South India. It is a generous and kind Nakshatra.
Puranas states that Abhijit is the daughter of Daksha Prajapati. She is also the consort of Chandra – the moon god.
Another legend has it that Abhijit resides on the peacock feather that adorns the hair of Sri Krishna.
Abhijit is considered as the 28th Nakshatra and is very rarely found in a lunar month.

Manju Ghosh Yatra and Fair at Kanda Village in Pauri Garhwal

Manju Ghosh Yatra and Fair is annually held on the Bhaiya Dooj day after Diwali at Kanda Village in Pauri Garhwal District in Uttarakhand. Manju Ghosh Yatra and Fair 2019 date is October 29. Kanda Village is famous for temples and is located on the Srinagar-Delchauri Road and is around 44 km from Pauri Town.
Manju Ghosh Yatra and Fair is dedicated to Manju Ghosh a local deity. The fair attracts thousands of people.
The village has numerous temples built during the 11th and 12 century – dedicated to Lakshmi Narayan, Uma Mahesh, Surya and Vishnu.

It is observed two days after Diwali.

Importance of Bilva Leaves – About Bilwa Patra Offered to Shiva

Bilva Leaves (Bilwa Patra) is one of the most important offering to Hindu God Shiva. A Bilva Leaf consists of three small leaves. Symbolically it represents the three eyes of Shiva. Another symbolism is that the three leaves are Goddess Parvati, Ganesh and Kartik. Puranas indicate that the three leaves are the three Gunas – Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas.
One of the most popular prayers dedicated to Shiva is the Bilvashtakam and it begins with the lines Tridalam Trigunakaram...
It is believed that offering Bilva leaves to Shiva helps in cleansing the sins of three births. It is also offered to attain Moksha. Some Puranas suggest that offering Bilva helps in attaining prosperity and fulfilment of desires.
The fruit of Bilva tree and its leaves have several medicinal properties and is used in treating Asthma, blood pressure, diabetes etc.
Shiva as Vaidyanath (Lord of Medicines) protects Bilva leaves. Yajur Veda (Sri Rudram – 2 – 11) also extols the glory of Bilva.
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Sudharma – the Longest Continuing Sanskrit Newspaper – needs your help

Started in 1970, Sudharma is the longest continuing Sanskrit newspaper in the world today. But it is facing severe financial crisis with no advertisement and no financial help from government. If you are a Sanskrit lover and have ideas to make Sudharma profitable, it would help in the survival of the unique Sanskrit daily and a heritage. Donations and one time financial help will not solve the real issue. What Sudharma needs is sponsors, increase in circulation and advertisements.
Sudharma was started by Sanskrit scholar Kalale Nadadur Varadaraja Iyengar in 1970. K.V. Sampath Kumar, son of Mr. Iyengar, is the present editor of the daily. Sudharma also has an e-paper edition.  Daily Pioneer reports
K.V. Sampath Kumar said, “This two pages Demy A3 (tabloid) size which was born out of a philosophy to spread Sanskrit to all, which used to be monopoly of a few, is now facing a great financial crunch. We need more than Rs 60,000 per month to run our paper which has a global circulation of ove…

Teachings from Bhartrihari’s Nitishatakam

Why should he need to wear an armour, if he himself is compassionate and forgiving?
What more harm can his enemies do to him, if he is being consumed by his own anger?
Is there any need for jewellery when a man treasures modesty in his heart?
If his relatives pester him, then a fire is not needed to burn his wealth.
A fool can be pleased easily, and it is even easier to please the wise. However, even Brahma (the creator) cannot satisfy a conceited person with a bit of knowledge.
The creator has provided only one means for hiding one’s ignorance, which is always under his own control. It is to keep silent, particularly, in the company of the learned.
Bracelets do not adorn a person. Nor do pearl necklaces, or cleansing, nor anointment of the body, nor flowers nor decoration for the hair. It is cultured speech alone which embellishes a man. All other ornament lose their glitter, only the jewel of speech ever remains the jewel of jewels. Bhartrihari Bhartrihari of Niti Shatakam Quotes Kn…

Dvimukha Ganapati

Dvimukha Ganapati is a unique form of Ganesha with two heads. This form is one among the 32 forms of Ganesh. This form blesses a devotee with long life. Dvimukha Ganapati mantra is Svadanta pashangkusha ratnapatram Karairadadhanah harineelagaatrah! Raktaanshuko Ratnakireeta moulih bhootyai Sadaa mey dvimukho ganeshaha!! The twin headed Dvimukha Ganapati has four arms. They hold noose, goad, broken tusk and a pot of gems. The body color is blue-green.
Meditation on this form helps in attaining peace. Devotees are also blessed with prosperity and long life.
The famous BadrinathTemple in Uttarakhand has Dvimukha Ganapati murti as a subsidiary deity.

Heramba Ganapati – 32 forms of Ganesha

Modern Vedas and Lagging Science - Vedic Knowledge Scores Over Science

This article is written by the author of blog Only Hinduism. The thoughts and ideas are of the author and not of
Most of us have been taught in school about the awe inspiring laws and theories that have been discovered by scientists in modern times. But, how many of us are aware that we Indians had already understood and implemented these laws hundreds of years before the advent of any western civilization? 
In the Vedas there are references to the angular speeds of planets expressed in milliseconds, whose values are correct even according to the most modern measurements. There are even instances of flying vehicles (pushpaka vimana) and nuclear weapons (brahmastra). In this post I present a few possible scientific interpretations of some symbolic concepts in Hinduism.
Anantha shayana – It refers to the form of Lord Mahavishnu resting on a five-headed snake. ‘Anantha’, the snake on which lord Vishnu rests, means ‘infinite’ or ‘time’. The word ‘vishnu’ has a meaning that re…

Teachings from Vedas on Creation

Then there was no entity nor non-entity; no world, no sky, nor aught above it; nothing anywhere, involving or involved; nor water deep and dangerous. Death was not, and therefore no immortality, nor distinction of day or night.

But that one breathed calmly alone with Nature, her who is sustained within him. Other than Him, nothing existed which since has been. Darkness there was; for this universe was enveloped with darkness, and was indistinguishable water; but that mass, which was covered by the husk, was at length produced by the power of contemplation.

First desire was formed in his mind; and that became the original productive seed; which the wise, recognizing it by the intellect in their hearts, distinguish as the bond of nonentity with entity. Did the luminous ray of these creative acts expand in the middle or above or below? That productive energy became providence and matter; Nature, who is sustained within, was inferior and he who sustains was above.

Who knows for certain about…

Hindu Prayers for Students – Download for free

Hindu Prayers for Students are those that are dedicated to Goddess Saraswati. Students chant them every morning. Here are few Hindu Prayers for students and they are in mp3 format. You can download it for free.
This prayer is titled – Yaa Kundendu Tushaara Haara Dhavalaa
This prayer is titled – Saraswati Mahabhadra… – Download Saraswati Bhajan MP3
This is Saraswati Gayatri Mantra – Download Saraswati Mantra MP3
 (To download wait for a minute for the first registration page to disappear on its on and then use the free  option button - middle of page.)

Lock offering at Kali Maa Temple at Bengali Mohal in Shivala in Kanpur

KaliMaaTemple at Bengali Mohal in Shivala in Kanpur is a small temple but attracts thousands of devotees as it is widely believed that devotees who place a lock here get their wishes fulfilled. Placing a lock at the 500-year-old temple signifies that a person has 'locked his wish' at the doors of Goddess Kali. Times of India writes about this unique offering
This temple was discovered by a Bengali person, and now it is surrounded by hundreds of Bengali families.
All the rituals and puja performed at the temple are according to the Bengali tradition and culture.
Aarti, a devotee, said, "I wished for a son from 'Mata' two years back, and I had a baby boy a year back. I also locked my wish here when told by one of my neighbours about this temple. I am here with my family to perform the 'mundan' ritual of my son." Related Lord Shiva is Offered Brooms at Pataleshwar Temple in Moradabad in UP

How Hinduism Inspired Steve Jobs? Did It?

Steve Jobs (1955-2011), the man who changed the way we communicate, did visit India in search of enlightenment – to the ashram of Neem Karoli Baba. Did Jobs understand the true teachings of Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism)? This question might go unanswered. But he did believe in Karma. He was a vegetarian, liked yoga and was known for his strong love and compassion for animals.
Did Steve Jobs actually speak about Hindu influence – an instance that is widely quoted regarding this is StanfordUniversity commencement address in 2005.
Steve said – “I would walk the 7 miles across town every Sunday night to get one good meal a week at the Hare Krishna Temple. O loved it.” In the same speech he mentioned Karma. You have to trust in something – your destiny, life, Karma…
Gandhiji was a great influence on Steve Jobs.  Mahatma Gandhi was one of his personal heroes.
When asked by Time magazine about his choice for the person of the century in the year, 1999, Jobs replied, "Mohandas Gandhi is my cho…

Urja Vrata 2019

Urja Vrata is observed in the Kartik Month as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in North India. This particular Vrata is dedicated to Radha and Krishna. Urja Vrata 2019 is from October 14 to November 12. The month is popularly known as Damodara Masa.
Urja means Shakti. Based on the belief that Radha is the Shakti of Krishna, devotees perform Urja Vrata.
There are no facts associated with Urja Vrata. The rituals involve offering pujas to Radha and Krishna on all days. Chanting of Damodara Ashtakam is recommended.
Some scholars suggest that Urja Vrata should be observed by staying in Vrindavan and Mathura.

Goddess Jyoti

Goddess Jyoti emerged from a spark that appeared from the forehead of Goddess Parvati while she was creating the Vel or spear that is associated with Muruga. Some scholars suggest that Goddess Jyoti is the Vel that Muruga or Skanda carries. She is widely believed to be the sister of Skanda. The worship of Goddess Jyoti is associated with Muruga worship in Tamil Nadu.

The Jyoti (fire) that is lit in Shiva temples especially that in Tiruvannamali in Kartik Month is believed to Goddess Jyoti.

In North India, Goddess Jyoti is associated with Goddess Jwalamukhi.

Nothing much is known about the concept of the Goddess Jyoti form. Some people also associated with the Kundalini power.

There is also a belief that Goddess Jyoti exists in an invisible form in all Skanda temples.

The Oldest family Durga Puja in Kolkata City

The oldest traditional family Durga Puja held in Kolkata city without a break is credited to the Saborno Roy Choudhary house in Barisha. The Roy Choudhury family home puja dates back to 1610 AD and continuous to be observed with traditional pomp and grandeur. The family is also intrinsically associated with Kolkata’s history. The attchala puja started by Roy Lakshmi Gangopadhyay Mazumdar is acknowledged as the oldest puja in the city
Hindustan Times Kolkata reports
Members of the Roy Choudhury family have been zealous custodians of their proud legacy and continue to live up to tradition in the conduct of the puja. The family has seven separate pujas, six of which are held in Barisha.
The oldest of them dates back to 1610 and was started by Roy Lakshmi Gangopadhyay Mazumdar, the first jagirdar of the family.
The attchala puja is acknowledged as the oldest puja in the city. Lakshmikanta is credited with pioneering the trend of worshipping the goddess.
The other five family pujas in Barisha a…

Durga Puja Musings

Durga Puja is celebrated in honour of the victory that the Parasakthi (the Goddess of Energy immanent in the microcosm and the macrocosm) achieved over the A-sura of evil forces, as described in the Devi Mahatmyam and Devi Bhagavatham.
That Parasakthi is in everyone as the Kundalini Shakti, when this Shakti is awakened it is able to destroy the evil tendencies inside the mind; so the Durga Puja is to be dedicated by all for the propitiation of the outer as well as inner Divinity, in order that the outer and inner worlds may have peace and joy.
By means of systematic sadhana it is possible to tap the inner resources that God has endowed man with and elevate yourselves to the purer and happier realm of reality. Sathya Sai Baba

Century-old Traditional Family Durga Puja That Sticks to All Durga Puja Rituals

The Durga Puja annually hosted by family of one of the authors of Bishuddha Siddanta Panjika is more than 120 years old and sticks to all the traditional rituals associated with the Pujas. The puja was started around 122 years ago and is still continued at Behrampore by Sashadhar Tarkachuramani’ family. The same original wooden murti of Durga is still worshipped here. From Hindustan Times, Kolkata E-paper
Around 122 years ago, Sashadhar started the puja at home in Faridpur-Pranpur in undivided India for his brother. His descendants carried on with the legacy. The family came to Behrampore in 1942. They brought with them the wooden structure of the idol from Bangladesh. Later it was renovated and remodeled. Durga Puja festivities begin with Rath Yatra (June – July). A local artisan after worshipping Ganesha starts making the murti from the day of Rath Yatra. The family puja is locally known as ulto pujo as Lakshmi and Ganesh are to the left of Durga and Saraswati and Kartik to her right…

Balaji Hanuman Mela at Burhanpur in Madhya Pradesh

Balaji Hanuman Mela is annually organized after Dasara (October) at Burhanpur in Madhya Pradesh. This is a three-day fair and attracts thousands of people. Balaji Hanuman Mela 2019 date is October 9. The highlight of the mela is the procession of Hanuman murti through the town.
The fair is held on the banks of the Tapti River.
Burhanpur is around 340 km southwest of Bhopal.

Lalitha Ashtothram Lyrics in English in pdf format

Lalitha Ashtothram is a prayer dedicated to Goddess Shakti and it extols the glory of the numerous forms of Mother Goddess as Durga, Kali, Rajarajeshwari etc. This particular Lalitha Ashtothram lyrics in English in pdf format is for free download.
The prayer begins with the lines
Om Rajataachalashringaagra madhyasthaayai namo namah
Himaachalamahaavansha paavanaayai namo namah
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