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Uddanda Sastri – Author Of Kokila Sandesa

Uddanda Sastri was one of the eminent poets in the court of King Manavikrama of Kozhikode in North Kerala during the 15 th century CE. He is the author of the famous literary work known as Kokila Sandesa. Uddanda Sastri was held in high esteem by the scholarly world of Kerala of his time. The original name of Uddanda Sastri was Irugapanatha. Uddanda was a title bestowed on him later. He hailed from Latapura, a well known village then in present day Tamil Nadu. Highly enterprising and versatile as a youth, Uddanda traveled extensively, seeking literary patronage. King Manavikrama of Kozhikode received him cordially and retained him for several years as an honored member of his court. He travelled all over Kerala, visiting temples and making scholarly contacts The famous literary works of Uddanda Sastri are Kokila Sandesha, a high-flown lyrical poem, and the drama Mallika Marutam in ten acts. A third work, Swatimuktam, in fifty verses, eulogizes Princes Swati of the kingdom of Pural

Vasudeva – Story Of Father Of Krishna

Vasudeva, father of Sri Krishna, was the son of Sura and Marisa of the celebrated Yadava clan. He had a sister, Pritha, better known as Kunti later on. He was married to Devaki, daughter of Devaka, born in the equally illustrious Mahabhoja lineage. Kamsa, Devaki’s brother, acting as charioteer of her marriage chariot, heard an aerial voice – “O arrogant one, Devaki’s eighth issue has been destined as your slayer!” Kamsa, filled with fury and scared, rushed to Devaki to kill her in order to prevent the prophecy from becoming true. Vasudeva, however, intervened and implored him to spare Devaki but on the condition that all her infants, as and when born, would be immediately handed over to him. Kamsa reluctantly accepted the entreaties of Vasudeva, but imprisoned and fettered them both. Accordingly, Kamsa killed the six first born children of Devaki and Vasudeva. The seventh was Balarama who was transferred to the womb of Rohini in Gokul. When Krishna was about to be born to evade Kam

Real Misery Is Not Having Faith In Ourselves And Losing Hope

Materialistic life is never permanent. If we have chosen to live in society and have a family life, then twists and turns are part of it. In some turns we might get happiness and in another turn unhappiness. Social and family life is not a straight road of happiness. There will be bumps and accidents. The roads and the scenes keep changing. Develop A Good Life Shock Absorber We need to develop a good shock absorber to overcome these accidents and bumps. The best shock absorber we can have is knowledge – true knowledge found in Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Yoga Vasishta, Bhagwat Puran etc. The problem with the people on the road of life is that they never make use of these shock absorbers, which is readily available, and for free. Some only take it up when they near the end of the journey. Some only after they meet with some serious accidents. So if you are having a social and family life, whether it is good or bad, pick up these shock absorbers and install them. You will not be dis

Kartik Snan – Bathing In Holy Rivers During Hindu Month Kartik

Kartik Maas, the eighth lunar month in the traditional Hindu calendar followed in North, is considered highly auspicious. In 2023, Kartik Snan begins on October 28 and ends on November 27. Numerous references regarding the holiness of the month is found in various scriptures associated with Hinduism. Taking a holy dip (Bathing) in River Ganga at Prayag and Badarikashrama in the Himalayas in Kartik Mahina is considered to be a means of attaining salvation. This holy dip is known as Kartik Snana. The holy bath is also performed in Yamuna and other holy rivers in North India. It is believed that Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of Matsya (fish) to restore the Vedas in this month. The greatness of taking a bath in the holy rivers in Kartik month is mentioned in Puranas and other scriptures. Lord Krishna has narrated about the importance of Kartik Mahina to his Satyabhama. Lord Shiva destroyed demon Tarakasur on the Purnima day of this month.

Goddess Dhishana in Vedas – About Vedic Deity Dhishana

Dhishana is a goddess mentioned in the Rig Veda. She is associated with nourishment especially that of butter and milk. She is mentioned along with the preparation of Soma. The term Dhishana means auspicious or wealthy. She is also believed to be the Goddess of abundance and prosperity. As per some scholars she is the personified form of the vessel of plenty. She was also a wish-goddess, on who is propitiated for the fulfillment of wishes. As per some scholars she accords strength, intelligence and Indrahood. The power of thunderbolt was also provided by her. Dhishana is also one of the numerous names of Goddess of Speech.

Keelapatla Temple – History Of Koneti Rayala Temple Palamaner Andhra Pradesh

Keelapatla Temple is of great importance to Lord Vishnu devotees. It is believed that after leaving Vaikuntha, He manifested as Koneti Rayala (Lord Of the Holy Lake) for the welfare of the universe. Keelapatla Temple is located at Gangavaram mandal near Palamaneru in Chittoor District. The murti of Lord Vishnu worshipped in the temple is known as of Prasanna Venkateswara Swami. It closely resembles that of Tirumala and hence the assumption that it is as ancient as Tirumala. Keelapatla Temple History It is also known as small Tirupati. Its original name was Kotipalli. During the Chola rule, there used to be an important platoon (pataalam) of the soldiers near the forest region of Kotipalli. Hence, it was called ‘Keelpataalam’. In the common parlance, it has   gradually changed to Keelpattu, Keelpattanam, and ultimately Keelapatla. It is said that Sage Bhrigu Brahma consecrated the idol in Keelapatla. Janamejaya, great grandson of Pandavas, constructed this temple. There is

Swami Tejomayananda On Various Forms Of Worship

Worship of the Lord may be of a physical nature like puja, or serving the society as a service to the Lord. At the level of speech, one worships by singing the glories of the Lord. At the mental level, by thinking of His divine form, qualities and sports. Repetition of the name of the Lord, either loudly, softly or mentally is called Japa. The chanting may be of various names or a single name of the Lord. The above practices are meant to make the mind pure, subtle and concentrated and strong; as well as prepare the mind for meditation and should be practiced diligently. If you do not have puja materials to do the worship, you can conceive them in your mind and in your thought; you offer it to the Lord. Swami Tejomayananda

Surya Represents This Element In Panchayatana Worship

Panchayatana form of worship introduced by Adi Shankaracharya has assigned one element to one of the five deities in Hinduism. Surya is the embodiment of Vayu Mahabhuta (air) among the five elements. The five elements are ether/space, air, fire, water and earth. The five deities in Panchayatana form of worship are Vishnu, Mother Goddess, Ganesha, Surya and Shiva. In this concept, the five deities are worshipped in the form of sacred stones found in five holy rivers. Surya, the embodiment of Vayu Mahabhuta, is worshipped in the form of crystal found in the Vallam River in Tamil Nadu.

Mewar Festival 2024 Date – Mewar Festival in 2024 in Udaipur in Rajasthan

Mewar Festival is dedicated to Shiva and Goddess Parvati and is observed in Udaipur in Rajasthan. It is a celebration of the arrival of spring, harvest and also the marriage of Shiva and Parvati. Mewar Festival 2024 date is April 11. It is observed on the third day of the Shukla Paksha or waxing phase of moon in Chaitra month (March – April). Married and unmarried girls observe the rituals. Married women perform it for the welfare of the family and unmarried women perform it for a good husband. Gangaur Melas are held during the period. The most important day is the Gangaur Puja day on Chaitra shukla paksha Tritiya. The highlight of the day is the procession of the murti of Goddess Parvati. The whole of Udaipur gets drenched in vibrant colours. Local markets and shops decorate their facades with bright lights and decorations. The festival is especially meant for girls and women. It provides them with an opportunity to dress in their finest and join the celebrations.

Right Thinking - Essential For Progress In Spirituality

All problems are solved the day one realizes that one is not one’s body but pure consciousness. One who has realized truth does not run away from crowd neither does he take refuge in forest. Such a person stays where he is. Bondage happens when the mind is controlled by desire, grief and excessive rejoicing. Right thinking is essential for progress in the path of spirituality. Not all thoughts produce the desired results. Those thoughts that cause emotional upheavals should be abandoned. Renunciation should be practiced to avoid being unintentionally attached to the world. All work should be done without considering results. Work should also be done without expectation, attachment and fame. Abhilash www.hindu-blog.com Wisdom Of Masters The question of whether or not there is a God or truth or reality, or whatever you like to call it, can never be answered by books, by priests, philosophers or saviours. Nobody and nothing can answer the question but you yourself and

Periavaccan Pillai – Vaishnava Commentator Of Divya Prabandhams Of Alvars

Periavaccan Pillai, also known as Krishna Suri, was hailed as the Vyakhyana Chakravarti (the king of commentators). He wrote commentaries on the Ramayana, various esoteric texts, hymns and prose compositions. The only author to have rendered commentary to all Divya Prabandhams, he elaborated his guru Nampillai’s commentary on the Tiru Vaimozhi in his Irupattinalayirappadi. The commentaries for the other prabandhams are not known as padis. His two prabandha commentaries, called padi, are in the grantahlipi (script). They are the Irupattinalayairapadi and Muvayirappadi, the commentary on Tiruppavai. He arranged the prabandhams in a different chronological order, determined by the psychological motive behind them. The other works of Periavaccan Pillai include the commentaries for Gadya Trayam, Alavandar’s stotra ratnam, Abhaya Pradanam, Caramarahasyam and so on. Sri Ramayana Tanisloka Vyakhyanam is a significant text since it is an esoteric commentary on the Ramayana bas

Dhalo Festival In Goa - Importance Of Five-day Vandevi Festival In January

Dhalo festival of Goa observed in Paush month (December – January) is dedicated to Mother Nature. The annual festival begins on the shukla paksha ekadashi day (eleventh day during the waxing phase of moon) and ends on the purnima or full moon day. Dhalo Festival 2024 date is from January 21 to January 25. The festival is dedicated to Vandevi or the forest goddess. The final day festival is also known as Malani Purnima. The festival coincides with the end of vaigan or rabi cultivation season. The festival has its origin to people who lived in and around forests. They depended for their livelihood. The festival is essentially a sort of thanksgiving to the all providing Mother Nature. The festival is popular in Bicholim Taluka and Pernem Taluka and there are several temples of Goddess here like the famous Dhakti Vandevi Prasanna and Vhodli Vandevi. As part of the festival, women decorate the tulsi plant with pedestal. The tulsi vrindavan symbolically represents the for

Hinduism Quotes on Business Ethics

Quotes from Scriptures in Hinduism on Business Ethics: Know that all this, whatever moves in this moving world, is pervaded by God. Therefore, find your enjoyment in renunciation; do not covet what belongs to others. (Ishavasya Upanishad hymn 1) Among all the purities, purity in money matters is supreme. One whose earning and monetary given and take is pure, only he is pure, not one who is cleansed with clay and water. (Manusmriti) The relations between employers and employees or the private entrepreneurs and the laborers, including wages and their payments, were fixed or regulated by contract, which had to be honored by both sides. Breach of understanding or neglect of duty by either of the two sides was not only immoral but resulted in the defaulter being liable to punishment by the state. (Arthasasthra III/14/1-28) One should constantly remember death. Nothing will survive death. We are born into this world to perform certain duties, like the people who come from the c

Marana Siddhi in Tantrism – Power to Kill Enemies in Tantric Texts

Marana Siddhi is a tantric rite to gain the ability or power to kill. This ability is used to kill and destroy enemies. Marana Siddhi is attained by those who have undergone rigorous penance. Jnanarnava Tantra, Dwitiya Mundamala Tantra and Mantra Mahodadhi texts contains detailed instructions about how the rite should be performed. Mantra Mahodadhi text states that Bhadrasana is the posture useful for marana. The skin of buffalo is suitable for sitting. Some scholars are of the view that, such Siddhis do not exist and is merely meant to scare people.

Kerala Temple – Priest Carries An Axe To Break Open Door If There Is Any Delay

Uruli Shree Krishna Temple in Thiruvarppu village in Kottayam District in Kerala is unique in many aspects. One of the most striking aspects in Thiruvarppu Sri Krishna Temple is that the priest carries an axe with him while going to open the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. Story Why Chief Priest Carries An Axe The murti of Bhagavan Krishna worshipped in the Thiruvarppu temple is that of hungry Krishna, who was tired and exhausted after annihilating demon Kansa. So in this temple food is offered to Krishna first in the morning before all pujas and rituals. Krishna cannot tolerate hunger and so if there is any delay in opening the door of the sanctum sanctorum with the key or if the key is misplaced or if there is some problem with the lock, the chief priest is allowed to break open the door with an axe. Therefore the chief priest carries an axe when going to open the door the main sanctum sanctorum in the temple. Some of the mouth water delicacies offered in the temple are usha p

Tuljabhavani Nidrakal 2024 - Cosmic Sleep Of Goddess Tulja Bhavani Of Tuljapur

Tuljabhavani Nidrakal is a holy period at the famous Tulja Bhavani Temple in Maharashtra . Tuljabhavani Nidrakal is from January 12, 2024 to January 18, 2024. It is observed from the first day of the Paush Shukla Paksha to the 8th day of the Paush Shukla Paksha as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in Maharashtra . It is from the Paush Shukla Paksha Pratipada to Ashtami. She also goes into Nidra after Sharad Navratri from October 25, 2023 to October 28, 2023 - (Ekadashi to Purnima). Nidrakal is when the Goddess remains in cosmic sleep. Such periods are observed in certain Shakti Temples. I am not aware whether the temple will remain closed during the period. 

Bhagavad Gita Answers – How To Overcome Difficulty In Worshiping Formless God?

Bhagavad Gita Answers – Difficulty in the Worship of a Formless God – How To Offer Worship? is an extract from Prabuddha Bharata Magazine October 2002 Issue. Though the formless Reality — Atman (behind our personality) or Brahman (behind the universe) — is intellectually very satisfying, one needs to start from where one is. For those whom the world, including their body and mind, is very real, worshipping a formless Reality can end up just as an intellectual exercise. One needs to depersonalize oneself before depersonalizing God. As long as one is conscious of one’s personality, devotion to a Personal God or an incarnation of God is the logical way in spiritual life. Sri Krishna makes the point clear in the Bhagavad Gita:  ‘The task of those whose minds are set on the Unmanifest is more difficult; for the ideal of the Unmanifest is hard to attain for those who are conscious  of their bodies’ (12.5). He continues reassuringly: ‘But those who consecrate all their action

Hindu Festivals 2021 – List Of Important Hindu Festivals – Hindu Festival Calendar In 2021

This is a list of very important festival dates in Hinduism in 2020 based on various regional Hindu calendars. The same festival might be rarely celebrated a day earlier or later in different parts of India. Please note that Hindu religion is so vast that hundreds of festivals take place a year – this list only contains the very important ones. Hindu Festivals 2021 based on Hindu traditional calendar - India Standard Time. January 2021 Hindu Festivals List Lohri - January 13 Makar Sankranti – 14th January, 2021 Pongal – 14th January Sankranti – 14th January Magh Bihu - January 14 Thaipusam – January 29 February 2021 Vasant Panchami – February 16 Ratha Saptami - February 19 Bhishma Ashtami - February 19 March 2021 Maha Shivratri – March 11 Holika Dahan – March 28 Dhulandi Holi  - March 29, 2021 April 2021 Basoda / Sheetla Ashtami – April 4 Ugadi (New Year in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh) – April 13 Gudi Padva – April 13 Chaitra Navratri Begins –

Divine Meeting of Adi Shankaracharya And His Guru Govinda Bhagavatpada

The divine meeting between Adi Shankaracharya and his Guru Govinda Bhagavatpada is full of miracles. As per Patanjali charitam, Govinda Bhagavatpada resided in a cave near the famous Omkareshwar Temple on the banks of Narmada River. He lived here for several years expecting the arrival of Adi Shankaracharya. At the age of eight, Adi Shankaracharya left his home and walked towards North in search of a Guru. When he reached the southern banks of Narmada, the river was flooded. Govinda Bhagavatpada was inside a cave on the northern banks of Narmada River. Sensing the presence of his Guru in the cave, Adi Shankaracharya immediately composed the now famous Narmadashtakam – a hymn praising the greatness of   Narmada River. Immediately, the swelling of Narmada River stopped and the river entered the kamandalu of Adi Shankara. As soon as Adi Shankara reached the cave, Govinda Bhagavatpada woke up from his intense meditation. Govinda Bhagavatpada asked Adi Shankara Who Ar

Pancha Maha Yajnas In Hinduism

Pancha Maha Yajnas are the five important and compulsory Yajnas in the life of a Hindu householder. The five yajnas are like duties and it should be performed during the Grihastha Ashrama Dharma or during the life of a householder. The Pancha Maha Yajnas are: Brahma Yajna Pitr Yajna Deva Yajna Bhuta Yajna Atithi Yajna Brahma Yajna  This involves learning the scriptures especially Vedas. Sharing, discussing and teaching the scripture are part of Brahma Yajna. Learning important mantras, studying Upanishads and satisfying one who has thirst of knowledge is important. Pitr Yajna This involves offering of libations to ancestral spirits. The ritual is a simple procedure of offering a palm full of water while recalling the names of the departed ancestors. Some people also offered daily rice balls and water to the departed souls daily. In some rare instance, the rice balls are thrown into havan fire and the performer utters the word ‘Swaha.’ This is based on the belie

Mathematical Facts About Rath Yatra

Here are few important mathematical facts about Rath Yatra – Puri Jagannath Rath Yatra. Around 2,188 pieces of wood are needed for the construction of the chariots These are chiseled out by around 125 carpenters. They work for 58 days at the Mahakala – the front portion of the Palace located near the Jagannath Temple. The Chariot of Lord Jagannath is known as Nandighosa. It is also known as Garuda Dhwaja and Kapidhwaja. Height: 13’.5m (33 cubits and five thumbs) (45 feet six inches) Number of wheels: 16 (seven feet diameter) Length and breadth: 34’6” x 34’.6” The throne on which Jagannath sits is 35 square feet. Wrappings: Red, Yellow color cloths Total Number of wooden pieces used: 832 (in some texts it is 742) The Chariot of Balabhadra is known as Taladhwaja. Height: 13’.2m Number of wheels: 14 (seven feet diameter) Length and breadth: 33’ x 33’ Wrappings: Red, bluish green color cloths Total Number of wooden pieces used: 763 (731 in some texts) The Chariot of Subhadra is

Negativity Will Follow Us But We Have The Choice How To Face It

The way we view the world largely depends on our thoughts, actions and attitude. When we are sensitive to our surroundings, we will notice sympathy and hope around. When we have anger and hatred in us, we will only see negativity all around. It is true that there are many negative things happening around sadly we only get to hear about them through newspaper, internet and mobiles. But there are many positive things too happening in the world but we do not get to hear them because they do not have readership and TRP. There will be negative things in life always but we can decide how we want to look at them. Certain things that we hear, see and read will cause a deep sense of frustration, aversion and unfathomable anger. But we need to remain peaceful and make sure that such things do not happen in our area. We will be regularly challenged by pessimists and by depressing incidents. By now, we are well aware that negativity does not help us in anyway. It only pushes us down. It

Hinduism – A Great University of Religions

Hinduism, as the ancients conceived it, was a great University of Religions, where they studied Nature in a scientific and systematic form, founded their schemes of Philosophy on its essential laws, reared their systems of Religion on both, and applied them to the use of the average man in his work-a-day life. Subject - Science of Life They believed that there was a Science of Life, that there was on Law made manifest in many forms, governing the universe; and so, by extending the truths of the Known to the Unknown, they constructed their theories of this and the other world – comprehending all that the human mind can understand or imagine. The Students in the University And he who entered the portals of this great University and studied the Law of Life in a systematic and scientific manner, was a Hindu. All truth arises from doubt; we ask questions when we think; and all knowledge is born when, not knowing, we wish to know . We begin with denial or doubt, and end with c

Shastra Puja – Navratri Sastra Pooja during Durga Puja

Shastra Puja is held on the ninth day of the Navratri Festival – this is the Mahanavami day during Durga Puja. The weapons (Sastra or Astra) used by Goddess Durga are worshipped on this day. Shastra Puja 2023 date is October 24. Today, people worship the tools and objects that they use to earn a livelihood. Shastra Puja is also known as Ayudha Puja in South India . A similar ritual held during Durga Puja is the Astra Puja. Earlier, the kings used to worship the weapons used in war on the Shastra Puja day. Weapons like sword, spear, bow and arrow were kept for purification ritual on the day and they would remain untouched the whole day. After proper rituals they were taken on the next day. Today, people worship and perform purification rituals on objects they use to earn their bread.

Is it bad for two Amavasya born people to get married?

If two Amavasya born couple get married is it right? Or is it good or bad for two Amavasya born people to get married? These are doubts many Hindu youngsters have. There is no relation between the tithi in which an individual is born and marriage in Hindu astrology. There is no compatibility calculation based on Amavasya or any other tithi. Marriage in Hindu astrology is purely based on matching the janam kundli or horoscope or jatakam. So if the janam kundli matches then girl and boy born on Amavasya can get married.

Goddess Durga Quotes by Swami Chinmayananda

‘Mother Durga’ is the Power Terrible, which manifested out of the Eternal Truth, which is Paripoorna, and so has in Itself all powers. Man, the imperfect, the bound, the sorrowful, has a thousand names within. He is riddled with negative thoughts, fears, yearnings. Then there are selfishness, jealousy, meanness, prejudice and hatred – just to mention but a few. The Sadhak must get rid of these lawless villains within. With Mother Kali’s Kripa, these destructive masters are to be annihilated. No amount of soft persuasions can avail. The forces of Sri Rudra must be applied. There must be a deep, determined, adamant resolve, and a fight royal within, as sanguine as Kali’s ferocious sword dripping with blood; and unless the Sadhak is ready to wear about his neck the Skull-mala of these murdered false values there can be no peace or order within. Invoke the Only Mother - Goddess Durga - (The primordial Womb) - Maa Shakti - to help us annihilate within ourselves all negat

Two Saints and a Drowning Young Woman – Story on the Nature of the Mind

The story of the two saints and a drowning young woman is found in the Puranas. It illustrates the nature of the mind. Two young saints were taught by their Guru not to look or touch a woman. They were one day sitting on the banks of Ganga and discussing Vedanta. Drowning Young Woman A young woman who was passing through the banks got scared of a snake and fell in the river. She did not know how to swim and she was on the point of drowning. Of the two saints, one jumped into the river to rescue the drowning young woman as he thought it was his fundamental duty to save her life. The other saint was contemplating on the words of Guru. The Girl is Rescued The saint that jumped into the river rescued the young woman, brought her to the shore, and revived her using the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation technique. The other monk remained indifferent and was shocked by his friend’s action as he considered it to be against the principles of sainthood. Soon the young woman re

Kumari Puja 2023 date – Importance - Symbolism of Age Girl Child During Kanya Puja during Navratri and Durga Puja

Kumari Puja is the worship of young girls (girl child) during Navratri and Durga Puja. Kumari Puja 2023 date is October 22 and October 23. Also known as Kanya Pooja or Kanjak Ashtami Puja, it is observed on Durga Ashtami day (October 22) in some regions and on Mahanavami (October 23) in some regions. Young girls who are considered to be the living incarnations of Goddess Durga are worshipped on the day. Each age holds a specific symbolism. Chaitra Navratri Kanya Puja 2023 is on March 29 and March 30. Most people perform it on Ashtami. Kumari Puja means ‘Virgin Worship.’ The details of age and rituals of Kumari Puja are mentioned in the Nila Tantra. Symbolism of Age of Girl in Kumari Puja Two-year-old girl child is known as Kumari; she is worshiped for attaining peace and prosperity Three-year-old girl is known as Trimurti - for attaining wealth, strength and moksha. Four-year-old girl is known as Kalyani - for Vidya (knowledge), power and position. Five-year-old g

Vrat For Success In Exam

Many Hindu youngsters have this doubt as to which vrat can guarantee success in exam. The best vrat for success in exam is the monthly Sankashti Chaturthi Vrat dedicated to Baghvan Ganesha (Ganpati). All   kinds of impediments and troubles regarding studies will be alleviated by Ganesha who is Vighnaharta. Sankashti chaturthi falls on the fourth day after the full moon day. Moon rise is to be present during the Sankashti chaturthi tithi. So the tithi can happen a day earlier too. The vrat is from sunrise to sighting of the moon or moonrise time in your area. Apart from fasting on the day, devotees visit Ganesha temple and offer prayers. Feeding animals on the day is meritorious.

Raja Yoga Mantra In Hinduism

In Kali Yuga, it is easy to attain the blessing of a deity. Chanting mantra and following dharma helps in attaining success in life and fulfillment of desires. The particular Raja Yoga mantra is dedicated to Surya, the sun god in Hinduism. It is believed that when a person is blessed with Raja Yoga, the person will have all kinds of materialistic things, wealth, money and property at disposal. Raja Yoga Mantra Kankvarnamahatejam Ratmalavibhushitam Pratkale Ravi Darshanam Sarva Pap Vimochinam कनकवर्णमहातेजं रत्नमालाविभूषितम्। प्रातः काले रवि दर्शनं सर्व पाप विमोचनम्।। How To Chant The Mantra? The mantra is to be chanted on Sunday early morning at sunrise. The person wearing the mantra should take bath and wear saffron or orange color dress. Offer prayers to Ganesha in mind. Face the rising and offer water (Argya) Chant the mantra 108 times. On the day, feed cow roti with jaggery. The mantra is to be chanted for 7 Sundays. 

Kode Mokkulu Ritual - Ox Offering - Vemulawada Sri Rajarajeswara Swamy Temple

Kode Mokkulu ritual is offering of ox to Shiva at the famous Sri Rajarajeswara Swamy Temple in Vemulawada in Karimnagar District in Telangana. Devotees offer ox to Rajarajeswara Swamy to express their gratitude to Him for fulfilling their desires. Farmers also offer ‘kode mokkulu’ if they have a bumper yield in a particular season. Ox is offered to the Lord as it is the vehicle of Mahadev Shiva.  Deccan Chronicle reports    Devotees who want to offer the ox can purchase tickets priced at either Rs 100 (for normal darshan) or Rs 216 (for Seeghra darshan) and then perform the ritual.  A laddu is given as prasadam for those offering ‘kode mokku’.   In addition, around 200 oxen are offered by the farming community every month. A few of them are used for the ritual. The remaining oxen are donated to Gosamrakshana Federation, a Warangal-based voluntary organisation, which, in turn, distributes it to the poor farmers free of cost.  A total of 2,500 oxen were given to farmers

Focus On The Main Goal - Few Teachings

Whenever you are stressed, under pressure or in anger, take deep breaths this helps. It is one of the most effective technique to calm down and relax. Music helps in mitigating pain. It is also effective to overcome stress and tension. It benefits physical and mental health in numerous ways. An easy way to overcome anger and tension is to get up and walk. This short walk changes the mood and ushers in new ideas to face challenges. Avoid multitasking, focus on one thing at a time. Looking for perfection in every aspect of life will only causes hardships, unwanted pressure and tension. There is nothing wrong in being imperfect. It is not possible to do a flawless work all the time. www.hindu-blog.com Abhilash Rajendran .............................................. Wisdom And Thoughts On Uncertainty Of Life We seem to forget that music is such a delight only because of its flow and rhythm, and that the very basis of that delight would be destroyed if we were to prolong a

Any Particular Day To Go To Balaji - Day Of Week To Visit Venkateshwara Temple

Darshan at Balaji temple is one of the most desired and cherished moment for any Venkateswara devotee. So many devotees have this doubt as to there is any particular day to go to Balaji temple at Tirumala Tirupati or in temples in any part of the world. Saturday is the most auspicious day dedicated to Balaji as per South Indian belief. Thursday is another auspicious day for visiting the shrine as the day is dedicated to Bhagavan Srihari Vishnu. Another auspicious date to visit Balaji as per some communities in Wednesday. This is because the day is dedicated to Krishna and also auspicious for learning and other purposes.

Gandhari in Mahabharata - Story of Queen Gandhari

In the Mahabharata, Gandhari is the queen of Hastinapura, wife of Dhritarashtra and the mother of the Kauravas. According to Adi Parva chapter 110 of the Mahabharata, when she heard that her husband was blind from birth, she wrapped a thick band of cloth over her eyes so she could not see. The name Gandhari because she was the princess of Gandhara. Sage Vyasa blessed Gandhari that she would have one hundred sons. Although she got pregnant, she did not deliver for two years. When she heard the news that Kunti, wife of Pandu, had given birth to a son, in sheer despair and jealousy she hit her womb so hard that a big mass of flesh came out. On advice of Sage Vyasa, the mass of flesh was cut into 100 pieces and deposited in jars of ghee. The remaining pieces were put in an additional jar. In due course, 100 sons, and a daughter Dushala came out of the jars. When her sons grew up, she noticed their wrong doings and their animosity for Pandavas. However, she remained silent. Sh

Guru Dosh Nivaran – Mantra – Guru Dosha Remedies In Hindu Astrology

Life is measured in terms of success and wealth in our society. When things do not happen as per our desire, we turn to horoscope and astrology. Guru or Brihaspati Navagraha is the associated with success and luck. Bad positioning of the planet Guru in horoscope will result in bad luck. Here is look at various Guru dosh nivaran options along with mantra. The best way to overcome troubles related to Guru Navagraha is through the worship of Bhagavan Vishnu especially on Thursday. Guru Dosh Nivaran – Mantra Those suffering from Guru Dosh should take bath in a bucket of water mixed with small amount of turmeric. This should be done on a Thursday.  The person should then offer prayers to Ganesha in mind. The devotee should then wear yellow color dress. Sit on a yellow color seat facing east and offer prayers to Lord Vishnu. Light a lamp using pure cow ghee. The person should chant the mantra ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय " (om namo bhagavate vasudevaya)108 times. After the chanti

Always Be True To One’s Feelings

Be what you are. Do not pretend to be someone that you are not. Happiness will elude you if you pretend to be someone that you are not. Avoid pretending for short-term gains.  If you start a relationship by pretending, then soon there will be huge problems in that relationship. Trying new things and expressing oneself is good. But it should not be at the cost of one’s individuality. Borrowing styles from people and following it blindly will only make us a laughing stock. Always be true to one’s self and one’s feelings. www.hindu-blog.com Abhilash Rajendran ............................................ Wisdom From Readings Bhagavan Ramana says, "Those who do not seek the knowledge of the significance of life are simply wasting their lives." How do do we go about it? Bhagavan says, "Begin now." Bhagavan Ramana says that if you begin by being smaller than the smallest, then you will know greater than the greatest. Tamil Saint Avvaiyar, "What we h

Pushkaram in 2020 – Tungabhadra Pushkaralu in 2020

Tungabhadra Pushkaram is held once in 12 years and is conducted in Tungabhadra banks in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Tungabhadra Pushkaralu 2020 dates are from November 20 to December 1, 2020. This pushkaram is held when Jupiter enters Makara Rasi (Capricorn). The main ritual includes taking holy dip in the Tungabhadra River in various places. Tungabhadra Pushkaralu Time Period Starts at afternoon at 1:15 PM of November 20 and ends on December 1, 2020. The most important place to take bath are Hampi and Bellary in Karnataka, Mantralayam in Andhra Pradesh, Alampur in Telangana and Sangameswaram in Kurnool District in Andhra Pradesh.  A Pushkaram takes place once in 12 years when Jupitar (Brihaspati) enters a particular zodiac. There are total of 12 rivers where Pushkaram takes place. The most famous is the Godavari Pushkaram. The ritual of pushkaram is more popular in parts of Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. What do Hindus do during Tungabhadr

Joining Job On Amavasya – Effect – Good Or Bad

Amavasya, or the no moon day, in Hindu calendar is dedicated to pitr or the ancestors. Usually all auspicious activities are not held on the day. Therefore joining job on Amavasya is considered bad by astrologers. Usually no good beginnings are made on the day. Amavasya is believed to have a bad effect on thinking process too so you will not be able to make good decision on the day. Amavasya is not an inauspicious day but it is just that it is not used for auspicious functions as dead ancestors are believed to visit their family on the day. So people take rest perform pujas on the day.  Holy activities like taking bath in holy river, performing daan (donation or charity) and shradh are performed on the day. Feed animals on the day is highly meritorious. 

Baba Balak Nath Popular Story – Birth – Appearance On Earth

The story of origin, birth and appearance on earth of Baba Balak Nath, also known as Sidh Baba Balak Nath Ji, begins with Lord Shiva sharing the story of immortality (amarthv) to Shiva in the Amaranth Cave. Goddess Parvati fell asleep when Shiva was sharing the secret of immortality but a small parrot was listening to story and kept saying ‘yes’ (hmm). When the story was completely narrated to his dismay, Shiva found Goddess Parvati asleep. He looked around and realized that it was the small parrot that had listened to secret of immortality. The small parrot flew away thinking that Shiva would kill him. The parrot flew and entered the mouth of the wife of Sage Vyasa who was yawning. Shiva who followed the parrot asked it to come out. The parrot asked for a boon before it came out of the stomach of the wife of Sage Vyasa. The parrot wanted it to come out in the form of a human baby and it also demanded that all children who were born at the precise time should al

Kroda Narasimha Swamy – About Kroda Narasimha form of Lord Vishnu

Kroda Narasimha Swamy is one of the lesser known murtis of  Narasimha  Avatar of Vishnu. This is a fierce form of Narasimha with the face of a wild boar. Therefore, this form is also referred as Krodakara Narasimha Swamy or Varaha Narasimha Swamy. This Narasimha murti is in standing posture with two arms. He seen lifting a demon by his horns. Kroda Narasimha Swamy is worshipped for attaining peace and prosperity. He is also worshipped by those seeking moksha or liberation.  This form is offered prayers to overcome fears and enemies. The murti is worshipped mainly in temples in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka. The most important Kroda Narasimha temple s is located in Upper Ahobilam.

Why Our Determination To Be Unattached Remains Unsuccessful?

Every day we renew our determination to be unattached. We cast our eyes back and look at the past objects of our love and attachment, and feel how every one of them made us miserable. We went down into the depths of despondency because of our “love”! We found ourselves mere slaves in the hands of others, we were dragged down and down! And we make a fresh determination: “Henceforth, I will be master of myself; henceforth, I will have control over myself.” But the time comes, and the same story once more! Again the soul is caught and cannot get out. The bird is in a net, struggling and fluttering. This is our life.’ But the time comes, and the same story once more! Again the soul is caught and cannot get out. The bird is in a net, struggling and fluttering. This is our life. Why do we end up trapped in this way? Though painfully aware of our pitiable condition, why do we not do what we know we ought to do? Why are we so tolerant of our weaknesses? Why can we not say ‘NO