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Many God Worship in Hinduism is better than Single God Worship in Monotheistic Religion

"Many God Worship in Hinduism is better than Single God Worship in Monotheistic Religion" is an original article written on Hindu Blog but copy pasted unethically without permission on Speaking Tree published by Times of India.

Hinduism believes in numerous gods because the basic teaching of Hindu Religion is that there are numerous ways to reach god. Respect is given to each individual’s quest for self realization. Monotheistic religions believe that there is only single god; there is only one path to god; there is only one truth about god. If an individual does not want to follow the path, or the god of the monotheistic religion, he is against god or satanic. Conflict begins.

Monotheistic religions make its followers believe that only their god is true. The result is conflict with other religions. This is a very big problem we are facing today. Such teaching is also promoting ignorance. It is making the individual helpless. Independent thought process is crushed.

X religion followers believe that god belongs to the X religion. Thus God is put in a box and marked X. The X god will curse all other religions. The very basic thought of such religions are negative.

Hinduism too did face this problem when banners were erected in the name of Vaishnavism and Shaivism. But this could not last for a long period because the universal teachings of Sanatana Dharma found in the Vedas (Upanishads ) soon put an end to such monotheistic thoughts.

Every form of belief is correct. In Hinduism, belief is a personal journey. It is the journey to the Source. It is for the individual to decide how he/she wants to undertake this journey.

Abhilash Rajendran