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Sheetala Mata Story – Origin Of The Worship Of Goddess Sitala Mata

Goddess Sheetala Mata is mentioned in numerous Hindu scriptures. She is the goddess of Smallpox. The story of the origin and worship of Goddess Sitala Mata is mentioned in the Skanda Purana. It is believed that she causes the disease smallpox and Goddess Sheetla also has the capacity to cure it.

Goddess Sheetla Story

Legend has it that Goddess Sheetla first appeared in a yajna or sacrifice conducted by Lord Brahma. He gave her the boon that she will be worshipped as long as she carried with her urad dal.

Goddess Sheetla then found a companion in Jwarasura, the fever demon, who appeared from the sweat of Shiva.

It is said that she along with her companion visited the Devas in the heaven. But on the way her urad dal changed into small pox germs.

So wherever Goddess Sheetla and Jvarasura went they spread fever and smallpox.

The devas pleaded with the Goddess to show mercy and asked her to find a place to reside in heaven.

On earth they visited King Birat, who was an ardent devotee of Shiva. The king agreed to worship Goddess Sheetla and give her a place in this kingdom. But the king was not ready to forgo the worship of Shiva.

Goddess Sheetla was adamant on getting supremacy in the kingdom. She then released numerous different types of pox in the kingdom. The disease spread far and wide and thousands of people died. The king and other members in the palace were also inflicted.

Finally the king relented. The goddess then healed the people of the kingdom.

Today, Goddess Sheetla is worshipped for early recovery from various diseases and for the good health of children.