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Yoga Lakshmi – Information About Yoga Lakshmi Form Of Goddess Lakshmi

Yoga Lakshmi is associated with Lord Venkateswara worship and therefore the information about this form of Goddess Lakshmi is mostly related to Tirupati Balaji Worship.

For worshipping Goddess Sri or Lakshmi in a Vaikhanasa Vishnu temple, it is suggested that there are 8 places in a temple where Goddess Sri can be consecrated and worshipped. Yoga Lakshmi is one among the eight goddesses in these particular eight Lakshmis.

Yoga Lakshmi is embraced on the right bosom of Lord Vishnu in the form of a mole called ‘Srivatsam’. This form of Lakshmi must be sculpted a little above the right bosom of the icon of Lord Vishnu during the murti sculpting (making or idol) or bimbaniramana process. If it is not possible to carve the icon of Yoga Lakshmi during this murti making process, Sage Bhrighu’s Prakeernadhikara suggests that Goddess Lakshmi in Yoga Lakshmi form can be consecrated later, but it must be done based on the measurements of the main icon of Lord Vishnu and it must be made with hiranya (Gold) for superior results.

padmadvayakarAnchitam |
varadAbhayahastAm cha
mandasmitamuKhAmbujAm ||

She is portrayed as seated in Padmasana posture with lower right and left hands in Abhaya and Varada pose, and the upper right and left hands holding blossomed lotuses, with a gracefully smiling face glowing brightly in a divine sphere or with only two hands (dvibhuja) holding bloomed lotuses in both the hands plus the above features.

lakshmIstusAmatA |
SrIkAmassamyagarchayEt ||

Such a form of Goddess Lakshmi is called Yoga Lakshmi and its consecration secure unbounded wealth for the worshippers. In Tirumala Hill Shrine, this Yoga Lakshmi is found on the right bosom of the self-manifested archa murti of Lord Venkteswara and She is also called as Vyuhalakshmi in the temple tradition. Also for the sake of devotees to have the divine vision of Goddess Lakshmi, is also consecrated in the form of a gold icon, which is hung to a gold chain and adorns the Dhruva Bera of Venkateshwara to the right side of the bosom.

A popular murti of Yoga Lakshmi is that of her sitting on the bosom of Lord Narasimha and it is known as Yoga Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy.