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Story - Demon Vyoma In The Guise Of Boy And Sri Krishna

Kamsa had deputed several demons to find the baby Krishna and kill him. Demons appeared in numerous forms in Gokul to kill baby Krishna. Demon Vyoma in the guise of boy was one among them.

One day Balarama and Krishna went to the forest to play with their friends. Krishna acted as a king, Balarama was his minister, Daman was appointed as the commander-in-chief. The rest of the boys divided themselves into thieves and soldiers.

Some boys came forward bringing a few with them and said these are thieves. Bind their hands. Slash off their legs. Pummel them,c off their heads. The soldiers shouted and the subjects shouted.

The accused boys said: ‘We were hungry so we stole a goat. We will give you a portion. Here, take it.’

As they ran the others pursued them laughing.

The game continued with the so called thieves assuring the king of not stealing and that they would give one hundred sheep as fine for the mistake they commited.

Taking advantage of the happy confusion created by the boys, demon Vyoma joined them in the guise of a boy.

As the play reached a crescendo, Vyoma pushed the boys along with the sheep into a cave and shut it up with a huge boulder.

Krishna realized what was happening and caught hold of Vyoma who was masquerading still as a boy. “You are a thief!”

“‘I am not thief” said Vyoma but Krishna would not let him go, and kept his grip tight.
Vyoma rose in the sky all of a sudden.

Krishna rose with him, holding on to the grip and pummeled him high in the sky. Vyoma became lifeless and fell down dead.

There was relief all around. Led by Gods above, everyone hailed Krishna’s feat. Krishna rushed to the cave and moved aside the rock that covered its mouth. As they heard Krishna’s voice calling them, the cowherd boys ran out in joy.