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Kumbhipakam Hell In Hindu Tradition - About Kumbhipakam Narak

Kumbhipakam Narak is a hell that is mentioned in Hindu Tradition. Details about hells in Hindu tradition are found in the Garuda Purana. This punishment is given to people who harm innocent living beings on earth. As part of the punishment, the person who has committed the sin is put in a huge vessel of boiling oil and is stirred continuously.

People who harm a living being for fun or with selfish motive get this punishment. The sinner is stirred constantly in boiling oil. It is said that person is stirred for number of years equal to the number of hair on the living being the person harmed.

This concept of heaven and hell in Hindu tradition is based on Puranas. Such stories and incidents in Puranas are meant to keep human beings disciplined on earth.

Vedas states that hell and heaven are on earth and lucky are those who realize the true self and attain bliss here.