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Kachiappa Munivar

Kachiappa Munivar was a great scholar and poet associated with the Shaiva Siddhanta tradition in Tamil Nadu. He was born in the 18th century AD in Tiruttani in Tamil Nadu. There are no exact dates on his birth or death. We come to know about him through his numerous literary works. Most of his famous works are on the glory of temples dedicated to Shiva and Muruga.

Kachiappa Munivar Childhood

  • From a very young age, he was attracted to Shiva temples and stories of Shiva.
  • During childhood, he stayed at a famous Shiva Mutt associated with Siratha Thambiran Namasivayamurthi.
  • He received deeksha from Vellappa Desikar.
  • Sivajnana Yogiswarer, an authority on Shaiva Siddhanta, was his Guru.
  • Kachiappa became well versed in Tamil grammar, literature, Shaiva teachings and Vedas.
  • He also had a great gift in poetry.

Literary Works of Kachiappa Munivar 

Some of his important works include:
  • Vinayakapuranam (poem)
  • Chennai Vinayakar Pillaitamil (poem)
  • Kanchi Puranam
  • Kanchinanda Rudresha Vandu Viduthu
  • Panchakshara Andadi
  • Kanchinanda Rudresha Patirru Pattu Andadi
  • Tiruvanaikka Purana – legend about Jambukeswarar Temple in Trichy
  • Puvalur Puranam
  • Translation of Perur Puranam from Sanskrit to Tamil.
  • Tiruttanikai Puranam – on the famous Muruga Temple in Tiruttani.
  • Tiruttanikai Patirru Pattu Andadi.